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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Live Blog: Emmys Ceremony 2010

Time to live blog the actual show!!

7:01 - Intro skit! OMG Kate Gosseling go away forever! But Betty White! Epic Win. I love all these celebs working together to be funny. Sue Sylvester! Just slushied Jimmy! AND Tina Fay.

7:03 - Bahahah the Lost people! And Joel McHale!!! I NEED THIS SONG ON  DOWNLOAD NOW!!! This is so great I think I might cry from laughing. I love awards shows. Though I still want to punch Kate in the face, GO AWAY. OMG TIM GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so awesome!

7:05 - OMG and Randy Jackson just joined them all on stage! And this is a Springsteen song huh? I am learning so much tonight!

7:08 - AHHHHHHHHH! "NBC asking the host of the Late show to host another show... what could go wrong?" *Zoom in on Conan* BEST THING EVER IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!!! SO glad to see his precious mug on TV again!!!! Me and my best friend just screamed our asses off!

7:11 - I love montages! Yay! Oh and now an award for best male lead in a comedy. Winner... MY HERO NEEDS TO WIN!!! Winner is.... Eric Stonestreet. Modern Family. No NPH win... makes me want to cry. But I've heard good things about the show so yay for them!

7:19 - Awe, Jimmy is nervous. His little hand is shaking.

7:20 - Uh oh! Modern family takes another... is the reign of 30 Rock over? It looks like it.

7:24 - Awe, Tom Hanks is in the audience! How I love him. Supporting female comedy performance = Jane Lynch of Glee!!! So good! I love seeing new winners this year!

7:32 - Love Lauren Grahm's dress. And I just love Matt Perry... the end. :) Guest actress and actor award about to happen!!! Betty White and my hero, Neil Patrick Harris! DEAR LORD I love that man. Wow, Ryan Murphy wins for Glee again. Love that blue blazer (of COURSE it's Tom Ford). You go, creator. Awe and he just dedicated that award to all his teachers. I love him now!

7:35 - AHAHAH! Stewie skit! Stewie + Modern Family = awesome. Oh no and then there's Clooney. I love this celebrity stew. It's so fun to see them all together randomly.

7:38 - OH SNAP! Lead male in a comedy! Who could it be? Jim Parsons of the Big Bang Theory. I have never liked this show very much, but I am happy for him. Hes so cute and nervous and I know lots of people who are happy right now.

7:43 - I just realized how badly I want Michael C. Hall to win the Emmy. This may hurt if it doesn't go my way. OH! My hero, NPH, is coming out on stage! What a BAMF. And best female lead in a a comedy is.... Nurse Jackie. This award show is ALL OVER the place tonight! I love it. Spread the love!

7:47 - Haha, I love Jimmy Fallon for singing all night. Oh and he got Kim K to sing too! Haha, I feel another montage coming on! Oh reality shows. So much drama, haha.

7:50 - Reality show competition.... Come on DWTS!! Winner = .... Top Chef.... hmf. Have NEVER watched that show. Ever.

7:53 - Wow, that last Oprah promo made me tear up. Haha! That lady gives away so many cars!

7:57 - Drama montage! WOO. WOA!!! When did McDreamy get shot?!!? DEXTER!!! That last scene makes me crazy... UGH so painful. Uh oh... Big isn't a good boyfriend in The Good Wife either. OMG TRUE BLOOD and GODRIC!!! Best scene of that show! Haha and ends with Lost... and I'm lost within that.

8:00 - Does anyone else think that the "DRAMA" banner they have up has been done in the "Dexter" font and style? And outstanding writing in a drama series goes to.... Mad Men. Uh oh... I hope the drama side of the Emmys is as all over the place as the comedy side... because Mad Men wins every year.

8:04 - Supporting actor in a drama -  Breaking Bad! Ok maybe it will spread the love, like comedy.

8:06 - Awe... that Dexter clip makes me cringe. I love him so much! Too painful! He needs to win! P.S. I'm missing True Blood for this awards show.

8:10 - Outstanding supporting actress! Who could it be? ... The Good Wife... Archie Panjabi. Very neat name, haha. She looks beautiful. AND OMG SHE'S FROM BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM!!!!!!!!!!!

8:12 - OMG Lead actor in a drama... this is it!!!!! Winner is... Breaking Bad. WOW. This show is cleaning up. WHEN THE HELL IS MCH GONNA WIN!? He's beyond amazing!! I AM POUTING.

8:18 - I think I am personally offended that MCH didn't win. Haha. I am so protective of him as Dexter. I just love him.

8:21 - Guest stars drama = John Lithgow and Ann Margaret.  Let's see if he can name the correct network this time. :) Awe, I like John Lithgow even though he is the CREEPIEST ever now. Can Dexter PLEASE win this one??? Best directing.... DEXTER!!!!!!!! It did win!!!! So happy! Awe I am so happy right now. Now go back in time and give the Emmy to MCH also.

8:23 - BAHAHAA Jimmy dressed as Elton John! A tribute to the shows that ended this year. Cute. Oh, now he's something else... what is it...? Hahaha, Boys 2 Men. Now he's... something creepy for LOST. Oh wait.. OMG yes he is creepy and dumb. Green Day. I HATE THEM. But it's funny because he looks and sounds just like their lame asses. "The island, it was mythical, and in the end they died. I didn't understand it but I tried." Very good words for LOST.

8:32 - Best Actress in a drama - Kyra Sedgewhick. She is SO cute. And I love her and Kevin Bacon. Oh, wow first Emmy win. Good for her!

8:35 - Variety shows!! Love it. Let's see CONAN up there!!! I just glimpsed NPH! There's Conan!!! OH WOW they are REALLY sticking it to NBC for being douchebags!!! Everything they are showing is bashing them!! AH! Lady Gaga! All of her performances are amazing. Awe, the Hope For Haiti telethon! That was so special. DAMN I love entertainment.

8:38 - Variety show writing! Fun. Winner is... The Tonys! Wow... it's weird that another awards show is winning and award at the Emmys.

8:46 -  Awe Ricky Gervais just mentioned Christian Bale... because hes a tough guy... and that makes me so happy. AND He just bashed Mel Gibson. There you go. Olympics just won for best direction... for a variety show... I think? I'm ready for some "Best show" awards PRONTO!

8:52 - CONAN OBRIEN'S SHOW IS NOMINATED FOR BEST COMEDY VARIETY SHOW!!!! WHAT IF IT WINS?!?!?!? Ah, John Stewart won.... BUT OMG CONAN. Hmmm, maybe next time they should be more gracious. Or I might punch them.

9:00 - I just LOVED that Conan's show was nominated! It was the only late night show to be so. SUCK IT LENO. You're still a douche.

9:01 - Hmmm, George Clooney gets a humanitarian award. I don't really like him and haven't for most of my life. Never have found him attractive at all. But I like that he is being awarded this by his original ER girlfriend. Obligatory standing ovation ... let's see how he handles this. Will you be a douche? This is true, George. Bad behavior does suck up the attention, ie. Jersey Shore. 

9:04 - "Break the news to Speilberg, you're running out of wars." Jimmy to Tom Hanks about TV movies and mini-series. LOVE IT.  

9:14 - Wow, Clarie Danes looks so shiny. She is beautiful.  

9:17 - Jewel. I'm inclined to laugh but since she's singing to a friend who died I think that would be ... insensitive?

9:19 - OH CRAP. Montage of actors who've died. I HATE THESE. They always KILL me. Oh Corey Haim. Sad. Awe, Gary Coleman... and Charlie! From Charlie's Angel. Oh Brittany Murphey. Ouch Ouch. 

9:26 - Man, I wish I cared about all these mini-series. I mean I understand that these are the actual celebrities... but... I don't watch mini-series. Sorry... 

9:29 - Awe, but I do care about Claire Danes! Yay for you to win your first Emmy! Sweet thing! BAHAHA she just said "Like, for serious." You are my generation, Claire. I understand you.

9:34 - YUM YUM YUM True Blood!!! Oh Alexander Skarsgard is making puns and it's painful for him and I love it! Now they've given the award... but all I really care about is seeing more of Stephen, Anna, and Alexander... MORE TRUE BLOODz PLEASE. Yay they are giving another award away! Keep talking beautiful people. OH MY GOD IAN McKELLEN! WIN WIN SO I CAN HEAR YOU TALK! Oh... Pacino. But he probably deserved it. :)

9:46 - I love to see Hanks up there accepting awards! I love that man. LOVE him. And so well spoken! And Temple Grandin wins and it's REALLY SWEET. But lady in white dress needs some boob control, poor thing. Top of her dress does not fit correctly. 

9:50 - RICHARD FROM FRIENDS! Or Tom Selleck. We all know him for a different reason. OMG DRAMA SERIES!!!!!!!! Winner.... omgomgomgomgg is... Mad Men. I AM SO IRRITATED. 

9:57 - Let's see if a comedy I like will win. Though I hardly care as much. Winner = Modern Family. AWE! They are so excited!!! This is special. At least it's a different outcome than usual. 

Alright I'm out. Time to go catch the encore of True Blood!!!


  1. i hope the 30 rock run is over. i'm one of the people who belong to the tina fey backlash group. i've tried to watch it, but i just dont think it's as funny as other people say. modern family, however, is hilarious from what i've seen, so i'm happy they're winning thus far.

  2. I just about died when Godric was on screen! Best. Scene. Ever.

  3. Temple Grandin is what has been winning in all of the mini-series/made for tv movies...it is supposed to be fantastic.

  4. Loved following your live blog! Thanks!

  5. Sorry....Didn't see it...I was catching up on Entourage since I was in L.A. and had it tivoed in Dallas. OMG! Vince is ....woops...I almost did a "spoiler".