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Monday, August 2, 2010

5 Bloggers You Should Follow

I've been getting some love for my blog on some others' blogs. So I decided to do an entry about a few bloggers YOU should follow, as well as mine, haha. I just said 'blog' a lot in just a few sentences. Anyways, check these guys out because they're all great!

Bella Pop: Photography Blog

Brandy and Brandon are this AWESOME couple who are a professional photographer team called Bella Pop. I was lucky enough to find them to do the photography for my wedding... well, we also did an engagement session, a bridal session, the day of, and then a special bride/groom shoot a few weeks after the wedding. It was such a blast! They are phenomenal at what they do, but on top of that, they are fun, vivacious, and unpredictable. Their blog posts are always full of interesting pictures, whether it's a professional session or personal adventures.

Pencil to Paper

Sarah Elizabeth is a girl who loves to write, as you can tell by the name of her blog and twitter username, "Pencil to Paper." On Twitter she's always re-tweeting awesome little writing tips she's found, or talking about her latest surge of inspiration. Her blog is filled with all kinds of little treasures, whether it's her latest original excerpt from whatever she's working on now, or if it's a personal story about her dog, or explaining her deep love for Starbucks coffee. Sarah has a way of making you care about what she has to say and she deserves your attention! You'll notice she has over 800 followers on blogger. A while back, Sarah became a blogger "Blog of Note" and the outcome was this. I doubt that many people would pay attention if she wasn't awesome. :)

Film Studies and Other Shenanigans

Kevin is my partner in crime. I'd say most of the time that we talk, it's generally ALWAYS about movies and all that goes with it. His blog is FULL of movie reviews and movie analysis. Kevin is really intelligent about film; he really knows his stuff. He is studying to be a screenwriter and director at The University of Texas in Austin. The art of movie-making is a passion for him, so his perspective in each of his blog entries is something that film nuts will want to see for themselves.

Matt Bukaty: The Blog

Mr. Matt Bukaty is a friend of mine from high school (We did theater together...). He is now going to graduate school to become a movie composer in New York City. He makes me jealous on a daily basis with his updates about NYC. (You guys know how I feel about New York.) Also, he has composed a few of his own pieces, and you can become a fan of him on facebook. Matt has a great sense of humor and his blog is fun to read. Just recently he started a series of posts breaking down his thoughts and opinions about his favorite composers. It's something all movie nuts or music lovers can enjoy. Go to his blog, flip through, and follow!

Media Hero

Justin just started a new blog in the last few weeks. Since he's so new, he's in need of some followers, and that's where you guys come in. Justin is the go-to guy about anything media related which is where he got his name. He makes videos/slide shows/whatever other media you can imagine for all types events. Needless to say, he knows his stuff, and he knows entertainment. With his cocky personality and sense of humor, his blog posts are hilarious. Not to mention, his opinions on entertainment are pretty legit. He just did a pretty epic post about what he thinks will be coming up in the next season on Dexter (one of his favorite shows ever), but he also did a review of a concert he went to recently. No type of entertainment is safe with this Media Hero.


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  2. Thanks Tweedz! Checking you out now!

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  4. Thanks for the shout out! You = awesome. All of my followers should follow you, too.

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