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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Live Blog: The Runaways

Just started watching this, thought I'd live blog. Why not? Short review at the bottom. 

Minutes In:

00:01:00 - Dakota got her period... awkward.

00:03:00 - The mullet-ed one appears. Buying men's clothing.

00:05:00 - Dakota starts painting on Bowing make up. WIN!!

00:06:00 - OMG, K-Stew singing-ish... not so good. I'm having an epiphany that I might not be able to take her seriously. Like... at all.

00:09:00 - "Girls don't play electric guitar." I don't play guitar but that statement irritated me, too.

00:12:00 -  Daddy issues... the 15 year old goes to the club. I feel these two girls are about to meet each other.

00:15:00 -  The word "bitchin'" has just been used.

00:17:00 - Awe, K-Stew's singing isn't so bad with all the noise around it.

00:20:00 - Dakota looks like she could kick everyone's ass, but usually she looks so angelic. Haha, oh wait... spoke too soon. She just lit her cigarette backwards.

00:25:00 - I'm trying to decide if this producer is gay... or a perv. Can't really tell.

00:33:00 - Baaha, Dakota just pushed a guy back into the audience and kept singing like nothing happened. I like it.

00:40:00 - K-Stew looks much more fierce with those sunglasses on... and now she's filling her water gun with vodka.

00:42:00 - WOW... teaching each other how to masturbate? These girls are nuts.

00:43:00 - Sheesh, the men in this movie are so misogynistic. Good thing K-Stew just pissed on their guitars.

00:49:00 - .... Dakota on K-Stew action so early? And with no pre-cursor? No ... reason? I guess cause they're both stoned and drunk. Reason enough.

00:55:00 - K-Stew just made her own Sex Pistols shirt with spray paint and safety pins. Nice. Very crafty.

01:01:00 - K-Stew seems to be dealing with super fans in this movie much better than she deals with them in real life.

01:06:00 - I think doing a line off the floor is a bad idea. But man is she killing this song... maybe floor dirt is helpful.

01:10:00 - Uh oh... band drama. Dakota's slutty pictures make them all look bad... but her standing on stage with them in lingerie while singing their songs doesn't.

01:12:00 - I'm still wondering slightly where this movie is headed... I don't know much about The Runaways... soooo... yeah. What now?

01:19:00 - Uh oh .... cat fight, jealousy, RAWR. Predictable. But I least I see the conflict now.

01:21:00 - Does every band movie have to end with a freak out break up?

01:25:00 - I feel like all this drama at the end here would mean more if the movie had been longer and had shown more character development.

01:30:00 - Hmmm, Cherie cannot be enjoying how this is making her look... drunken and mean at the grocery store. Aaaaand now passed out in a pay-phone booth.

01:32:00 - PS. Guttural singing from K-Stew is not ok. STOP IT.

01:35:00 - Hmmm, K-Stew has to be in her underwear a lot. In everything she's in.

01:36:00 - Dakota's a cake maker now, FTW.

 01:37:00 - OVER. All these small words are telling us where they are now... but I cannot read them. Too small.

Overall, I liked it. Dakota Fanning was great, but she always is. She is super beautiful too.. but she always is. Kristen Stewart was really good. It was hard for me to get used to her and take her seriously, because I think she's so irritating as Bella (even though in Eclipse she wasn't SO bad), but she ended up impressing me. I liked her. The story was kinda of just sex, drugs, and rock and roll, literally. Like that's all it was about. Until the end and it seemed very rushed. Maybe should have been a bit longer to develop more of the story and characters. Either way, still good. 


  1. Haha the backwards cigarette thing and talent show song had me laughing and cringing so hard I had to pause it a few times. So adorably awkward! I feel like Stewart showed off some legitimate acting skills too.

  2. Yes. Dakota was almost too cute at times! It is a good problem to have. :)

  3. 00:09:00 - "Girls don't play electric guitar." I don't play guitar but that statement irritated me, too. - Me too, like wth?