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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gearing Up for Iron Man 2!

So I've been beside myself lately with adoration for Robert Downey Jr, so it goes without saying that I'm absolutely extatic about Iron Man 2 coming out next week. In fact, I've been trying to find a cute Iron Man T-shirt for me to wear to the midnight showing. However the only one I've found for girls so far is this one, and for some reason, Iron Man is holding an electric guitar. Now I know Robert Downey Jr. makes music, but didn't realize that Iron Man was also a rock star...

Anyways, to hold me over (and maybe whoever else is having a hard time waiting until next week) I've decided to blog a few IM2 treats! Just like before every big movie release, there has been a TON of media coverage and interviews, photoshoots, etc. So here are some of my favorite things in magazines right now.
Our main Iron Man is splashed across the cover of Men's Journal. Inside there is a great article and one full page of a montage of pictures that I LOVE. Really shows his adorable and goofy personality. Gotta love it.

Mr. Downey Jr graces the cover of Rolling Stone! I need to get to the store ASAP to grab my copy of this one. And I love the little subtitle about him. Hardass, flake, and an Iron Man, too. Yup!

And now, my absolute FAVORITE thing I've run across so far, the ScarJo + RDJ photoshoot from USA Weekend! They are SO cute. One of my favorite things is when actors in movies are cute and friendly in real life, and Robert is the KING of being cutesy with his co-stars.

I mean, COME ON!! How cute is that?!?!?!?

What I've found interesting about the way they are marketing this movie is that they are throwing RDJ and ScarJo out there together as though they are the two main characters. I guess they are the two biggest stars in the movie...? Or the two hottest... I know they are sexing the franchise up with Scarlett, but it was just interesting to see Scarlett and Robert together instead of RDJ and Gweneth. When I was looking up pictures from the movie itself, one of the most viewed ones is this one to the right. I guess a hot chick with a super hero is just something everyone likes... but Gweneth is pretty hot too, Haha.

What I really don't want to happen is for Tony Stark to be the douche bag I think most people expect him to be and get all up on Scarlett. Pepper Potts is just too freaking awesome. And BY GOD there better be some Stark on Potts action in IM2. I am ready for Tony to grab Pepper, tip her over, and kiss the crap out of her. The chemistry in the first one was so great, I could hardly handle that the closest they come to kissing was that tipsy moment Pepper had on the terrace. Kiss her, Stark! DO IT.

And now! Some red carpet treats. This is from the world premiere earlier this week. Did you guess that I am about to post lots of pictures of RDJ and Susan? Good job, because OMG it's true. LOVE ME SOME SUSAN DOWNEY!

But first things first. The star, himself. And wearing awesome red-lenses to match the red in his tie. Only RDJ can pull it off. (Remember his powder blue lense to match his bow-tie and sneakers at the Oscars?)

Downey greets Paltrow. MMMM so precious! And she's looking HOT in that shorts suit!

Uh, I can hardly handle how adorable this is.

Tah-dah, arm candy. For both of them.

MMMM, full length shot! I love RDJ in sneakers... and Gwen in cuff sandal pumps!

Wah-wah? Who's there? Is it SUSAN DOWNEY? The real star of this red carpet?! It is!! Wearing a beautiful navy dress that reminds me of the dress Tina Fey wore to the SAG awards.

What a GORGEOUS couple. I love them SO MUCH CAN'T HANDLE IT.

I freaking love this picture. I love the way he's looking at the little boy and I love the way the little boy is looking at him. What are they talking about? I have no idea, but I bet it's pure awesome. So cute.

The end.

And now, to end with something SUPER fun and Iron Man related: How It Should Have Ended - The Iron Man edition. If you haven't checked this site out, YOU HAVE GOT TO DO IT! They have funny "should have ended" endings for some of the best movies, my personal favorite being Lord of the Rings. This Iron Man one is no exception and, in my opinion, ranks among the funniest they've done! Check it out. The conversation between Batman, Superman, and Iron Man at the end is reason enough to watch it.


  1. Susan Downey for the win. Amazing woman is amazing.

    How spoiled do you want to be for IM2? I may be able to answer your question...

  2. I LOVE RDJ. He is the ultimate win/yum/hero/everything. :) I cannot wait for Iron Man 2!

  3. YOU are the cute one, Audree!

  4. Sales, did you get to go to an advanced screening?! Lucky! I don't want to be spoiled, but thank you!

    Sarah, AGREE.

    Cathy, thank you. :)

  5. LOVE the photo shoot!! His expressions and their adorableness is just AWESOME. Love it. Love. And he and his wife are so cute. He should ALWAYS have the Starkstache. It's just perfect on him.

    This also makes me excited for the second Sherlock!! EEE!!!

  6. The second Sherlock is going to blow my mind hole.

  7. Saw the film last night at the advance screening in Austin. Needless to say, its kicked some major ass. The movie was pretty good too lol jk. The movie fucking rocked. These pictures win big time!

  8. Ah, I didn't see the movie I just read the spoilers! On accident, I swear!! lol

  9. Kevin I am BEYOND jealous of you, but you know this. I can't WAIT to read your blog post about it. GET TO WORK! :)

  10. just posted the blog with pictures