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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Very Potter Musical

I don't know how many of you followers are Harry Potter fans, but I am a HUGE Potter fan. I've read all the books multiple times, seen the movies, dressed up for midnight showings, and I even took a class in college that was all about Harry Potter. That's right, and I was in the Slytherin house AND we won the House Cup. Jealous? Oh, AND! We played QUIDDITCH and my team won that too! (Click here to see part one of the video of us playing Quidditch! So fun!)

So yeah, I am a huge nerd (picture to the left is my then-fiance-now-husband and me in our engagement pictures), but I am not ashamed because Harry Potter is one of the most amazing literary achievements in history. And to have grown up during the development and release of each book in the series makes me feel so fortunate! To have been one of the first generations to read these books for the first time, maybe one of the only generations to read it without any of the plot points being ruined for me by movies or discussions about them, is just SUCH a blessing. It has been a truly wonderful experience. Never expecting to really like them, I started to read them begrudgingly about 7 years ago, and now the series sits at the number 2 spot on my favorite books list, only topped by the unmatchable Lord of the Rings series.

With all that being said, it's one of my favorite things to do to make fun of things that I love. Harry Potter is no exception. I love fan art and cartoons drawn containing inside jokes that mostly only the people who've read the books will understand. Stuff like that is my favorite! So this blog post is to present (to anyone who may not have already found this greatness) the BEST parody/tribute to the Harry Potter series I've ever seen: A Very Potter Musical!

Now this thing is absolutely AMAZING, created and performed by students at the University of Michigan. The entire thing is on youtube and completely worth the amazing 2 hours it takes to watch it in it's entirety. The only way this script could have been as great as it is, is if it had been written by real fans of the series, which it obviously was. There are certain things that you cannot write into a play, or sing about in a song if you have not read and loved the series yourself, and so when you watch this amazing parody, you know that they aren't criticizing the series, but rather celebrating it.

I highly suggest that any Harry Potter fan take some time to view at least the first few parts of A Very Potter Musical on youtube, and I bet you'll be hooked. It's hilarious! And if you love it as much as I did, you may want to download the soundtrack, which is available on their site. It's 'TOTALLY AWESOME.'


  1. 1) Remember who caught the Snitch in Quidditch? This girl. :)
    2) Oh Em Gee. Listening to the soundtrack AGAIN on the way to class.
    3) Pigfarts, Pigfarts, here I come!

  2. I can't wait to watch all of them! :D

  3. They're from the University of Michigan, not Michigan State.

  4. My boyfriend and I have read and reread the Potter books to each other many times. He likes when I do the voices (my Luna is pretty good).

    And I loved the musical. I couldn't believe it took me until March to find it.

    This is what I had to say about it: http://justplainsomething.blogspot.com/2010/04/potterwatch-8.html

    And if you love HP, check out my PotterWatch segments. :)

  5. I still have the note you wrote to me when you were on the cruise reading the 4th book giving me a detailed account of your reactions. Love Love Love. I'm glad we both got to be apart of the Potter generation because with my recent experience in encouraging these young kids to read Potter is disappointing. Most just shrug it off and would rather see the movie and others just. don't. get. it....*le sigh* There are the few you can get to but most people my age will read the first one, find it too childish for them, and don't go on to any of the others. It's nice to have grown up with them and I still have a lot of fun Potter times with you <3

    "My magic brings Voldemort to the yard, and I'm like 'you're hurting my scar'."