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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Playoff Blues: What would happen if I owned a sports team.

re: emotions joke - Just clarifying that I had this conversation with my father, who isn't a female, and who made all these points before I even thought about them. He's basically the basketball guru, his perspective is always the perspective I never realized I had. Coaching for 20 years will do that to you.

Also, had this exact same conversation with one of my sportsfan dude friends, so... yeah.

Men have emotions. It was an ironic joke and I laughed, but I had to clarify that.

And I get why Mark would do this. Basically I really think we could have repeated this year with the team we DID have and I wanted THAT.

I don't want to, nor am I willing to, think of a future without Dirk.

So that has a lot to do with my perspective on this...

But also... I am not a business person, and Mark is. So I would probably drive the Mavs into bankruptcy trying to keep as many of our best players for as long as possible without thinking of the future.

Then one day they would all be 41 years old, retire, and I'd own a franchise with no players. 
Or all noobs who will play for free.