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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gearing Up for Iron Man 2!

So I've been beside myself lately with adoration for Robert Downey Jr, so it goes without saying that I'm absolutely extatic about Iron Man 2 coming out next week. In fact, I've been trying to find a cute Iron Man T-shirt for me to wear to the midnight showing. However the only one I've found for girls so far is this one, and for some reason, Iron Man is holding an electric guitar. Now I know Robert Downey Jr. makes music, but didn't realize that Iron Man was also a rock star...

Anyways, to hold me over (and maybe whoever else is having a hard time waiting until next week) I've decided to blog a few IM2 treats! Just like before every big movie release, there has been a TON of media coverage and interviews, photoshoots, etc. So here are some of my favorite things in magazines right now.
Our main Iron Man is splashed across the cover of Men's Journal. Inside there is a great article and one full page of a montage of pictures that I LOVE. Really shows his adorable and goofy personality. Gotta love it.

Mr. Downey Jr graces the cover of Rolling Stone! I need to get to the store ASAP to grab my copy of this one. And I love the little subtitle about him. Hardass, flake, and an Iron Man, too. Yup!

And now, my absolute FAVORITE thing I've run across so far, the ScarJo + RDJ photoshoot from USA Weekend! They are SO cute. One of my favorite things is when actors in movies are cute and friendly in real life, and Robert is the KING of being cutesy with his co-stars.

I mean, COME ON!! How cute is that?!?!?!?

What I've found interesting about the way they are marketing this movie is that they are throwing RDJ and ScarJo out there together as though they are the two main characters. I guess they are the two biggest stars in the movie...? Or the two hottest... I know they are sexing the franchise up with Scarlett, but it was just interesting to see Scarlett and Robert together instead of RDJ and Gweneth. When I was looking up pictures from the movie itself, one of the most viewed ones is this one to the right. I guess a hot chick with a super hero is just something everyone likes... but Gweneth is pretty hot too, Haha.

What I really don't want to happen is for Tony Stark to be the douche bag I think most people expect him to be and get all up on Scarlett. Pepper Potts is just too freaking awesome. And BY GOD there better be some Stark on Potts action in IM2. I am ready for Tony to grab Pepper, tip her over, and kiss the crap out of her. The chemistry in the first one was so great, I could hardly handle that the closest they come to kissing was that tipsy moment Pepper had on the terrace. Kiss her, Stark! DO IT.

And now! Some red carpet treats. This is from the world premiere earlier this week. Did you guess that I am about to post lots of pictures of RDJ and Susan? Good job, because OMG it's true. LOVE ME SOME SUSAN DOWNEY!

But first things first. The star, himself. And wearing awesome red-lenses to match the red in his tie. Only RDJ can pull it off. (Remember his powder blue lense to match his bow-tie and sneakers at the Oscars?)

Downey greets Paltrow. MMMM so precious! And she's looking HOT in that shorts suit!

Uh, I can hardly handle how adorable this is.

Tah-dah, arm candy. For both of them.

MMMM, full length shot! I love RDJ in sneakers... and Gwen in cuff sandal pumps!

Wah-wah? Who's there? Is it SUSAN DOWNEY? The real star of this red carpet?! It is!! Wearing a beautiful navy dress that reminds me of the dress Tina Fey wore to the SAG awards.

What a GORGEOUS couple. I love them SO MUCH CAN'T HANDLE IT.

I freaking love this picture. I love the way he's looking at the little boy and I love the way the little boy is looking at him. What are they talking about? I have no idea, but I bet it's pure awesome. So cute.

The end.

And now, to end with something SUPER fun and Iron Man related: How It Should Have Ended - The Iron Man edition. If you haven't checked this site out, YOU HAVE GOT TO DO IT! They have funny "should have ended" endings for some of the best movies, my personal favorite being Lord of the Rings. This Iron Man one is no exception and, in my opinion, ranks among the funniest they've done! Check it out. The conversation between Batman, Superman, and Iron Man at the end is reason enough to watch it.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

For the love of Mavs

I have been an avid Dallas Mavericks fan ever since my junior year of high school, so for just about 8 years. It's been nothing if not a roller coaster most every season, but love for them has never wavered. This was something I wrote in 2007 after a hard game during the playoffs and my feelings stay the same. It's something I look back when I'm feeling down or frustrated about the season.

"So here I sit again, in the same purgatory state of mind as last year, thinking about something that I can only describe as mental and emotional torture. Do you think you might know what it is? Perhaps her boyfriend upset her or she had a fight with a friend...? Maybe her dog got hit by a truck or she fell off a building and broke her spine...? No, none of those things.

I'm thinking about The Dallas Mavericks.

It always surprises me just how invested I am in this team and how much I love these players, the coaches, and yes, even Mark Cuban. It literally hurts. I feel like someone has broken up with me, or something. I know the season isn't done yet. There is still hope. We can do it! But the reason it kills me so much is because, I know in order to get there, we are going to have to go through SO MUCH stress and anguish on our way, and I just might die watching one of the games. Why do I put myself in that position? I have no idea. But I love every tear/sweat/blood-stained minute of it, and I am not throwing in the towel yet. It's makes me sick to see fans already making comments like the season is over.

Today, as I was walking to my first class, I started thinking about a fun concept. If you ask anyone what faith is, they will tell you it is believing without seeing. Yet when you ask a sports-fan why they have faith in their team, they will say that it is because the team has proven themselves in some way, by winning this or that or whatever. It's just strange to me. I think the better fan is the fan who can say, 'Hey, my team kicks ass; they are the best team in the league. I know this in my heart. I believe that they can win the title...' without saying '...because YO MAN we so LEIK won one 7 years ago! Wha-wha!' However, that isn't how it works in the playoffs. And unless you prove yourself, no one will ever believe in you. But then, I guess that is just the sheer nature of the game. And that is what makes it that much greater when you do prove yourself.

I will never give up on the Mavericks no matter how many times they send me into a frenzy, no matter how many times I cry after they lose a game I know in my heart they could have won, no matter how many ulcers form in my stomach from watching each series go down to the last 3.6 seconds of game 7, no matter how many times they almost make it to the finals. Because I believe in my heart that they will go all the way. Someday. If not today. This is unconditional love. How did I get here? I have no idea. But I would never trade the stress-induced panic I enter into while cheering this team on for anything else.

Go Mavs! I love you. I believe, and we can do it. Together!"

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

EW, Pay Attention: Hanson New Video!

Those of you who know me know that I LOVE Hanson. Yes, Hanson, that band from '97 who sang "Mmmbop." For those of you who didn't know, YES they're still around, NO they are not still 14, and YES they've been making music ever since their first album. They are about to release their 5th CD (if you don't count their first 2 that were independently released, or their Christmas CD, Snowed In) in June. It's called Shout It Out! and the single "Think Bout Something" is already on iTunes! (The picture to the left is of me and Mr. Zac Hanson in October of 2007, the first time I met him. They're PRECIOUS in person and completely personable and very passionate about their cause. They're very active in trying to help to fight poverty and AIDS in Africa. They do a charity walk before every concert with their fans and donate a dollar per person on the walk to AIDS research, and are all also about TOMS Shoes, as well as having traveled to Africa to help with "shoe-drops," etc.)

I'm super excited because the boys just unveiled their newest music video on Myspace for "Thinking Bout Something" and it is HAH-LARIOUS! It's already almost gotten about a million hits and it's only been out a few days. This video was really special. Besides going all out and being goofy and adorable in the video, the boys also invited fans to come be a part of the video. They filmed it in Tulsa on March 6th (I was in a wedding that day, or I would have been there, too) and asked fans to come and dance with them. As I watched I could see Hanson friends I knew in there dancing!! It was really special!

Entertainment Weekly does a segment in their magazine every week called The Must List and they list the top 10 musts of that week like which DVDs to check out, what books are hot, what online fiasco is interesting. I SEVERELY desire EW to add the "Thinking Bout Something" video to their Must list! I truly this it deserves it.

And with that, here's the link: CHECK IT OUT HERE!!! or ON YOUTUBE!!!

And here are a few snippets of a conversation my best friend and I had in reaction the video. Enjoy!

Me: Did you get to see the new Hanson video yet!?!?
Ashlie: The video hasn't even really started and I'm already laughing.
Ashlie: Um....I'm 30 seconds in and it's already the best Hanson video ever.
Me: I know I was ALL ABOUT that video in the first 7 seconds! That's the video we could have been in if you hadn't had a wedding. Gah, selfish.


Me: I like how Tay thought he was Stevie Wonder.
Ashlie: Haha! I KNOW

Me: This is the best video they've EVER done. It's like they finally realized they were a band.
Ashlie: Yeah, it was so good. It seemed like it was produced better too.
Me: Totally! And there were 2 ZACS!!

Me: I like how the climax is Taylor actually dancing.
Ashlie: It's like he knows we've been waiting for it the whole video and he graces us with his moves for the finale. The Great One has danced! We can all praise him!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Summer Shoes: Fashion Philosophy

Summer is upon us! And that means new clothes and a new season of fashion for us all. So for the summer I decided I would be a bit more daring than usual in buying new shoes. Generally, I’m too scared to try anything new that I see, even if I like it, before I see others wearing it/them or whatever it happens to be. Then I regret not buying the item because I always end up getting it eventually anyways!

I’d have to say that this year was the first year I actually felt more comfortable and experimental in my own style than ever before, so when I realized that I had NO open toed shoes that I actually wanted to wear, I used it as an opportunity to expand and try something new. My favorite thing this season has been wearing boots with skirts, and going into summer I was kind of bummed that I wouldn’t be able to wear boots anymore. I mean, really, in Texas, it’s hard to ever wear boots without getting overheated regardless of season, but especially in the summer… there is just no way. Entering the mall last weekend, I was not sure if I’d be able to find anything I wanted to wear, but then, I came upon these (picture to the left!!!!).

It’s the best of both worlds! It’s a sandal, so it is wearable in the heat, but it’s also a boot, so I can satisfy my desire to wear boots with pretty much everything. And they’re sparkly with buckles and silver buttons and other things that aren’t useful but are pretty. I really like them! They're called cuffed sandals (many may already know, but it's new to me!). None of my friends have bought or worn anything like this, which made me scared at first to purchase them since I would have to figure out how I would wear them, with what, and what would others think… but then my husband told me to just get the heck over it and buy them if I liked them enough. So. I did. Thanks Justin!

I got a few comments about these boots the first time I showed them off, as though they were strange and completely outrageous, but these sandal-boots have been in the works for years. There have been many versions of these shoes before now, just not as boldly crafted as this pair. In fact, I would argue that the gladiator sandals that have been popular for a while is a version of this. Then of course, we got into the age-old battle of fashion vs practicality. But we all know fashion has very little to do with sensibility and much more to do with how what you wear makes you feel. It’s about expressing yourself and evolving and experimenting. Therefore, I don’t need my fashion to serve any purpose but just that.

My philosophy of fashion has always been that if you wear something with confidence and believe that you look good in it, then you will pull it off. You just have to believe it and carry yourself as such. It’s open mindedness and the willingness to experiment. Don’t put fashion “in a box.” That’s why amazing fashion icons like Gaga exist. Because they don’t question themselves, they just do it. Now that’s an extreme example, but it’s true. You could say the same for fashion icons like Sarah Jessica Parker and Dita Von Teese.

I recently was able to sit in on a lecture done by What Not To Wear’s Carmindy about how to look your best, and her philosophy isn’t much different. She spent a good 20 minutes trying to convince her audience that every woman is beautiful in their own way and that make up is only there to highlight, and not cover up. That every woman needs to enter into choosing their make up with a positive attitude. It’s not much different with fashion. Fashion is just an extension of how you choose to express and present yourself, and most anything you choose to wear you can pull off with the right attitude. It’s the same for the other side. If you’re closed to a certain style, then when you wear it, your discomfort in what you are wearing will show. Therefore, if I choose to wear shoes that aren’t quite boots and aren’t quite sandals, all that matters is that I enjoy wearing them and are confident in how I look in them. What others think shouldn’t really matter.

Of course, there are exceptions. You can’t go out in just anything, like a garbage bag and hot pink tights, and expect to be called a fashionista (*cough* LiLoh). But if you want to try a new style, but you don’t think you can pull it off, try it with confidence first before you write it off! You may surprise yourself.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Very Potter Musical

I don't know how many of you followers are Harry Potter fans, but I am a HUGE Potter fan. I've read all the books multiple times, seen the movies, dressed up for midnight showings, and I even took a class in college that was all about Harry Potter. That's right, and I was in the Slytherin house AND we won the House Cup. Jealous? Oh, AND! We played QUIDDITCH and my team won that too! (Click here to see part one of the video of us playing Quidditch! So fun!)

So yeah, I am a huge nerd (picture to the left is my then-fiance-now-husband and me in our engagement pictures), but I am not ashamed because Harry Potter is one of the most amazing literary achievements in history. And to have grown up during the development and release of each book in the series makes me feel so fortunate! To have been one of the first generations to read these books for the first time, maybe one of the only generations to read it without any of the plot points being ruined for me by movies or discussions about them, is just SUCH a blessing. It has been a truly wonderful experience. Never expecting to really like them, I started to read them begrudgingly about 7 years ago, and now the series sits at the number 2 spot on my favorite books list, only topped by the unmatchable Lord of the Rings series.

With all that being said, it's one of my favorite things to do to make fun of things that I love. Harry Potter is no exception. I love fan art and cartoons drawn containing inside jokes that mostly only the people who've read the books will understand. Stuff like that is my favorite! So this blog post is to present (to anyone who may not have already found this greatness) the BEST parody/tribute to the Harry Potter series I've ever seen: A Very Potter Musical!

Now this thing is absolutely AMAZING, created and performed by students at the University of Michigan. The entire thing is on youtube and completely worth the amazing 2 hours it takes to watch it in it's entirety. The only way this script could have been as great as it is, is if it had been written by real fans of the series, which it obviously was. There are certain things that you cannot write into a play, or sing about in a song if you have not read and loved the series yourself, and so when you watch this amazing parody, you know that they aren't criticizing the series, but rather celebrating it.

I highly suggest that any Harry Potter fan take some time to view at least the first few parts of A Very Potter Musical on youtube, and I bet you'll be hooked. It's hilarious! And if you love it as much as I did, you may want to download the soundtrack, which is available on their site. It's 'TOTALLY AWESOME.'

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Movie Review: The Reader

I've been slow to get around to watching this movie, so I apologize to all you movie buffs who are reading this thinking "Um, why are you just now reviewing this, movie-blogger?"

I thought this movie was very good. It definitely was moving. Kate's performance, obviously, was great as she won the Oscar for this role. It was a very interesting look at the affect this woman had on the life of a young man and how his encounters with her continued to affect him his entire life. Even though this movie was sort of about the Holocaust, it didn't really offer comfort or absolution regarding it, which is something you might expect. Spoilers below.

It is interesting that the main character of this movie is a woman that not many people would be able to relate to or sympathize with. She has an affair with a 15 year old boy, she was a guard at a camp during the Holocaust. However, somehow, with her expressive eyes and afflicted disposition, Winslet was still able to earn a bit of sympathy from the viewers.

The scene that really got me was when Michael decided to visit Hannah in jail while she awaited sentencing, to try to convince her to let the judges know she is illiterate (evidence that would have proven she wasn't in charge of a huge crime). They bring Hannah into the room to wait to see who her visitor is, a man she hasn't seen since he was a boy, but he changed his mind on the way in and leaves. The camera zooms into Hannah's nervous, tortured and yet curious face to see who this person is that's come to visit her, but she's left without an answer. They send her back to her cell without an explanation and nothing changes. She's convicted of crimes far worse than what she committed.

Absolutely cut to my heart, Winslet's face and demeanor here. Sold it. Beautifully tragic and demanding of pity and love despite her character's previously horrific deeds. That's the mark of a great actress, allowing the audience to connect with someone even through the judgment they may be casting on the character.

Another small moment that I loved was when Michael was reading to Hannah, and it was the end of The Odyssey, I think, at the part where it talked about Odysseus' wife dying. Hannah was lying against Michael's chest, just weeping as he read. It was so precious, at least to me, to see someone really being affected by literature that way. And what a tragedy, that she never was able to read things that she loved for herself until she was in prison, nearing the end of her life.

The only thing I had a hard time with was the editing and jumps in time that kept happening. I felt that David Kross did a great job as Michael from age 15-23. I didn't see him turn, in 10 years time, into Ralph Fiennes. It just didn't fit for me. But I was able to over look this, for the most part. However, I was disappointed to see that they made such a big deal about Ralph and Kate being in this movie together, but they really only had one scene together. I wish David Koss had gotten more hype, because I thought he out-shined Fiennes just a bit.

Overall, I thought the story was stirring and unique. I really liked it, and was completely drawn in by Kate Winslet, like always. I was also very impressed by David Kross and hope to see him in more films in the future.

Sheesh! It's about time I saw this Oscar movie from 2008. MAN, I'm a bit behind.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Movie Review: Clash of the Titans

Pretty much awful. I had heard it was going to be bad, but I was hoping for at least awesomely bad. But no, it was just bad. Nothing awesome about this movie. Spoilers below.

Sam Worthington was whiny and unlikable. And I'm sorry, but the man look 35, not 22. So he did not look the part to me at all. Not to mention he was robotic and flat. It was like he kind of just coasted through the role because he figured regardless of his effort, he'd still look like he was awesome. Ralph Fiennes' Hades seemed more sad than intimidating and powerful. Liam Neeson is always wonderful, but in this case it was just... ok. Thankfully he threw out the disclaimer that his son loves mythology, and that's why he took this role. It seems more forgivable to do a role like this if it's for your kid.

There was just something about this movie that was very... regurgitated. And, yes, I realize that this movie is a remake, but that's not what I mean. It was like they looked up the recipe for "epic stew" and followed the recipe exactly, without throwing any kind of interesting spice into it to make it unique. It was like a formula: [(unknown background + death to beloved adopted family)revenge / fighting monsters on a journey] special effects = EPIC MOVIE. Sorry, it's not that simple. There has to be more, like attachment to the characters, better writing, and *ahem* better acting.

It was bland and boring. I was bored most of the film even though two of my favorite actors were in it. So many of the earlier events and dialogue set up things for later in a completely obvious and cheesy way. Percy's dad says "Someone has to take a stand," and we know one day it will be Percy to do it... campy, much. Stuff like that littered throughout the whole movie. Each scene had this feeling that the movie thought it was much more important than it really is. It's supposed to be some kind of epic journey, but the whole thing only lasts a 1 hour and 50 minutes. It's abrupt and sloppy. And sadly unfulfilling, even in the special effects. I was excited to see one of my favorite side guys in this movie, Hans Matheson... (loved him since the mini series he did of Dr. Zhivago with Keira Knightley) only to see him get turned to stone. I was really irritated as he was the only character I really even liked the whole time.

The Kraken and a lot of the scenery shots were good, as far as effects go. And I guess the giant scorpions looked pretty legit, but Medusa looked AWFUL. My husband said she reminded him of the Scorpion King. I said she reminded me of Carrigan from the old Christina Ricci version of Casper. Yeah... it was that bad. You would think that pouring money into a movie and hyping it up like this, they would make things look more believable than movies that were done a decade ago. Audiences are NOT dumb and they will not just be distracted by the pretty colors... if it looks bad, we'll notice.

Overall, this movie was bad, but I wasn't offended or mad about it. The only thing I am slightly worried about is Gemma Arterton. She was... well, bland, in this movie and I HATE to think that she will be the same in Prince of Persia, a movie I am actually REALLY looking forward to. I'm hoping it was just the all-around "badness" of this film that rubbed off on her and that she won't bring anything that I saw in her from Clash to Persia. LEAVE THERE, GEMMA. PLEASE!

Since this was such a disappointment, I'll just leave you with what I liked. The trailers were AWESOME. If you want to waste your money on this, then go see is at the AMC in Arlington, because: they show you the Salt trailer, which, let's be honest, looks like good fun; the trailer for Splice, a movie with Adrien Brody that looks like it will give me nightmares for weeks, like woa; and, lastly, Prince of Persia! And Jake looks pretty fine in that role. Plus, that may actually turn out to be a movie that LOOKS neat, that really turns out to BE neat... unlike Clash of the Titans.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

BD-Live Chat with Robert Downey Jr (*explode*)

No, I do NOT have a blue ray player, nor did I buy Sherlock Holmes on blue ray... and therefore, NO I did not get to do the AMAZING AND AWESOME live chat with RDJ as we watch the movie together (which, if you know me would have been one of the best days EVER for me). However, that doesn't mean I didn't have a spy or two in the chat with RDJ to TELL ME WHAT THE HECK WAS UP with my main man. Not a lot of insight, but a WHOLE lot of silly and hilarious comments.

This is the conversation I had with Kevin mostly during the duration of the chat. It begins when I read his status on facebook: "live community screening of Sherlock Holmes hosted by Robert Downey Jr!"

Audree: I hate you so much right now. Tell RDJ I love him.
Kevin: i'll ask if he wants to leave Susan and marry you instead
Audree: Omg!!! Haha. I'd never want to break them up because I love her! ;D
Kevin: lol at technical difficulties
Audree :Tell them to fix it for the mighty RDJ!
Kevin: he reacted in a silly english accent delcaring "Stop the film!"
Audree: Kevin, you're killing me!!! Gah he's so adorable.

Kristen: F[RI]KKKKK technical difficulties!! robert and susan are so adorable omg
Kevin: yeah they are
Audree: I know right. They need to have babies. Kevin tell RDJ to have babies!
Kevin: I asked him about his bromance with Jude Law too
Kevin: Kristen your question just showed up!!!!!!
Audree: Uuuuuuuh. I'm DYING!!!!!!

Kevin: "Double vests!!!!"
Audree: I'm a fan! He loves me! That includes me dammit!!!!! Gah this is slow torture.
Kevin: "It tasted like rock. That's not my bag, really."
Audree: What is he referring this adorableness to?
Kevin: When he licked the rock in the graveyard
Kevin: he says he's a huge fan of Chris Nolan and Martin Scorsese and that he loved Shutter Island

Kevin: He confirmed Moriarty will be a significant role in the sequel
Audree: Of course it will! Gary Oldman. TELL RDJ TO GET SOME OLDMAN FOR THE SEQUEL.
Kevin: He freeze framed it on the scene where Rachel kisses him and said it was the happiest moment of her career, with his lovely, unshaved, scrunched up old man face

Kevin: talking about a possible Tropic Thunder sequel
Audree: OH MY GOD. Wait...
Audree: SUSAN IS ON!?!?!??!?! WHY LIFE WHY?
Kevin: she's been there the whole time
Audree: I hate my life
Kevin: bahahaha

Kevin: he just used Kirk [from Tropic Thunder] voice and said "What the f[ri]ck is all these ravens doin all over the place? Ma'am, now just chill out. I'm a professional. You about to give me some'in special. How come you didn't leave no chocolates on the pillow?"
Audree: RDJ should rule the world. [I really wish Kirk would do commentary on ALL his movies!]

Audree: anything else amazing and unfair being talked about?
Kevin: nothing stands out at the moment
Audree: except his amazing and unfair presence in your life right now

Audree: Tell him to get his Poe on
Kevin: asked about Poe; no answer thus far
Audree: SPAM HIM WITH POE, but with love. Love spam.

Kevin: he and Susan said they love all the innocent fan crushes
Audree: AWEz!! Well I have a crush on BOTH of them. (Hopefully they'll listen to us and have babies)

Audree: OMG WHICH ONE?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Audree: gah Kevin won't tell me the question. It better be "YES I WILL FOR AUDREE" to the question "Will you play Poe ever?"
Matt: THAT would be amazingness on a silver platter. just sayin...

Kevin: i wished him happy birthday and he went "awe, thank you so much"
Audree: *dead*

Kevin: My question was a reminder of sorts because they touched on the symbolism of the ravens around the middle of the film and asked the fans to remind them. So my question was "just a reminder, what's with the raven in the bridge scene?" So they thanked me for reminding them and said the ravens were originally going to be conceptually a hint at the eyes of the true occult
Audree: THEY! The DOWNEYs?
Kevin: ...but then they decided it should be pure symbolism and be either a sign of good, evil, or justice arriving. They initially settled on justice, in that each person that died when a raven showed up was a wicked person, including the templars. Then Susan and Robert kind of agreed that it could also be evil
especially on the bridge scene because the idea was that Blackwood had kind of created and/or unleashed this evil and that it was too big to control and it had come back to bite him.
Kevin: And then they saw that i had wished Robert Happy Birthday and he was all "awe thank you" and was all cuddly about it.
Audree: He was cuddly to you!!! So special and unfair!

Kevin: He called me "good man" when i reminded them of the ravens. I was like MANCRUSH
Audree: TOTALLY!

So needless to say this whole fiasco of being on the outside looking into a room filled with RDJ awesomeness has WITHOUT DOUBT convinced me to get a blue ray player ASAP. Good job blue ray, your shameless ploy worked.