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Monday, August 16, 2010

My LEAST Favorite Things in Entertainment

I generally talk all about things I love in entertainment. However, recently I've been noticing that I do have some Hollywood pet peeves. Therefore, I have compiled a list, in no particular order, of my least favorite things about entertainment. I wonder how many of you will agree... or disagree. We'll see!

Lately there has been a ridiculous amount of hype about movies in 3D. Not only is it in kids' movies like How To Train Your Dragon or Toy Story 3, it's also in mainstream blockbusters like Avatar and Alice in Wonderland. And now, even beyond just the theater, 3D TVs are being sold with a family set of glasses. What I don't understand is... WHAT is the big deal? I'm sorry, but to me 3D is a hindrance to anything I am trying to watch. Not only does it give me a head ache, it seems completely unnecessary. I was watching this comedian on Comedy Central one night and he did a whole bit about people who say during movies "It looks so REAL." But it's not because it's 3D... it's because, those are REAL people on the screen. I laughed, but I think he had a point. 3D doesn't really add anything to the reality of the movie. The special effects, acting, and a few other things will do that. 3D is just something they can hype up and then charge you an extra $10 a ticket to view. Avatar looked neat in 3D, but to be honest, I may have enjoyed it more had I seen the regular version. During Toy Story 3, I hardly noticed it was in 3D (save for the enormous head ache I acquired) because it was all still just a cartoon. And the worst part of 3D is it is allowing movies that probably don't need to exist to be made JUST for the 3D effects, like Pirahnha 3D and Step Up 3D. TELL me those two would exist if it wasn't for 3D...Now if you are a person who enjoys 3D, then I am sure it's because you see something in it I just can't, and there's nothing wrong with that. ENJOY! But for me, I'll be seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 in 2D, just like every other movie I plan on seeing in the future.


Now, don't get me wrong... I do like some reality shows. The ones with competitions like Amazing Race, The Biggest Loser, Dancing with the Stars, America's Next Top Model, and (although it's not really my style) American Idol. I can at least deal with these because it's not about their personal lives and  as much as it is a game. The ones I have a beef with are shows like Jersey Shore and The Hills. I think that Jersey Shore is a show that has found the scum of the Earth and is just displaying it shamelessly to the world. And the worst part is that the world is actually paying attention and ENJOYING it. Do these trashy people deserve to be famous? Do they deserve to walk the red carpet and be paid for being drunk 98% of their lives and sleep with everyone they come into contact with? Apparently, the WORLD thinks so. It's disgusting to me... I had a student last year choose to do Italy for her research paper because "that's where the Jersey Shore people are from!"
I truly almost started crying right there in my classroom. But this same phenomenon began with The Hills, a show that's supposedly a reality show but has a writer, a script and, God forbid, a movie in the works. WTF. And there are people who enjoy the terrible acting, the cat fights, and love Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag. Any show that allows two idiots like this to become famous for no reason should be taken off the air. UGH. Now, I might be a hypocrite... because I do occasionally watch the Kardashians... it's a guilty pleasure... but I draw the line at Jersey Shore and Speidi.


In the same vein as the aforementioned "reality" shows, The Bachelor is one of those shows I cannot stand. My mom really enjoys watching it as does one of my close friends... but I CANNOT sit down and take it seriously. When you really get down to is, the show is just about one person dating 30 people all at once. And as such, the person who is the Bachelor or Bachelorette by default has to be a pretty shady, fake person. At least in my opinion. I am sure there are those of you out there who enjoy dating 30 people at once and think it's fine, and to each their own. But I really can't find myself being attached to a "main character" of a show that is pretending to be looking for love, while we all know they more than likely just want to get famous while getting some booty. There has only been one couple from this series that has lasted, that I know of. All the rest have exploded publicly in an emotional break up. And it usually happens that by the end of each season, who ever my mom liked at the beginning she dislikes at the end because their true colors always come out. Because there isn't a true way to be very likable when your making out with 7 people at a time.


I try to ignore the sillier things on TV, but there are some shows with premises so annoying, I can't help but pay attention when the commercial shows up on my screen. What I've noticed is that a lot of these shows end up on ABC Family. Shows that seem to depict teenagers as slutty, stupid, and backstabbing are all the rage on that channel, and I don't really understand how that seems like "family" entertainment. Sure most teenagers are like that... but it's definitely not what I'd want my students to be watching... and it is REALLY not what I'd want to snuggle up with my hubby and puppy and watch, either. I'm speaking about The Secret Life and Pretty Little Liars, for the most part. To me, these shows seems like bad knock offs of Degrassi, turning ABC Family into the off-brand Noggin or "Teen Nick." I feel that these series take the most superficial of all teenage struggles and then turns them in to a show and pretends or perhaps believes it's showing us something profound. It's delusional and annoying. Not to mention the lead on The Secret Life is just WRETCHED, as quote by a tweet from The Fug Girls. (Thanks for that, gals, it's the perfect way to describe her.) One of my favorite Secret Life moments was forever immortalized on The Soup on E! A long argument between a girl and her ex about how many people they had slept with to get back at the other. Oh yeah and they were shouting this in the hallway at school. Come sit down, kids, watch this show with me!

Now, beyond this, ABC Family has further offended me in the last year with another series they tried to get off the ground. The first time I saw a commercial for it, I thought I was going to throw up. It's possible existence not only enraged me, but all my friends and my husband. The gall. The audacity. The utter stupidity it must have taken to believe they could make this work... I'm talking of course about 10 Things I Hate About You, the series. HOW DARE YOU ABC FAMILY, try to put your horrible stamp on what I can only describe as The Breakfast Club of my generation, a movie that made so many girls my age begin to idealize certain boys because of Patrick Verona, a movie that should never be tainted by your superficial crap, you demon channel! Thank GOD that this series failed miserably and the original movie gets to keep it's good name and associations. 


I don't know if I have a enough words for what I think about this guy. I don't know if he was aspiring to be the gay male version of Joan Rivers or what... but I don't think that's what he's accomplished. Joan has the respect of most of Hollywood, while, from what I understand, most of Hollywood either can't stand or fears Perez. For those of you who don't know who this guys is, (I doubt there are many), he's an online blogger who has become famous for basically being a complete douche. He's outed closeted celebrities (which I mean, let them come out when they want, sheesh! It's their life.), has no problem with posting provocative or unflattering pictures of stars no matter their age, and "doodles" over photographs of celebrities making fun of their flaws and imperfections (even though Mr. Hilton, himself, isn't the fittest of men...) He's ruthless and vindictive, and catty like sophomore girl in high school. And what is more upsetting is the bajillion followers he has, people who enjoy listening to him degrade and be mean to other people. It's definitely not my cup up tea, and I steer clear of it. I think one of the best moments in Hollywood had to be when Will I Am punched Perez in the face. He more than likely deserved the crap out of that one.


  1. Agree on all counts except for one. Films can lok good in 3D if they are shot in 3D, and not with pop-out effects. The reason Avatar and How to Train Your Dragon looked great in 3D was because they were shot that way to create an immersive experience, not gimmicky effects. It creates depth, not realism. Avatar's groundbreaking CGI is only further enhanced by the effect because rather than jumping out at you, it looks like you could reach in and touch the world you're being immersed in. I will support 3D when it's used as a neat supplement for something like Avatar or How to Train Your Dragon, but conversion technology looks like garbage, no doubt about it.

    Personally, my solution to the 3D problem is this. Have one or two big event movies like Avatar a year in 3D, rather than every other wide release being distributed. That way, no more shitty conversions and a better viewing experience for those one or two big event films. I personally don't suffer from vertigo nor do I get headaches from 3D tech. But it's not going to be fun for someone more sensitive. In any case, my business model for 3D won't happen because studios want more money ala higher priced tickets.

  2. I HATE 3D movies, mostly because they are done poorly. I think I've seen three this summer and the 3D aspect has served irrelevant to the rest of the movie. My biggest problem is not so much the movies being made in 3D, but the fact that 3D effect doesn't work in most of these movies. They make pointless things stick out at you, so the depth argument becomes null. Example: Making incomplete images 3D (like when an object isn't fully visible on the screen and so only what you can see is projected forward... often with a straight line at the bottom where the edge is cut off.)

    Perez Hilton shouldn't exist.

    As for ABC, my biggest upset with something like the Secret Life is I thought the show was created to shed light on the teen pregnancy issue - yet the characters are vapid and shallow. If your intention was to teach kids how dumb it is to get pregnant, then why can't your own characters learn? Stupid.

  3. Yeah I agree with everything you've said here lol 3D is a novelty, and should be reserved for those movies that it would actually enhance...like IMAX documentaries at the Science Museum. 'nuff said.

    Everything below that I can't even bring myself to discuss. There's no use wasting my energy to even think about it...so we'll just say, well put my friend. :)

  4. 3D movies are awful. i've seen a few, including avatar, and i actually took off the glasses for the majority of the film. i got a headache, and actually preferred to look at the unfocused screen sans glasses, than to put on the glasses an have navi (sp?) braids flying in my face. the only part that i actually thought looked really cool in 3D was when the white dandelion looking things were floating down from the tree. in retrospect, i shouldve saved the extra five bucks and saw it in 2D because i think the graphics would have been much more impressive because i wouldnt have been so focused on the vein pulsing in my forehead.

    i did watch "laguna beach" when i was 18... i repeat, when i was 18. i am now 25 and can not stand to watch the real world, the hills, ive never seen one minute of jersey shore because i think it would infuriate me, and i think the bachelor/bachelorette is a joke. i read something online that said they only film for like 3 weeks or something. so the contestants have less than a month to meet, date 20 people, fall in love, and become engaged with their "soul mate." ridiculous. and i tried to watch an episode with my old roommate once and actually laughed out loud at the conversations they were having. i hope my potential fiance/husband never says some of the things those people say.

    i dont watch abc family so i cant really comment on that, but i'm sure i would agree with everything you said. i did see the commercial for 10 things i hate about you, and took it as a personal insult. how could they think that any version of a tv show could live up to the movie. jerks.

    perez is a moron. i agree with everything you said.

    thanks for posting. you always say what i'm thinking but can't figure out how to say it eloquently. =)


  5. I get stomachaches at 3D movies! Horrible. But my biggest problem with them is it just makes the ticket price THAT much more expensive. But hey, I'm not really running on the rich side..

    Jersey Shore makes me want to puke. I hate MTV for that show and those people. Go away, Snookie, go away...

    I love ABC Family. But funnily enough I've never watched Pretty Little Liars. And Secret Life lost me after the first season. I had a hard time watching it and hearing the word "sex" every 2 secs. Not my type of family entertainment.

  6. I completely agree! On all accounts! I'm SOO over 3D movies....Trashy reality TV, the bachelor GAG!!! ABC family has annoyed me for years, and I don't know Perez Hilton, besides mild name recognition, but he seems and looks like an ASS. Well said, fatty!

  7. Okay, this is Audree's mom, and I have to say I love reality tv, but my favorites are based on contests, and many are so very heartwarming,like The Biggest Loser, The Amazing Race, and well, Survivor, although not always heartwarming. I enjoy watching real people develop relationships.
    I agree that those shows displaying how bad people can behave, then getting tons of attention and more money for the next season just sickens me as well.
    On the other hand, as soon as I finish this post, I will shamelessly go off and watch the latest installment of The Bachelor Pad, which although I know its shallow and ridiculous, it is my guilty pleasure.

  8. Haha, stand proud Mom! We all have guilty pleasures. :)

  9. I am so sad right now! I am a 3D whore and am addicted to Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad!!!! :( AVATAR WAS COOL AT THE IMAX. You don't even KNOW. lol

  10. I love Will. I. Am. for punching Perez in the face. But I want my turn to do the same! What the heck is he famous for? He doesn't even deserve 15 minutes of fame. He spends his life making fun of and degrading people he most likely hasn't even met. He needs to get a life and a real job.

    I don't mind 3-D movies, probably because they don't give me a headache or anything, but I don't understand why some movies add the 3-D in as an extra. That's really not necessary. (Hello, Clash of the Titans?) My favorite movies in 3-D were Avatar and Up. I thought they looked awesome.

    I gotta admit to watching some of the Bachelorette this season, but I really don't know what the big deal about it is. I'd be just as happy if it were off the air. If I really wanted to find my soulmate, I'd rather not do it with cameras on me all the time. Privacy? Thanks.

    This post was a definite win. *thumbs up!* :-)

  11. I completely agree with everything you said. The novelty of 3D does seem to be being blown out of proportion but it can also be said of many other 2D movies when effects started making their way onto the scene. It's a lil different but just showing that argument. And to be honest, I'm interested in seeing Piranha because I haven't seen a good gore in a while. :D
    Perez sucks and I laughed so hard when I found out he was in trouble for posting that pic up of Miley.
    Jersey Shore is like a cesspool of the worst in people so obviously people are attracted to it. It's like an old-timey freak show but in TV form.

    Great post :D

  12. I agree with all of it, but mostly reality tv, no wait, 3D movies, no wait....okay, all of it.

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