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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Live Blog: Emmys Red Carpet 2010

Checking out E! to see the red carpet for the Emmys and live blogging it for you! Here we go! Get ready!

4:03 - OH my GOD! All of my favorite comedians from Chelsea Lately's round table are doing red carpet tonight! LOVE IT!!! Especially Ross.

4:05 - Bahaha, Loni Love just asked how the hell Two and a Half Men is still on the air. THANK YOU! It's SO DUMB! And then Guy just said it's only ok for Neil Patrick Harris to be above the law because he's cooler than Charlie Sheen. Also AGREE x 100000000!

4:09 - Oh Lord, help us all. Girls from The Hills... does this actually count  as TV?

4:12 - WOW, how much do I wish I were there in Cali right now!! ? It's so beautiful and... and ... wow *pout*

4:13 - Uh oh. Matt's girlfriend in her underwear in a Calvin Klein commercial...

4:16 - I cannot get over Katt Sadler's dress. I kind of freaking love it. OH, and now they're talking about Kurt's new love interest on the next season of Glee. He's a HOTTIE. AND, Portia De Rosi may take Steve Carell's place on The Office next season. I hope it's true because she's the only one I like on Ally McBeal.

4:20 - Sal is judging fashion early this year and it's awesome. She said that Charlize Theron's dress from the Oscars looks like cupcakes, and J-Lo's looks like Fed Ex packing material. HAH.

4:22 - Ross Matthews is so cute! I would love it if he ended up on Dancing With The Stars with Chelsie! (Nerd alert.)

4:25 - Ok... someone needs to arrive. Not seeing ANY celebs. I mean, I love the interviewers, especially Holly Madison ... but I need some actual stars. Let's do this.

4:31 - E! is whoring themselves out like crazy and still no celebrities. I don't care about The Spin Crowd. That man is mean. Give me some stars! Oh, now we're watching Ross learn how to dance with Chelsie Hightower! I'm happy now.

4:33 - Awe, they keep doing little behind the scenes flashbacks to great shows. First ER, now Will and Grace. I like it. DO FRIENDS NEXT, E!

4:39 - Hmm, so I see this show is actually the count down to the count down to the Emmys. Haha. I hope Ross is still around when the real Red Carpet begins!

4:43 -  Friends montage!!!!!!!

4:49 - Awe, I love Holly Madison. She is so cute! I don't care what the haters say. :P

4:54 - Tiny little girl from Modern Family... she's cute.


Now the REAL stuff gets started!! Get excited, guys!

5:01 - Uh oh, it's Ry-Ry. the tiniest interviewer on the Red Carpet. Seacrest and Jane Lynch from Glee, let's go! Awe, and she's all feminine and stuff! Lovely purple gown. Very nice.

5:03 - Conan just tweeted that he's on his way!!!!!! And the Truebies are on their way, and I CANNOT WAIT to see Krazinski and his new wifey, Emily Blunt, who is my newest girl crush. HOLLA!!!

5:06 - Fimmy Fallon, a little over-energized talking to Seacrest. He must be all nervous. That's cute!

5:10 - Oh dear God... Jersey Shore talk? Can we NOT? I think I'll go into my protective comatose state while this happens.

5:12 - YAY! Glam Cam 360 is here! I love that E! does that. Some of my favorite pictures are from this camera. Go to Eonline and check out some old Glam Cam pics if you want to see how cool it is!

5:13 - Uh oh... Carrie-Anne Inaba arrived... haha. I love DWTS... but not her biggest fan. She was a bitch to Cody a lot of the time. Oh, and Kelly Osborne! DEAR LORD has she transformed. What a little beauty.

5:16 - Oh God... talking to the trash of the Earth, Jersey Shore. Seacrest just asked if any of them would be doing DWTS... PLEASE GOD NO. NO. NO.

5:19 - Carrie Preston (Arlene) From True Blood has arrived. Nice updo, interested multi-colored dress. The Truebies are upon us!!! Oh, and Kathy Griffin with blonde hair. She looks pretty from the shoulders up, but that's all I've seen so far. Hopefully we'll see more soon!

(SIDENOTE: I think it's important that everyone know who inspired me to start this blog and do this very thing, live blogging, and who is also doing a live blog as we speak: The amazing Fug Girls. Check them out, they are AMAZING and HILARIOUS!)

5:25 - JOEL MCHALE! So much win.

5:27 - Awe GLEEKS! Fin and Arty! Love it. And the kiddo who plays Arty is so articulate and down to Earth. I like him a lot. Especially in that little bow tie and Buddy Holly glasses. Oh yeah, and Kathy Griffin turns out to have strawberry blonde hair and a beautiful mermaid dress. TARA FROM TRUE BLOOD! Here dress is kind of nutty, like a white canvas with black paint spattered on it, and her hair is mussed up... but she looked BEAUTIFUL!!!

5:33 - Mark Salling from Glee being interviewed by Ryan. Just said he'd like to cast Amy Winehouse to cast as his love interests because she'd have to be worse than his character, Puck. Haha. Awe and he said he took the bus to the Emmys today. SO CUTE. Awe and was just introduced to Kim Kardashian, and was all shy!

5:36 - Kim K looks really classy tonight. No cleavage, no short skirts. Marchessa grecian gown beautiful in white with a loose updo. Oh and Lea Michelle is no being interviewed by Kim K, improve! This is cute... Lea Michelle looks GORGEOUS in an Oscar De Larenta black or navy mermaid dress with ruffles. OMG. SO AMAZING.

5:40 - Claire Danes! Sequence everywhere... is it pink? Cream colored? Gold NO IDEA. But she looks pretty and NOT washed out. It is Armani Prive, though. Reminds me of a toned down Cameron Diaz Oscar dress.

5:42 - GROSS GROSS GROSS. Tony Parker. I HATE HIM SO MUCH. He is SUCH a douche bag. And it makes me like Eva Longoria less because she's dumb enough to be married to him. Wow... more of a negative reaction than when Jersey Shore was on the screen.

5:43 - Lauren Grahm looks really pretty in that neat, asymmetric black and white gown.

5:50 - Made dinner and missed like... 5 people. Good thing I didn't recognize any of them. :)

5:52 - DEAR GOD KATE GOSSELIN... GTFOff the red carpet. I CANNOT stand her... dear lord. Oh goodness, Christina Hendricks just arrived in a mauve dress... and of course she looks like a bombshell. Delish!

5:58 - Julie Benz!!! RITA RITA RITA!! In a one-shoulder white dress. SO BEAUTIFUL. Love the sleek updo pony tail. SO classy!

6:00 - January Jones in Versace... GORGEOUS blue color. Not sure about the shape... clams on her boobs. I think I like the short front and long train.... but still not sure... may need a few days to decide.

6:01 - OH Tina Fay. In black... cap sleeved dress... but it's got details and sparkles on it... It's like black Oscar Delarenta details overlayed on a silvery dress... and Pretty low pony tail. A little too safe. As usual.

6:04 - OMG 360 Glam photo of Julie Benz!!! I am so excited! She is so beautiful.  She is channeling Naomi Watts.

6:08 - OH DEAR HEAVENLY LORD!!! Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer!!!! My favorite Truebie couple! They look GORGEOUS!!! She's in a black dress with a gold top and interesting embellishments... nice little updo. Wavy and classy. So breezy and sweet! And they're talking about the naked Rolling Stone Cover. Haha "Nobody is covering their own bits." So precious!!! Crushing so hard on them. Married JUST last Saturday.

6:11 - AND OMG Seal and Heidi! I cannot handle how freaking gorgeous she is. Tiny little Machessa mini dress. Black with embellishments. She should ALWAYS show off those amazing legs. Lose wavy updo. Seems to be a trend tonight. Amazing necklace. Sparkly shoes!!!! She may be on my best dressed list, omg.

6:16 - Oh wow, slit-to-the-hip Brooke Burke in white! Beautiful! MY HERO NEIL PATRICK HARRIS!!!!!! FREAKING YES!!! Says he's "Happy to be on the Glee train." Come back to it! Awe and he's being congratulated for expecting twins soon with his life partner. He's wearing a great grey suit with black panels. He looks precious. I LOVE HIM. "If you wait till your not working to have a family, it may never happen. "Why are you lecturing me?" Haha, Neil and Ry-Ry.

6:19 -  Kira Sedgewick in a deeper red. So beautiful. Cheryl Hines in a pale gray. She looks amazing. One-shoulder gown, light pink lipstick, and great straight bob. She looks amazing.

6:25 - Amy Poehler and Will Arnet! Congrats on the baby. 3 week after, Amy still looks gorgeous and fit! Nice light blue dress. AWE, and it's their 7th wedding anniversary. How cute is that??

6:28 - Did not realize that Julia Louis-Dreyfus's sister was True Blood. Interesting.

6:30 - Mmm... just noticed Lea Michelle's bangs. She looks sultry. Awe, and Steve Carell. :) Always adorable.

6:34 - Awe, Kristin Santos just announced she's pregnant! Congrats, lady!

6:39 - Just noticed that not one person on the carpet has really bombed... Everyone is pretty solid. Some boring choices, but nothing OMGWTF.

6:40 - JUST flipped to TV Guide and it's Alexander Skarsgard!!! So tall and delicious. And they mentioned Neil Patrick Harris may be part of the opening tonight. Please be true!

6:43 - UGH... and they said they saw Conan! He needs to be interviewed... is that against the settlement or something? Dumb. Flipping back to E! since the TV Guide interviewers are SO annoying. OMG.

6:45 - Um... John Krazinski? WHERE IS YOUR WIFE?  I am disappointed. Oh there she is! OMG she's so beautiful. Lavender, one shoulder, embellishments. OMG I NEED MORE EMILY BLUNT.  Awe and then they just showed Anna and Stephen again. They are SO cute. My two favorite couples on the red carpet at the same time!!!!!

6:47 - Diana Agron from Glee (Quinn), in a beautiful mauve and light pink dress. Lace overlay, ball gown shape. UH! Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C Hall just arrived! Jenn in a gray sequenced one sleeved gown. She looks beautiful. Hair swept to one side... LOVE them.

6:52 - Wow... that was NOT enough Emily Blunt. I need more. That was literally like.. 2.3 seconds of her and that's it. I'm pouting.



  1. I'm ready to see the Truebies! :)

    And I don't think The Hills should count as TV. Haha

  2. I don't care about Jersey Shore, either. So boring.

  3. you keep seeing all the people i wanna see. i'm at my brother's and he has different cable and idk what channel E! is or i would change it.

  4. <3 Alexander Skarsgård. Tall and delicious, you got that right!

  5. Haha, no one thought I pouted too much?

  6. Way too much pouting.