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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Addressing a The Dark Knight Rises "plot hole" ...

I don't know how many of you guys follow the film blog culture, but the most recent trend has been to try to poke holes in The Dark Knight Rises. Most of these things boil down to the fact that the writer wrote his/her blog after seeing the movie only once (or just didn't pay attention) and didn't fully understand the plot. Because of this, they aren't worth responding to because the answer to their condescending questions about the film can be answered by a second viewing of the film. 

However, there is one "plot hole" I did ended up addressing in conversation with some of my friends so I decided to go ahead and post it anyways. 

Obviously this will be spoilery in nature, so read at your own risk.

It has to do with Bruce Wayne and the Miranda character. Check it out if you are interested:

One of the points an entry tried to make was this:
Christian Bale and Marion Cotillard Have Sex – On the one hand, yes these are two very attractive individuals. Why shouldn’t they give in to their carnal desires? On the other, more reasonable hand, there is virtually no development in the relationship between these two. They’re running in the rain, then they start making out, then in the next scene they’re naked. If only real-life romance worked like this. 
Seriously though, with no emotional attachment to this relationship, Talia’s eventual betrayal is nothing more than a Shyamalan-style twist with no impact behind it. A missed opportunity.
So condescending... good lord...

So is the argument against the TDKR sex scene being "out of the blue" based on Batman's reaction to Miranda/Talia's betrayal?  I understand why someone would question Batman's reaction to the Talia reveal if the Bruce/Miranda thing is viewed as only a one-night stand, but I think to view what happens between Bruce and Miranda as a one-night stand is a really shallow interpretation of what is actually going on with Bruce at the time. 

The way I see it is, emotionally, Bruce is really vulnerable at that time, he just lost everything (almost literally) but -especially- he lost Alfred, someone who has always been there for him his entire life. I see him finally opening himself up to someone new as a way of him trying to forgive Alfred and move forward in his life for the first time in 8 years. That one night with Miranda meant a lot to Bruce because it was the first person he allowed to be close to him -the first woman he allowed himself to trust and feel for- since Rachel died. From that point on it wasn't just a one-nighter to him. She meant a new future and a new Bruce.

So Batman's reaction when Miranda/Talia turned out to be behind everything he's fighting against is actually pretty accurate. Especially because I don't think he's only reacting to the betrayal, but also to the fact that Bane and Talia have worked for so long to bring him down on BOTH fronts (the Batman and the Bruce front), that he was wrong about the League of Shadows/Bane/Ras/etc, and the fact that he just got flipping stabbed so is probably going to lose this fight, too.

The only understandable comment on the Bruce/Miranda relationship that I've heard is that there didn't seem to be a lot of chemistry between the two of them...

I disagree. I think there was a good bit of chemistry between them (especially in the scene at the party where she kind of shut him down for assuming the party $$ wasn't going to the charity; cute moments like that between them).

But also, I think if there was chemistry lacking, it worked for the story because we find out that Miranda/Talia actually hates Bruce... so if it felt forced, it could still work for the characters.
Bruce was trying to be open to the possibility of a future with a new lady that everyone around him was pushing on him even though he may not have been emotionally ready, and Talia was only hitting that to drive the knife in deeper for later when she reveals the betrayal. 
You can't look at this scene without also taking into consideration everything happening around it.

If you watch a movie and evaluate scenes in a shallow way then OF COURSE you are going to only see something shallow. So just shut up already with your "plot hole" bull until you actually take a deeper approach to what you're doing rather than just trying to sound smarter than Nolan.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises: The Ending

This started as a small response about the ending then turned into kind of a mini-break down Bruce's relationships with the people close to him and a mini-character analysis of Selina... WHOOPS, I don't know.

Seriously read at your own risk, it completely ruins the ending, but I really want to discuss it so...


Monday, July 23, 2012

Movie Review: The Dark Knight Rises

I can only really express my feelings for this movie with bullet points... so here we go:

MEGA Spoilers below...

  • I absolutely ABSOLUTELY loved this dang movie.. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. I JUST... lk;fasjdlkfajsdl;kfajwefncihxg;e rijkg[pflht
Ok now actual things. 
  • I enjoyed Bale as Bruce more in this movie than ever before. I felt like there was so much more playful writing for his character than there ever has been. 
  • I was very sad when Alfred left Bruce.

    And then I was sure Alfred was going to die... bc Bane knew who Bruce was, so I was sure he'd use Alfred against him. So glad he didn't.
  • IT WAS SO VIOLENT. I know that's redundant for a super hero movie, but I've never seen Batman get beat on like he does in this movie, and I was NOT okay with. Nope. Nope. Nope. 
  • ANNE HATHAWAY ... she was like... good. I was so skeptical the whole lead-up to this movie about her being Catwoman, but the way they did her.. she was fabulous. It was great. GREAT. 
(Let me preface the next "feels" by this, Catwoman and Batman were the cake toppers at my and my husband's wedding, srsly)
        IN COSTUME
        AND OMG
  • And Catwoman even begs Batman to come with her because they could go anywhere and be anything together and GOD OH GOD OHOOOGFGG GODDDDD
Here are all my ending feels:
  • I was stifling sobs. It was... almost like Snape-crying. 
  • They absolutely tricked me. 
  • And then the funeral... and Alfred CRIED and said he was sorry he failed the Waynes... and I just... fg;lehcjgnjsdhjg NO NO NO ALFRED NO. 
  • Then JGL quits the force... and then they give Batman a statue in the city... 
  • Then Alfred goes on his little trip... and we find out JGL's REAL NAME IS ROBIN AND Asdj hcgnfpaieudfnghkdjfvnlksajfghbkljdh 
  • I kept having feel after feel after feel until I died of emotions.
  • The ending was everything I never knew I was allowed to want and especially didn't think we'd get.
  • I was SURE Bat and Cats would not be in love. I was sure they were going with the Talia thing as the love interest. Period. So I was SO surprised and happy kldjfgldaksjghenhgbcxjd nfxhvjm
  • Nolan it's like you wrote your ending after digging through my HEART

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Why I Don't Think Dirk Will Leave Dallas...

Well, I'll post this and then in about an hour it'll be announced that he's going to the freaking Heat or something, but whatever...

I think Dirk will retire LONG before he would ever ask to be traded. It's no secret that Dirk is an older player... which even though most of us don't want to admit... is something to be concerned about.

If Cuban had kept who he could have of our 2011 championship team, we may have been able to make another run this past season. Heck, even with the sad group we had this year it came down to the last shot nearly every game with the Western Conference Champs. Dirk may be too old NOW (it's arguable, though I think he has many good years left) to wait a whole OTHER season, like we have to at this point, but he would have been fine to go for it last season or this season if Cubes gave a crap to try. Now the next time we'll have a shot is when Dirk will be 36. That's pretty old for his position.

And NOW we've lost Kidd? There are hardly any pieces left... Dirk is basically it. And everyone is expecting and speculating Dirk to ask for a trade...


I can't see him asking for a trade this close to the end of his career when he's always only ever been a Mav. Why would he want to retire as something else? Especially if he goes to another team and doesn't win another championship with them. He may as well stay here at his home to do that.

I wouldn't blame Dirk for deciding to retire and just marry his gal and settle into his awesomeness at this point, but I cannot see him leaving to retire elsewhere. He stays here a few more years and he is guaranteed to retire as one of the best athletes in Dallas history, literally. He goes somewhere else he isn't guaranteed a dang thing and then will retire as some random stock player for some unsuited team that could never love him like I we do. Ever.

So do I think he'll ask for a trade? No. Do I think he'll stay and play through his contract? NO IDEA. Will him retiring shock me? NOPE. 


The real problem is Mark could have prevented this ever being a possibility if it had been his priority to take care of Dirk, but I think in Cubes' mind it was like "Ok we got one with the German, time to look to a future without him," instead of cultivating what he has left. Dirk deserves SO much better than that after all he's done for this franchise. It's such a shame. And like I said yesterday, I will never love an athlete like I love Dirk, and it's sad to think this era of my sports life is nearly over and we've already seen the climax of the story.

I'm also sick of people telling me to have faith in Cubes... I love him Cubes but HE LEAD US HERE. So you know what I am going to be angry, and it is completely valid that I am angry. He owes us ALL answers. THE END. lkad;jflskjewflkaj