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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Live Blog: Emmys Ceremony 2010

Time to live blog the actual show!!

7:01 - Intro skit! OMG Kate Gosseling go away forever! But Betty White! Epic Win. I love all these celebs working together to be funny. Sue Sylvester! Just slushied Jimmy! AND Tina Fay.

7:03 - Bahahah the Lost people! And Joel McHale!!! I NEED THIS SONG ON  DOWNLOAD NOW!!! This is so great I think I might cry from laughing. I love awards shows. Though I still want to punch Kate in the face, GO AWAY. OMG TIM GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so awesome!

7:05 - OMG and Randy Jackson just joined them all on stage! And this is a Springsteen song huh? I am learning so much tonight!

7:08 - AHHHHHHHHH! "NBC asking the host of the Late show to host another show... what could go wrong?" *Zoom in on Conan* BEST THING EVER IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!!! SO glad to see his precious mug on TV again!!!! Me and my best friend just screamed our asses off!

7:11 - I love montages! Yay! Oh and now an award for best male lead in a comedy. Winner... MY HERO NEEDS TO WIN!!! Winner is.... Eric Stonestreet. Modern Family. No NPH win... makes me want to cry. But I've heard good things about the show so yay for them!

7:19 - Awe, Jimmy is nervous. His little hand is shaking.

7:20 - Uh oh! Modern family takes another... is the reign of 30 Rock over? It looks like it.

7:24 - Awe, Tom Hanks is in the audience! How I love him. Supporting female comedy performance = Jane Lynch of Glee!!! So good! I love seeing new winners this year!

7:32 - Love Lauren Grahm's dress. And I just love Matt Perry... the end. :) Guest actress and actor award about to happen!!! Betty White and my hero, Neil Patrick Harris! DEAR LORD I love that man. Wow, Ryan Murphy wins for Glee again. Love that blue blazer (of COURSE it's Tom Ford). You go, creator. Awe and he just dedicated that award to all his teachers. I love him now!

7:35 - AHAHAH! Stewie skit! Stewie + Modern Family = awesome. Oh no and then there's Clooney. I love this celebrity stew. It's so fun to see them all together randomly.

7:38 - OH SNAP! Lead male in a comedy! Who could it be? Jim Parsons of the Big Bang Theory. I have never liked this show very much, but I am happy for him. Hes so cute and nervous and I know lots of people who are happy right now.

7:43 - I just realized how badly I want Michael C. Hall to win the Emmy. This may hurt if it doesn't go my way. OH! My hero, NPH, is coming out on stage! What a BAMF. And best female lead in a a comedy is.... Nurse Jackie. This award show is ALL OVER the place tonight! I love it. Spread the love!

7:47 - Haha, I love Jimmy Fallon for singing all night. Oh and he got Kim K to sing too! Haha, I feel another montage coming on! Oh reality shows. So much drama, haha.

7:50 - Reality show competition.... Come on DWTS!! Winner = .... Top Chef.... hmf. Have NEVER watched that show. Ever.

7:53 - Wow, that last Oprah promo made me tear up. Haha! That lady gives away so many cars!

7:57 - Drama montage! WOO. WOA!!! When did McDreamy get shot?!!? DEXTER!!! That last scene makes me crazy... UGH so painful. Uh oh... Big isn't a good boyfriend in The Good Wife either. OMG TRUE BLOOD and GODRIC!!! Best scene of that show! Haha and ends with Lost... and I'm lost within that.

8:00 - Does anyone else think that the "DRAMA" banner they have up has been done in the "Dexter" font and style? And outstanding writing in a drama series goes to.... Mad Men. Uh oh... I hope the drama side of the Emmys is as all over the place as the comedy side... because Mad Men wins every year.

8:04 - Supporting actor in a drama -  Breaking Bad! Ok maybe it will spread the love, like comedy.

8:06 - Awe... that Dexter clip makes me cringe. I love him so much! Too painful! He needs to win! P.S. I'm missing True Blood for this awards show.

8:10 - Outstanding supporting actress! Who could it be? ... The Good Wife... Archie Panjabi. Very neat name, haha. She looks beautiful. AND OMG SHE'S FROM BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM!!!!!!!!!!!

8:12 - OMG Lead actor in a drama... this is it!!!!! Winner is... Breaking Bad. WOW. This show is cleaning up. WHEN THE HELL IS MCH GONNA WIN!? He's beyond amazing!! I AM POUTING.

8:18 - I think I am personally offended that MCH didn't win. Haha. I am so protective of him as Dexter. I just love him.

8:21 - Guest stars drama = John Lithgow and Ann Margaret.  Let's see if he can name the correct network this time. :) Awe, I like John Lithgow even though he is the CREEPIEST ever now. Can Dexter PLEASE win this one??? Best directing.... DEXTER!!!!!!!! It did win!!!! So happy! Awe I am so happy right now. Now go back in time and give the Emmy to MCH also.

8:23 - BAHAHAA Jimmy dressed as Elton John! A tribute to the shows that ended this year. Cute. Oh, now he's something else... what is it...? Hahaha, Boys 2 Men. Now he's... something creepy for LOST. Oh wait.. OMG yes he is creepy and dumb. Green Day. I HATE THEM. But it's funny because he looks and sounds just like their lame asses. "The island, it was mythical, and in the end they died. I didn't understand it but I tried." Very good words for LOST.

8:32 - Best Actress in a drama - Kyra Sedgewhick. She is SO cute. And I love her and Kevin Bacon. Oh, wow first Emmy win. Good for her!

8:35 - Variety shows!! Love it. Let's see CONAN up there!!! I just glimpsed NPH! There's Conan!!! OH WOW they are REALLY sticking it to NBC for being douchebags!!! Everything they are showing is bashing them!! AH! Lady Gaga! All of her performances are amazing. Awe, the Hope For Haiti telethon! That was so special. DAMN I love entertainment.

8:38 - Variety show writing! Fun. Winner is... The Tonys! Wow... it's weird that another awards show is winning and award at the Emmys.

8:46 -  Awe Ricky Gervais just mentioned Christian Bale... because hes a tough guy... and that makes me so happy. AND He just bashed Mel Gibson. There you go. Olympics just won for best direction... for a variety show... I think? I'm ready for some "Best show" awards PRONTO!

8:52 - CONAN OBRIEN'S SHOW IS NOMINATED FOR BEST COMEDY VARIETY SHOW!!!! WHAT IF IT WINS?!?!?!? Ah, John Stewart won.... BUT OMG CONAN. Hmmm, maybe next time they should be more gracious. Or I might punch them.

9:00 - I just LOVED that Conan's show was nominated! It was the only late night show to be so. SUCK IT LENO. You're still a douche.

9:01 - Hmmm, George Clooney gets a humanitarian award. I don't really like him and haven't for most of my life. Never have found him attractive at all. But I like that he is being awarded this by his original ER girlfriend. Obligatory standing ovation ... let's see how he handles this. Will you be a douche? This is true, George. Bad behavior does suck up the attention, ie. Jersey Shore. 

9:04 - "Break the news to Speilberg, you're running out of wars." Jimmy to Tom Hanks about TV movies and mini-series. LOVE IT.  

9:14 - Wow, Clarie Danes looks so shiny. She is beautiful.  

9:17 - Jewel. I'm inclined to laugh but since she's singing to a friend who died I think that would be ... insensitive?

9:19 - OH CRAP. Montage of actors who've died. I HATE THESE. They always KILL me. Oh Corey Haim. Sad. Awe, Gary Coleman... and Charlie! From Charlie's Angel. Oh Brittany Murphey. Ouch Ouch. 

9:26 - Man, I wish I cared about all these mini-series. I mean I understand that these are the actual celebrities... but... I don't watch mini-series. Sorry... 

9:29 - Awe, but I do care about Claire Danes! Yay for you to win your first Emmy! Sweet thing! BAHAHA she just said "Like, for serious." You are my generation, Claire. I understand you.

9:34 - YUM YUM YUM True Blood!!! Oh Alexander Skarsgard is making puns and it's painful for him and I love it! Now they've given the award... but all I really care about is seeing more of Stephen, Anna, and Alexander... MORE TRUE BLOODz PLEASE. Yay they are giving another award away! Keep talking beautiful people. OH MY GOD IAN McKELLEN! WIN WIN SO I CAN HEAR YOU TALK! Oh... Pacino. But he probably deserved it. :)

9:46 - I love to see Hanks up there accepting awards! I love that man. LOVE him. And so well spoken! And Temple Grandin wins and it's REALLY SWEET. But lady in white dress needs some boob control, poor thing. Top of her dress does not fit correctly. 

9:50 - RICHARD FROM FRIENDS! Or Tom Selleck. We all know him for a different reason. OMG DRAMA SERIES!!!!!!!! Winner.... omgomgomgomgg is... Mad Men. I AM SO IRRITATED. 

9:57 - Let's see if a comedy I like will win. Though I hardly care as much. Winner = Modern Family. AWE! They are so excited!!! This is special. At least it's a different outcome than usual. 

Alright I'm out. Time to go catch the encore of True Blood!!!

Live Blog: Emmys Red Carpet 2010

Checking out E! to see the red carpet for the Emmys and live blogging it for you! Here we go! Get ready!

4:03 - OH my GOD! All of my favorite comedians from Chelsea Lately's round table are doing red carpet tonight! LOVE IT!!! Especially Ross.

4:05 - Bahaha, Loni Love just asked how the hell Two and a Half Men is still on the air. THANK YOU! It's SO DUMB! And then Guy just said it's only ok for Neil Patrick Harris to be above the law because he's cooler than Charlie Sheen. Also AGREE x 100000000!

4:09 - Oh Lord, help us all. Girls from The Hills... does this actually count  as TV?

4:12 - WOW, how much do I wish I were there in Cali right now!! ? It's so beautiful and... and ... wow *pout*

4:13 - Uh oh. Matt's girlfriend in her underwear in a Calvin Klein commercial...

4:16 - I cannot get over Katt Sadler's dress. I kind of freaking love it. OH, and now they're talking about Kurt's new love interest on the next season of Glee. He's a HOTTIE. AND, Portia De Rosi may take Steve Carell's place on The Office next season. I hope it's true because she's the only one I like on Ally McBeal.

4:20 - Sal is judging fashion early this year and it's awesome. She said that Charlize Theron's dress from the Oscars looks like cupcakes, and J-Lo's looks like Fed Ex packing material. HAH.

4:22 - Ross Matthews is so cute! I would love it if he ended up on Dancing With The Stars with Chelsie! (Nerd alert.)

4:25 - Ok... someone needs to arrive. Not seeing ANY celebs. I mean, I love the interviewers, especially Holly Madison ... but I need some actual stars. Let's do this.

4:31 - E! is whoring themselves out like crazy and still no celebrities. I don't care about The Spin Crowd. That man is mean. Give me some stars! Oh, now we're watching Ross learn how to dance with Chelsie Hightower! I'm happy now.

4:33 - Awe, they keep doing little behind the scenes flashbacks to great shows. First ER, now Will and Grace. I like it. DO FRIENDS NEXT, E!

4:39 - Hmm, so I see this show is actually the count down to the count down to the Emmys. Haha. I hope Ross is still around when the real Red Carpet begins!

4:43 -  Friends montage!!!!!!!

4:49 - Awe, I love Holly Madison. She is so cute! I don't care what the haters say. :P

4:54 - Tiny little girl from Modern Family... she's cute.


Now the REAL stuff gets started!! Get excited, guys!

5:01 - Uh oh, it's Ry-Ry. the tiniest interviewer on the Red Carpet. Seacrest and Jane Lynch from Glee, let's go! Awe, and she's all feminine and stuff! Lovely purple gown. Very nice.

5:03 - Conan just tweeted that he's on his way!!!!!! And the Truebies are on their way, and I CANNOT WAIT to see Krazinski and his new wifey, Emily Blunt, who is my newest girl crush. HOLLA!!!

5:06 - Fimmy Fallon, a little over-energized talking to Seacrest. He must be all nervous. That's cute!

5:10 - Oh dear God... Jersey Shore talk? Can we NOT? I think I'll go into my protective comatose state while this happens.

5:12 - YAY! Glam Cam 360 is here! I love that E! does that. Some of my favorite pictures are from this camera. Go to Eonline and check out some old Glam Cam pics if you want to see how cool it is!

5:13 - Uh oh... Carrie-Anne Inaba arrived... haha. I love DWTS... but not her biggest fan. She was a bitch to Cody a lot of the time. Oh, and Kelly Osborne! DEAR LORD has she transformed. What a little beauty.

5:16 - Oh God... talking to the trash of the Earth, Jersey Shore. Seacrest just asked if any of them would be doing DWTS... PLEASE GOD NO. NO. NO.

5:19 - Carrie Preston (Arlene) From True Blood has arrived. Nice updo, interested multi-colored dress. The Truebies are upon us!!! Oh, and Kathy Griffin with blonde hair. She looks pretty from the shoulders up, but that's all I've seen so far. Hopefully we'll see more soon!

(SIDENOTE: I think it's important that everyone know who inspired me to start this blog and do this very thing, live blogging, and who is also doing a live blog as we speak: The amazing Fug Girls. Check them out, they are AMAZING and HILARIOUS!)

5:25 - JOEL MCHALE! So much win.

5:27 - Awe GLEEKS! Fin and Arty! Love it. And the kiddo who plays Arty is so articulate and down to Earth. I like him a lot. Especially in that little bow tie and Buddy Holly glasses. Oh yeah, and Kathy Griffin turns out to have strawberry blonde hair and a beautiful mermaid dress. TARA FROM TRUE BLOOD! Here dress is kind of nutty, like a white canvas with black paint spattered on it, and her hair is mussed up... but she looked BEAUTIFUL!!!

5:33 - Mark Salling from Glee being interviewed by Ryan. Just said he'd like to cast Amy Winehouse to cast as his love interests because she'd have to be worse than his character, Puck. Haha. Awe and he said he took the bus to the Emmys today. SO CUTE. Awe and was just introduced to Kim Kardashian, and was all shy!

5:36 - Kim K looks really classy tonight. No cleavage, no short skirts. Marchessa grecian gown beautiful in white with a loose updo. Oh and Lea Michelle is no being interviewed by Kim K, improve! This is cute... Lea Michelle looks GORGEOUS in an Oscar De Larenta black or navy mermaid dress with ruffles. OMG. SO AMAZING.

5:40 - Claire Danes! Sequence everywhere... is it pink? Cream colored? Gold NO IDEA. But she looks pretty and NOT washed out. It is Armani Prive, though. Reminds me of a toned down Cameron Diaz Oscar dress.

5:42 - GROSS GROSS GROSS. Tony Parker. I HATE HIM SO MUCH. He is SUCH a douche bag. And it makes me like Eva Longoria less because she's dumb enough to be married to him. Wow... more of a negative reaction than when Jersey Shore was on the screen.

5:43 - Lauren Grahm looks really pretty in that neat, asymmetric black and white gown.

5:50 - Made dinner and missed like... 5 people. Good thing I didn't recognize any of them. :)

5:52 - DEAR GOD KATE GOSSELIN... GTFOff the red carpet. I CANNOT stand her... dear lord. Oh goodness, Christina Hendricks just arrived in a mauve dress... and of course she looks like a bombshell. Delish!

5:58 - Julie Benz!!! RITA RITA RITA!! In a one-shoulder white dress. SO BEAUTIFUL. Love the sleek updo pony tail. SO classy!

6:00 - January Jones in Versace... GORGEOUS blue color. Not sure about the shape... clams on her boobs. I think I like the short front and long train.... but still not sure... may need a few days to decide.

6:01 - OH Tina Fay. In black... cap sleeved dress... but it's got details and sparkles on it... It's like black Oscar Delarenta details overlayed on a silvery dress... and Pretty low pony tail. A little too safe. As usual.

6:04 - OMG 360 Glam photo of Julie Benz!!! I am so excited! She is so beautiful.  She is channeling Naomi Watts.

6:08 - OH DEAR HEAVENLY LORD!!! Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer!!!! My favorite Truebie couple! They look GORGEOUS!!! She's in a black dress with a gold top and interesting embellishments... nice little updo. Wavy and classy. So breezy and sweet! And they're talking about the naked Rolling Stone Cover. Haha "Nobody is covering their own bits." So precious!!! Crushing so hard on them. Married JUST last Saturday.

6:11 - AND OMG Seal and Heidi! I cannot handle how freaking gorgeous she is. Tiny little Machessa mini dress. Black with embellishments. She should ALWAYS show off those amazing legs. Lose wavy updo. Seems to be a trend tonight. Amazing necklace. Sparkly shoes!!!! She may be on my best dressed list, omg.

6:16 - Oh wow, slit-to-the-hip Brooke Burke in white! Beautiful! MY HERO NEIL PATRICK HARRIS!!!!!! FREAKING YES!!! Says he's "Happy to be on the Glee train." Come back to it! Awe and he's being congratulated for expecting twins soon with his life partner. He's wearing a great grey suit with black panels. He looks precious. I LOVE HIM. "If you wait till your not working to have a family, it may never happen. "Why are you lecturing me?" Haha, Neil and Ry-Ry.

6:19 -  Kira Sedgewick in a deeper red. So beautiful. Cheryl Hines in a pale gray. She looks amazing. One-shoulder gown, light pink lipstick, and great straight bob. She looks amazing.

6:25 - Amy Poehler and Will Arnet! Congrats on the baby. 3 week after, Amy still looks gorgeous and fit! Nice light blue dress. AWE, and it's their 7th wedding anniversary. How cute is that??

6:28 - Did not realize that Julia Louis-Dreyfus's sister was True Blood. Interesting.

6:30 - Mmm... just noticed Lea Michelle's bangs. She looks sultry. Awe, and Steve Carell. :) Always adorable.

6:34 - Awe, Kristin Santos just announced she's pregnant! Congrats, lady!

6:39 - Just noticed that not one person on the carpet has really bombed... Everyone is pretty solid. Some boring choices, but nothing OMGWTF.

6:40 - JUST flipped to TV Guide and it's Alexander Skarsgard!!! So tall and delicious. And they mentioned Neil Patrick Harris may be part of the opening tonight. Please be true!

6:43 - UGH... and they said they saw Conan! He needs to be interviewed... is that against the settlement or something? Dumb. Flipping back to E! since the TV Guide interviewers are SO annoying. OMG.

6:45 - Um... John Krazinski? WHERE IS YOUR WIFE?  I am disappointed. Oh there she is! OMG she's so beautiful. Lavender, one shoulder, embellishments. OMG I NEED MORE EMILY BLUNT.  Awe and then they just showed Anna and Stephen again. They are SO cute. My two favorite couples on the red carpet at the same time!!!!!

6:47 - Diana Agron from Glee (Quinn), in a beautiful mauve and light pink dress. Lace overlay, ball gown shape. UH! Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C Hall just arrived! Jenn in a gray sequenced one sleeved gown. She looks beautiful. Hair swept to one side... LOVE them.

6:52 - Wow... that was NOT enough Emily Blunt. I need more. That was literally like.. 2.3 seconds of her and that's it. I'm pouting.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hollywood Suggestions: My Hunger Games Cast

EDIT: Now the movie has been cast! Here is the post of my reactions of the ACTUAL casting decisions. 

In honor of Mockingjay, the third book in the trilogy of The Hunger Games, being released today I've decided to finally post my casting suggestions for the live action movie they are planning on making. I've really enjoyed this book series so far, and I know the last in the series will not let me down. I can hardly wait to start reading and see what else is going to happen to our dear Katniss... and who she might end up with, Gale or Peeta... or... if they will all even survive! Ah! It's all so intense! Regardless of the fact that it is the first week of school and, seriously, sitting up in this chair and typing this blog up is super challenging as I am too tired to truly do it without taking a break ... often.... I WILL be reading this book by next week. And I WILL be getting a book review up shortly after! So get ready Suzanne Collins fans! It's time for us to all chat and discuss and get excited, and kicks off right now!


The hardest thing for me to do is figure out a decent actress to capture our main lady, Katniss. To me it has to be someone who can be fierce and will make us believe that she is a killer... but also a 16 year old girl who feels vulnerable, real, emotions. She's certain when hunting, but she's completely lost when it comes to dealing with feelings. She has to capture so much to do Katniss justice that it's hard to say 'Yes! That girl is perfect for it!' Which is why I chose a few that I thought could perhaps touch on parts of Katniss. Thankfully, I don't have to cast the real movie, and I can just smoosh them all together in my mind to create what I think Katniss might be like.

First we have Emma Roberts. I think she has the right features to look like Katniss, however she doesn't seem tough enough. She seems too sweet. She'd have to really try hard to sell the fierceness of Katniss.

Which brings me to Camilla Bell. I've found on a lot of blogs that people like her for Katniss, however, to me she has always seemed very exotic. That, to me, doesn't really fit Katniss, but I know that Camilla could convey that strength of Katniss. 

This is an image I found on Deviant Art of  Kaya Scodelario, an actress I had never heard of before. But when I saw this image I was really excited because she looks very similar to how I pictured Katniss. Not sure how she would do as an actress because I am not familiar with her, but she looks like her to me. With that being said, I think the way to go will be to cast a nobody.


For Gale I wanted to pick someone that I thought was good looking, but nothing that would overshadow Peeta. He has to be someone the audience would be able to connect with and like, maybe even root for, but then be able to allow affection for Peeta to grow.

This is Aaron Johnson. He's British. And you may have seen him in Kick Ass. He's CUTE, and maybe a bit too sweet-faced, but I think with less curls and more shag, he could do a nice Gale.


Peeta has to be very beautiful. He also doesn't have to have that edge that Gale and Katniss have because he is not a hunter. He isn't used to having to scrape by because of hunger, so a sweet-faced isn't a negative in this situation.

This is Alex Pettyfer. When rummaging through Google images of young blonde actors, I ran across his beautiful mug. I like his look the best. He may seem a bit too old, but I think it could still work. He's definitely pretty enough to be Peeta.


Ok, there will be people who will tell me that I am biased and am just looking for a way to sneak this next one in, but really I am not! I think that the actor who plays Haymitch has to be rough around the edges, annoying and disgruntled, but still someone with charm that the audience can connect with and love even though he's drunk most of the time.

That's why we should just scruff up RDJ, hand him a bottle, and set him on his way. There is no doubt in my mind that he could play Haymitch well and do him justice. And maybe even add to his character and make him even more likable... I mean, I know at least for me it would be a plus plus!


This character is really important. His relationship with Katniss is SO unique, so it's important that the movie does Cinna correctly. I felt like Cinna needs to have a kind, knowing face. He needs to be attractive, someone who is well groomed, someone we can believe is a part of fashion, but he has to have the attitude of an artist.

This is Hugh Dancy. You may know him from Confessions of a Shopoholic. Sadly, I have not seen him in many other things, but I feel like he would do a good portrayal of Cinna. He definitely looks the part, for me.


This one was one of my favorite to cast. I know he doesn't come around until Catching Fire, but the entire time I read the sequel I couldn't get enough of Finnick's cocky attitude. He's one of my favorites. Finnick needs to be played by someone with a sly grin and palpable charisma.

Taylor Kitsch! You may recognize him for Friday Night Lights, the TV show... but the reason I feel he could do that character of Finnick well (besides this perfect shirtless picture of him and the fact that he seems to be near water, just like Finnick always was) is his delicious performance as the infatuating Gambit in X-Men: Wolverine.


As Prim, this one may not be as hard to fill since she seems to have a small part in the story, but because her role is so important, it would be a good idea to cast someone who can be the face of Katniss' motivation. Someone sweet and innocent. Someone the audience wants Katniss to fight for. Same could be said, however, about Rue. Which is why I decided either of these characters could be played by...

This is Elle Fanning. CUTE little thing. And absolutely could tug at the heartstrings of the audience in either situation, be it Rue's or Prim's.

As for a few of the rest of the characters, such as Effie, President Snow, or Katniss' mother, for some reason I just could not think of many people that fit those roles. But if YOU have picked your casting choices or have suggestions for these that I've already named, let me know! I want to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Top 5: Entertainment Guilty Pleasures

Doing my last blog post about the things I really dislike in entertainment made me think of things that I enjoy... that others may look down on. It's only fair that if I judge some shows that others enjoy I give you all the opportunity to judge me back, so therefore, this is a list (in no particular order) of things in entertainment I LOVE but I KNOW others will think are slightly dumb. Enjoy! I hope some of you guys can relate!

(DISCLAIMER: There was a time that Twilight would be on this list, but lately, after Eclipse... I am SO over it. I have nothing left to look forward to within this fandom anymore. Breaking Dawn, the plague of this entire Saga, is the next step and I won't be taking it. So while in the past I enjoyed as much as I could from this series, I hold much more contempt for it now, than I do love.)


Ever since I realized online fan site existed (I think it was at the beginning of my love for Lord of the Rings in 2003) I've been addicted to them. There's nothing like joining in a discussion about something you love and having people respond and feel the exact same way. However, if you were to talk about an online discussion board in a real conversation on your lunch break with your co-workers, you might get some strange glances or comments in return. That's why I put it on this list. I love communities like this, but for some reason it's a nerdy thing to do in your spare time. Sorry, though, I love it. I love to go to a site and talk about things I love with people who love it just as much as I do. Plus it's a great way to get news about the things you're interested. One of my favorites, if not my ultimate favorite, is at livejournal, and it's a Robert Downey Jr community. The people there are HILARIOUS and fun. Sense of humor X 1000000000000.


I just think everyone should know that while I'm blogging this, I'm watching the Kardashians marathon on E! right now. I KNOW that this show falls right under the umbrella of "reality shows" I wrote about in my last post, but I cannot help but being interested in this show. I'm not really a fan of Kriss or Kim, but I really love Kourtney and Khloe. And Bruce is so hilarious to me, because he just does not fit into this world... Hah! I'm just fascinated by how pretty the girls are and the dynamics of the sisters, and especially what a hard ass Khloe is. She's my favorite, I think. She always says what should be said, but that everyone else is too scared to say. When I went to see my cousin, Cody, on Dancing With the Stars, it was the same season Kim was on. When we were there for the finale, we sat in front of the Kardashians and my Aunt Cathy introduced us to Kriss (and I think Khloe and Kourtney, but I can't really remember because there was so much going on, and it was magical, hah). They seemed nice, albeit slightly self important... but they are celebrities and I'm not. It was nice that they were so polite, because I guess they could have completely ignored us. Plus they were sugary sweet about Cody. Who knows if it was sincere but that's the way to win me over. Since then I've paid more attention to the show and I am now sucked in. I make no apologies but I understand if you judge me, haha.

P.S. My husband just told me he thinks I love the show because it's a bunch of sisters and I like that dynamic because I don't have any sisters. Which may be true because my favorite moments are always Khloe and Kourtney being cute. 


Now this one I get a lot of crap for... but for the life of me I do not understand why. WHO could make fun of a golden goddess with the voice of a singing angel? I MEAN REALLY. Celine Dion has been one of my favorite singers since I was really young. Remember the song she did for that movie, Up Close and Personal, with Michelle Pfiefer? Used to sing that ALL the time . AND, dare I say...The Titanic Song? Rocked my 6th grade WORLD. Had to listen to that one at least once before school every morning to be sufficiently depressed for class. And now? I of course still adore her. I have her greatest hits and I specific mix that I made of all my person favorites that I rock out in the car to with my dear friend, Caty, who loves Celine just like I do. In fact, we're planning a double feature day pretty soon where we'll watch one of her concert DVDs and then Titanic right after. Best day ever!!

I get SOOOO excited about this every single season, but I do tend to be judged for it. I am not sure why, I guess because so many people think it's just a stupid concept. Or maybe it's the fact that the majority of viewers for this show are over 40...? I don't know, but I really love it. I never really liked it until I HAD to watch an entire season. For those of you who do not know this, my little cousin is Cody Linley who plays Jake Ryan on Hannah Montanna. (And to answer the most frequently asked questions: YES I do know him, he's my FIRST COUSIN, and NO it's not weird that he's my cousin, it's weirder that he's famous. He's always been my cousin, but he hasn't always been famous.) Now... those of you who have been keeping up with Hannah Montanna Forever, you know that they turned Jake into a cheater... and that's some BULL, but before that happened and all was happy in the HM world, they asked Cody to be on Dancing With the Stars the fall season of 2008.

His partner was Julianne Hough and it was SO AMAZING. I got to go out to LA to sit in the audience and support him TWICE. The first time was the 3rd episode and he did the Rumba. And the 2nd time was for the finale when Cody did the Jitterbug. Being in the audience around all those famous people, dressed up, with cameras all around was BEYOND exciting. A dream, for me, really. But away from that experience, a long with many other things, I brought with me a complete devotion to the show. After having met Julianne (she hugged me and let me hold her puppy while we watched her and Cody practice, OH EM GEE) and a few others on the cast (like Edyta [so sweet X 38029745] and Kym [whom smiled at me, that one time, HAH!]), I can't help but want to watch them dance EVERY season! I don't even care who the celebrities are. I want to see the professionals! I only wish I could learn to dance with one of them, haha. My favorite dancer is Derek Hough (x 100000000), followed closely by Kym and Edyta. But I really love to watch them all dance. Ballroom dancing has become a secret obsession of mine.


I usually am able to justify this one by saying that I teach freshmen, and a lot of freshmen like High School Musical... however, that doesn't cover the moments I am alone in my car belting it to the HSM3 soundtrack. No, I'm going to go ahead and say straight up that I just enjoy the musical because I like it, and for no other reason. The first one was brought to me by my friend, Charis, the summer before we roomed together. Then I went on to the 2nd, which was cute but mediocre. Then the third one came to theaters and I brought my two youngest cousins, Kaylee and Kendall, to see it with me. It was a magical day. And that one turned out to be my favorite of the 3. The soundtrack is definitely the best. And I would keep talking about it if I knew for a fact that most of you out there weren't judging me like you actually are right now... Sorry, there is nothing I can do about it. I am what I am. Haha!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Live Blog: The Runaways

Just started watching this, thought I'd live blog. Why not? Short review at the bottom. 

Minutes In:

00:01:00 - Dakota got her period... awkward.

00:03:00 - The mullet-ed one appears. Buying men's clothing.

00:05:00 - Dakota starts painting on Bowing make up. WIN!!

00:06:00 - OMG, K-Stew singing-ish... not so good. I'm having an epiphany that I might not be able to take her seriously. Like... at all.

00:09:00 - "Girls don't play electric guitar." I don't play guitar but that statement irritated me, too.

00:12:00 -  Daddy issues... the 15 year old goes to the club. I feel these two girls are about to meet each other.

00:15:00 -  The word "bitchin'" has just been used.

00:17:00 - Awe, K-Stew's singing isn't so bad with all the noise around it.

00:20:00 - Dakota looks like she could kick everyone's ass, but usually she looks so angelic. Haha, oh wait... spoke too soon. She just lit her cigarette backwards.

00:25:00 - I'm trying to decide if this producer is gay... or a perv. Can't really tell.

00:33:00 - Baaha, Dakota just pushed a guy back into the audience and kept singing like nothing happened. I like it.

00:40:00 - K-Stew looks much more fierce with those sunglasses on... and now she's filling her water gun with vodka.

00:42:00 - WOW... teaching each other how to masturbate? These girls are nuts.

00:43:00 - Sheesh, the men in this movie are so misogynistic. Good thing K-Stew just pissed on their guitars.

00:49:00 - .... Dakota on K-Stew action so early? And with no pre-cursor? No ... reason? I guess cause they're both stoned and drunk. Reason enough.

00:55:00 - K-Stew just made her own Sex Pistols shirt with spray paint and safety pins. Nice. Very crafty.

01:01:00 - K-Stew seems to be dealing with super fans in this movie much better than she deals with them in real life.

01:06:00 - I think doing a line off the floor is a bad idea. But man is she killing this song... maybe floor dirt is helpful.

01:10:00 - Uh oh... band drama. Dakota's slutty pictures make them all look bad... but her standing on stage with them in lingerie while singing their songs doesn't.

01:12:00 - I'm still wondering slightly where this movie is headed... I don't know much about The Runaways... soooo... yeah. What now?

01:19:00 - Uh oh .... cat fight, jealousy, RAWR. Predictable. But I least I see the conflict now.

01:21:00 - Does every band movie have to end with a freak out break up?

01:25:00 - I feel like all this drama at the end here would mean more if the movie had been longer and had shown more character development.

01:30:00 - Hmmm, Cherie cannot be enjoying how this is making her look... drunken and mean at the grocery store. Aaaaand now passed out in a pay-phone booth.

01:32:00 - PS. Guttural singing from K-Stew is not ok. STOP IT.

01:35:00 - Hmmm, K-Stew has to be in her underwear a lot. In everything she's in.

01:36:00 - Dakota's a cake maker now, FTW.

 01:37:00 - OVER. All these small words are telling us where they are now... but I cannot read them. Too small.

Overall, I liked it. Dakota Fanning was great, but she always is. She is super beautiful too.. but she always is. Kristen Stewart was really good. It was hard for me to get used to her and take her seriously, because I think she's so irritating as Bella (even though in Eclipse she wasn't SO bad), but she ended up impressing me. I liked her. The story was kinda of just sex, drugs, and rock and roll, literally. Like that's all it was about. Until the end and it seemed very rushed. Maybe should have been a bit longer to develop more of the story and characters. Either way, still good. 

Monday, August 16, 2010

My LEAST Favorite Things in Entertainment

I generally talk all about things I love in entertainment. However, recently I've been noticing that I do have some Hollywood pet peeves. Therefore, I have compiled a list, in no particular order, of my least favorite things about entertainment. I wonder how many of you will agree... or disagree. We'll see!

Lately there has been a ridiculous amount of hype about movies in 3D. Not only is it in kids' movies like How To Train Your Dragon or Toy Story 3, it's also in mainstream blockbusters like Avatar and Alice in Wonderland. And now, even beyond just the theater, 3D TVs are being sold with a family set of glasses. What I don't understand is... WHAT is the big deal? I'm sorry, but to me 3D is a hindrance to anything I am trying to watch. Not only does it give me a head ache, it seems completely unnecessary. I was watching this comedian on Comedy Central one night and he did a whole bit about people who say during movies "It looks so REAL." But it's not because it's 3D... it's because, those are REAL people on the screen. I laughed, but I think he had a point. 3D doesn't really add anything to the reality of the movie. The special effects, acting, and a few other things will do that. 3D is just something they can hype up and then charge you an extra $10 a ticket to view. Avatar looked neat in 3D, but to be honest, I may have enjoyed it more had I seen the regular version. During Toy Story 3, I hardly noticed it was in 3D (save for the enormous head ache I acquired) because it was all still just a cartoon. And the worst part of 3D is it is allowing movies that probably don't need to exist to be made JUST for the 3D effects, like Pirahnha 3D and Step Up 3D. TELL me those two would exist if it wasn't for 3D...Now if you are a person who enjoys 3D, then I am sure it's because you see something in it I just can't, and there's nothing wrong with that. ENJOY! But for me, I'll be seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 in 2D, just like every other movie I plan on seeing in the future.


Now, don't get me wrong... I do like some reality shows. The ones with competitions like Amazing Race, The Biggest Loser, Dancing with the Stars, America's Next Top Model, and (although it's not really my style) American Idol. I can at least deal with these because it's not about their personal lives and  as much as it is a game. The ones I have a beef with are shows like Jersey Shore and The Hills. I think that Jersey Shore is a show that has found the scum of the Earth and is just displaying it shamelessly to the world. And the worst part is that the world is actually paying attention and ENJOYING it. Do these trashy people deserve to be famous? Do they deserve to walk the red carpet and be paid for being drunk 98% of their lives and sleep with everyone they come into contact with? Apparently, the WORLD thinks so. It's disgusting to me... I had a student last year choose to do Italy for her research paper because "that's where the Jersey Shore people are from!"
I truly almost started crying right there in my classroom. But this same phenomenon began with The Hills, a show that's supposedly a reality show but has a writer, a script and, God forbid, a movie in the works. WTF. And there are people who enjoy the terrible acting, the cat fights, and love Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag. Any show that allows two idiots like this to become famous for no reason should be taken off the air. UGH. Now, I might be a hypocrite... because I do occasionally watch the Kardashians... it's a guilty pleasure... but I draw the line at Jersey Shore and Speidi.


In the same vein as the aforementioned "reality" shows, The Bachelor is one of those shows I cannot stand. My mom really enjoys watching it as does one of my close friends... but I CANNOT sit down and take it seriously. When you really get down to is, the show is just about one person dating 30 people all at once. And as such, the person who is the Bachelor or Bachelorette by default has to be a pretty shady, fake person. At least in my opinion. I am sure there are those of you out there who enjoy dating 30 people at once and think it's fine, and to each their own. But I really can't find myself being attached to a "main character" of a show that is pretending to be looking for love, while we all know they more than likely just want to get famous while getting some booty. There has only been one couple from this series that has lasted, that I know of. All the rest have exploded publicly in an emotional break up. And it usually happens that by the end of each season, who ever my mom liked at the beginning she dislikes at the end because their true colors always come out. Because there isn't a true way to be very likable when your making out with 7 people at a time.


I try to ignore the sillier things on TV, but there are some shows with premises so annoying, I can't help but pay attention when the commercial shows up on my screen. What I've noticed is that a lot of these shows end up on ABC Family. Shows that seem to depict teenagers as slutty, stupid, and backstabbing are all the rage on that channel, and I don't really understand how that seems like "family" entertainment. Sure most teenagers are like that... but it's definitely not what I'd want my students to be watching... and it is REALLY not what I'd want to snuggle up with my hubby and puppy and watch, either. I'm speaking about The Secret Life and Pretty Little Liars, for the most part. To me, these shows seems like bad knock offs of Degrassi, turning ABC Family into the off-brand Noggin or "Teen Nick." I feel that these series take the most superficial of all teenage struggles and then turns them in to a show and pretends or perhaps believes it's showing us something profound. It's delusional and annoying. Not to mention the lead on The Secret Life is just WRETCHED, as quote by a tweet from The Fug Girls. (Thanks for that, gals, it's the perfect way to describe her.) One of my favorite Secret Life moments was forever immortalized on The Soup on E! A long argument between a girl and her ex about how many people they had slept with to get back at the other. Oh yeah and they were shouting this in the hallway at school. Come sit down, kids, watch this show with me!

Now, beyond this, ABC Family has further offended me in the last year with another series they tried to get off the ground. The first time I saw a commercial for it, I thought I was going to throw up. It's possible existence not only enraged me, but all my friends and my husband. The gall. The audacity. The utter stupidity it must have taken to believe they could make this work... I'm talking of course about 10 Things I Hate About You, the series. HOW DARE YOU ABC FAMILY, try to put your horrible stamp on what I can only describe as The Breakfast Club of my generation, a movie that made so many girls my age begin to idealize certain boys because of Patrick Verona, a movie that should never be tainted by your superficial crap, you demon channel! Thank GOD that this series failed miserably and the original movie gets to keep it's good name and associations. 


I don't know if I have a enough words for what I think about this guy. I don't know if he was aspiring to be the gay male version of Joan Rivers or what... but I don't think that's what he's accomplished. Joan has the respect of most of Hollywood, while, from what I understand, most of Hollywood either can't stand or fears Perez. For those of you who don't know who this guys is, (I doubt there are many), he's an online blogger who has become famous for basically being a complete douche. He's outed closeted celebrities (which I mean, let them come out when they want, sheesh! It's their life.), has no problem with posting provocative or unflattering pictures of stars no matter their age, and "doodles" over photographs of celebrities making fun of their flaws and imperfections (even though Mr. Hilton, himself, isn't the fittest of men...) He's ruthless and vindictive, and catty like sophomore girl in high school. And what is more upsetting is the bajillion followers he has, people who enjoy listening to him degrade and be mean to other people. It's definitely not my cup up tea, and I steer clear of it. I think one of the best moments in Hollywood had to be when Will I Am punched Perez in the face. He more than likely deserved the crap out of that one.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Movie Review: The Fourth Kind

Hey this is my 50th blog post! Woo. Mini-wave in celebration of me. (Name that reference.)

Now, if you know me... you might know that most everything scares me. Horror movies of all kinds will haunt me for days, but especially the kind with strange paranormal or supernatural themes. I watched The Fourth Kind with 3 of my friends and we were all very apprehensive to do it. The trailers looked terrifying and I was sure that there would be no way I could sleep after seeing it. Still, we watched it anyways and here's my overall impression.

At the beginning of this film,  Milla Jovovich does a little disclaimer talking about how there will be side by side footage of actual case studies in the movie. She says at the end we can decide to believe what we want to believe, but here is the story. From that moment on, I was even more nervous to see it because scary images are one thing, but scary images that are being pitched to me as something that actually took place is another.


The basic plot is that Milla Jovovich's character, Dr. Abbey Tyler, is trying to continue research that her late husband, Will, was doing before he was murdered. They were both psychologists and Will had a case that was really important to him that had to do with patients waking up around the same time every night, unable to go back to sleep, and all see an owl outside their window, staring at them. Since none can remember if anything happened to them to make them wake, Abbey begins by putting one of these patients under hypnosis to see if he will be able to remember anything.

Under hypnosis, her patients begin screaming and makes a mess of the room in panic. When he comes out of hypnosis, he refuses to tell Abbey what he's seen. Later that night he kills his entire family and himself. Another of Abbey's patients asks to be put under because he wants to know if the same thing is happening to him, and under hypnosis he begins shouting in a demonic voice, screaming, and when coming out of it, he throws up immediately. He tries to describe what he's seen, but can't. For both of these patients, side by side footage is used, with the actors of the movie re-enacting the scene to the right, and what the film claims to be actual footage of the event on the left.

Eventually Abbey is left with no other choice but to be put under hypnosis herself, by a colleague and friend. The language expert is there as well. When under hypnosis she begins to remember what happened to her and she seems possessed by the non-humans. The side by side footage begins to crackle again, but you can still see and hear what is going on. She is levitated off the couch and is shaking all around while yelling at the other beings and seemingly communicating with them. This footage may be the most frightening of the entire movie.

Throughout the entire movie, they've been interspersing actual interview footage of Dr. Abbey Tyler talking about her story. She looks gaunt and sickly. She tells the interviewer she never got her daughter back but she has to believe her story will help someone else, somehow. As the movie ends, the footage shows a wide shot for the first time of the interview, and reveals that Abbey is now a paraplegic.


Ok, so by this time you might be saying... wait... ACTUAL footage?? Well, that's what I said immediately after I finished this film. I looked around at all my friends and we were a little stunned. How could the stuff they claimed to be "actual footage" be ACTUAL FOOTAGE? There was no doubt in my mind that if this footage really existed and anyone had watched these tapes before, it would have been enough to prove to anyone that something unexplainable by logic was going on. It was irrefutable evidence, had this footage been "actual" like they had said, that something frightening, had happened... But I'd never heard of anything like this. (Nor did I believe a police video would be so willingly given to a movie production in this way if it did, indeed, have aliens in it, haha.) So I immediately got out my iPhone and did a little research.

First, I went to Wikipedia just to see what others had said about the movie. I learned that the claim the movie made that the FBI has been to that area of Alaska more times than anywhere else was an exaggeration. I also read that CNN disproved the "actual footage" as actual footage before the movie even came out. Not to mention that Universal Studios paid people to create fake web sites and obituaries to make it seem like the events in the movie were based in reality. Also, Universal was sued by the Alaska Press Club because of the fake news archives they were creating to promote the movie. Universal paid up $20,000.(I don't blame them for suing, because 5 minute after that movie I swore I'd never visit Alaska!)

Then, I headed over to IMDB and found this: a virtually unknown actress named Charlotte Milchard. IMDB credits her on their The Fourth Kind page as the lady who played "the 'real' Dr. Abbey Tyler". Seems like too much to be a psychologist, abducted by aliens, and a no name actress all in one life time.

After all of this, I felt much better. Not that I had really ever believed the footage to be true, but the thought of the possibility, and how fervently the movie insists upon its own validity was enough to make anyone have an uneasy night of sleep. Especially after the images we had watched. I was glad to find completely reliable sources to give me peace of mind.

However, this raised other questions. Since everything that was scary in the film turned out to be fake, the entire movie seemed to lose its effect, but I had to wonder why. I've watched countless horror movies that I knew weren't true and the movie didn't claim them to be true, and yet they still scared me. Thinking back, all the moments we are scared during this movie is when the humans are reacting or remembering the aliens. The patients screaming or throwing up or committing suicide just at a memory frightens us for what we imagine they must have seen. However, because The Fourth Kind bases their entire fear factor on the claim that these events are real and truly happened, once it is disproved, the movie doesn't have much left.

Logically, the movie makes less and less sense as I tried to understand the details. The aliens drag you out of your bed to where you can scratch the ground and make marks with your fingernails, or do they suck you out with a beam of light from your ceiling? Which is it? The aliens wait for you to fall asleep to take you and then suck you up by your chest... but if they have memory erasing ability, why does it matter if you are asleep? Seems like it's just the creepier time of day, to be honest. And what if your loud neighbor is having a part till 3 am? Do the aliens care if the neighbors see them sucking you out of your house at night, or do they wait for your neighbor to pass out drunk first? What if you have a dog? Do they erase the dog's memory? Because something tells me that a dog would be just as traumatized if they saw their masters being taken away through a beam of light. And finally, the last question I have is... WHY do the aliens use an ancient HUMAN language to communicate? It seems to me that if these non-humans came from outer space they would have made up their own damn alien language and wouldn't bother to speak Sumerian! But that's just me.

So overall, what do I think of this movie? It was super entertaining, and I was very scared the entire time, but finding out how blatantly and shamelessly the film tries to insult your intelligence and lie to your face kind of takes the appeal away. There's a difference between presenting a story as a possible real event and actually saying, out right with the stars of the movie talking directly to the audience, that what is being shown is the truth when you know well and good that's a lie. I think had this movie kept a bit more mystery to the story and had tried less to prove it's validity, it would have been more balanced and would have had more to go on than just keeping the illusion going. The images will always be disturbing, but what makes a good movie and keeps it good viewing after viewing is substance, and without the lie, I felt there was no substance left.

Sorry, Fourth Kind, people don't like to be lied to. But P.S. Milla Jovavich was great and beyond gorgeous the entire time.

Monday, August 2, 2010

5 Bloggers You Should Follow

I've been getting some love for my blog on some others' blogs. So I decided to do an entry about a few bloggers YOU should follow, as well as mine, haha. I just said 'blog' a lot in just a few sentences. Anyways, check these guys out because they're all great!

Bella Pop: Photography Blog

Brandy and Brandon are this AWESOME couple who are a professional photographer team called Bella Pop. I was lucky enough to find them to do the photography for my wedding... well, we also did an engagement session, a bridal session, the day of, and then a special bride/groom shoot a few weeks after the wedding. It was such a blast! They are phenomenal at what they do, but on top of that, they are fun, vivacious, and unpredictable. Their blog posts are always full of interesting pictures, whether it's a professional session or personal adventures.

Pencil to Paper

Sarah Elizabeth is a girl who loves to write, as you can tell by the name of her blog and twitter username, "Pencil to Paper." On Twitter she's always re-tweeting awesome little writing tips she's found, or talking about her latest surge of inspiration. Her blog is filled with all kinds of little treasures, whether it's her latest original excerpt from whatever she's working on now, or if it's a personal story about her dog, or explaining her deep love for Starbucks coffee. Sarah has a way of making you care about what she has to say and she deserves your attention! You'll notice she has over 800 followers on blogger. A while back, Sarah became a blogger "Blog of Note" and the outcome was this. I doubt that many people would pay attention if she wasn't awesome. :)

Film Studies and Other Shenanigans

Kevin is my partner in crime. I'd say most of the time that we talk, it's generally ALWAYS about movies and all that goes with it. His blog is FULL of movie reviews and movie analysis. Kevin is really intelligent about film; he really knows his stuff. He is studying to be a screenwriter and director at The University of Texas in Austin. The art of movie-making is a passion for him, so his perspective in each of his blog entries is something that film nuts will want to see for themselves.

Matt Bukaty: The Blog

Mr. Matt Bukaty is a friend of mine from high school (We did theater together...). He is now going to graduate school to become a movie composer in New York City. He makes me jealous on a daily basis with his updates about NYC. (You guys know how I feel about New York.) Also, he has composed a few of his own pieces, and you can become a fan of him on facebook. Matt has a great sense of humor and his blog is fun to read. Just recently he started a series of posts breaking down his thoughts and opinions about his favorite composers. It's something all movie nuts or music lovers can enjoy. Go to his blog, flip through, and follow!

Media Hero

Justin just started a new blog in the last few weeks. Since he's so new, he's in need of some followers, and that's where you guys come in. Justin is the go-to guy about anything media related which is where he got his name. He makes videos/slide shows/whatever other media you can imagine for all types events. Needless to say, he knows his stuff, and he knows entertainment. With his cocky personality and sense of humor, his blog posts are hilarious. Not to mention, his opinions on entertainment are pretty legit. He just did a pretty epic post about what he thinks will be coming up in the next season on Dexter (one of his favorite shows ever), but he also did a review of a concert he went to recently. No type of entertainment is safe with this Media Hero.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Layout??

EDIT: I know it seems my blog has been bi-polar this week since I've been switching layouts around... but OH MY GOD, I can't decide. Nothing seems to be as good as what I had originally, which is why I just decided to go back to it.

This is my new layout... I am using this post as a way to get some feedback. I had to change from my awesome original one because it was pre-made, therefore has been limiting as Blogger has added newer features.

This new one I put together using Blogger's template editor... I miss my old one, but this one allows me to use all the new things I haven't been able to in the past.

What do you guys think... should I tweek some things? Should I start over? I need to know what makes it easier for YOU to read my stuff, so please let me know! :)

Thanks for following friends!