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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Top 5: Entertainment Guilty Pleasures

Doing my last blog post about the things I really dislike in entertainment made me think of things that I enjoy... that others may look down on. It's only fair that if I judge some shows that others enjoy I give you all the opportunity to judge me back, so therefore, this is a list (in no particular order) of things in entertainment I LOVE but I KNOW others will think are slightly dumb. Enjoy! I hope some of you guys can relate!

(DISCLAIMER: There was a time that Twilight would be on this list, but lately, after Eclipse... I am SO over it. I have nothing left to look forward to within this fandom anymore. Breaking Dawn, the plague of this entire Saga, is the next step and I won't be taking it. So while in the past I enjoyed as much as I could from this series, I hold much more contempt for it now, than I do love.)


Ever since I realized online fan site existed (I think it was at the beginning of my love for Lord of the Rings in 2003) I've been addicted to them. There's nothing like joining in a discussion about something you love and having people respond and feel the exact same way. However, if you were to talk about an online discussion board in a real conversation on your lunch break with your co-workers, you might get some strange glances or comments in return. That's why I put it on this list. I love communities like this, but for some reason it's a nerdy thing to do in your spare time. Sorry, though, I love it. I love to go to a site and talk about things I love with people who love it just as much as I do. Plus it's a great way to get news about the things you're interested. One of my favorites, if not my ultimate favorite, is at livejournal, and it's a Robert Downey Jr community. The people there are HILARIOUS and fun. Sense of humor X 1000000000000.


I just think everyone should know that while I'm blogging this, I'm watching the Kardashians marathon on E! right now. I KNOW that this show falls right under the umbrella of "reality shows" I wrote about in my last post, but I cannot help but being interested in this show. I'm not really a fan of Kriss or Kim, but I really love Kourtney and Khloe. And Bruce is so hilarious to me, because he just does not fit into this world... Hah! I'm just fascinated by how pretty the girls are and the dynamics of the sisters, and especially what a hard ass Khloe is. She's my favorite, I think. She always says what should be said, but that everyone else is too scared to say. When I went to see my cousin, Cody, on Dancing With the Stars, it was the same season Kim was on. When we were there for the finale, we sat in front of the Kardashians and my Aunt Cathy introduced us to Kriss (and I think Khloe and Kourtney, but I can't really remember because there was so much going on, and it was magical, hah). They seemed nice, albeit slightly self important... but they are celebrities and I'm not. It was nice that they were so polite, because I guess they could have completely ignored us. Plus they were sugary sweet about Cody. Who knows if it was sincere but that's the way to win me over. Since then I've paid more attention to the show and I am now sucked in. I make no apologies but I understand if you judge me, haha.

P.S. My husband just told me he thinks I love the show because it's a bunch of sisters and I like that dynamic because I don't have any sisters. Which may be true because my favorite moments are always Khloe and Kourtney being cute. 


Now this one I get a lot of crap for... but for the life of me I do not understand why. WHO could make fun of a golden goddess with the voice of a singing angel? I MEAN REALLY. Celine Dion has been one of my favorite singers since I was really young. Remember the song she did for that movie, Up Close and Personal, with Michelle Pfiefer? Used to sing that ALL the time . AND, dare I say...The Titanic Song? Rocked my 6th grade WORLD. Had to listen to that one at least once before school every morning to be sufficiently depressed for class. And now? I of course still adore her. I have her greatest hits and I specific mix that I made of all my person favorites that I rock out in the car to with my dear friend, Caty, who loves Celine just like I do. In fact, we're planning a double feature day pretty soon where we'll watch one of her concert DVDs and then Titanic right after. Best day ever!!

I get SOOOO excited about this every single season, but I do tend to be judged for it. I am not sure why, I guess because so many people think it's just a stupid concept. Or maybe it's the fact that the majority of viewers for this show are over 40...? I don't know, but I really love it. I never really liked it until I HAD to watch an entire season. For those of you who do not know this, my little cousin is Cody Linley who plays Jake Ryan on Hannah Montanna. (And to answer the most frequently asked questions: YES I do know him, he's my FIRST COUSIN, and NO it's not weird that he's my cousin, it's weirder that he's famous. He's always been my cousin, but he hasn't always been famous.) Now... those of you who have been keeping up with Hannah Montanna Forever, you know that they turned Jake into a cheater... and that's some BULL, but before that happened and all was happy in the HM world, they asked Cody to be on Dancing With the Stars the fall season of 2008.

His partner was Julianne Hough and it was SO AMAZING. I got to go out to LA to sit in the audience and support him TWICE. The first time was the 3rd episode and he did the Rumba. And the 2nd time was for the finale when Cody did the Jitterbug. Being in the audience around all those famous people, dressed up, with cameras all around was BEYOND exciting. A dream, for me, really. But away from that experience, a long with many other things, I brought with me a complete devotion to the show. After having met Julianne (she hugged me and let me hold her puppy while we watched her and Cody practice, OH EM GEE) and a few others on the cast (like Edyta [so sweet X 38029745] and Kym [whom smiled at me, that one time, HAH!]), I can't help but want to watch them dance EVERY season! I don't even care who the celebrities are. I want to see the professionals! I only wish I could learn to dance with one of them, haha. My favorite dancer is Derek Hough (x 100000000), followed closely by Kym and Edyta. But I really love to watch them all dance. Ballroom dancing has become a secret obsession of mine.


I usually am able to justify this one by saying that I teach freshmen, and a lot of freshmen like High School Musical... however, that doesn't cover the moments I am alone in my car belting it to the HSM3 soundtrack. No, I'm going to go ahead and say straight up that I just enjoy the musical because I like it, and for no other reason. The first one was brought to me by my friend, Charis, the summer before we roomed together. Then I went on to the 2nd, which was cute but mediocre. Then the third one came to theaters and I brought my two youngest cousins, Kaylee and Kendall, to see it with me. It was a magical day. And that one turned out to be my favorite of the 3. The soundtrack is definitely the best. And I would keep talking about it if I knew for a fact that most of you out there weren't judging me like you actually are right now... Sorry, there is nothing I can do about it. I am what I am. Haha!


  1. I love High School Musical, too. Nice to know I'm not alone! And really, I think it's impressive that the third one made it to theaters. Usually the first of a series is in theaters, maybe the second is, too, and then the third is straight to DVD. Needless to say, I totally went to see it in theaters. Maybe twice...

    And I think Celine Dion has a great voice!

    Oh! And I like fan sites, too. It really is fun to be able to discuss a topic with people who are just as into it as I am.

    Fun post! :)

  2. HAHAHA! Celine Dion. That's awesome.

    I'm not sad you didn't put Twilight on here. In fact...it makes me smile.

  3. Haha, yay! At least I gain points with that one.

  4. I love High School Musical XD

    I used to watch it with my sister, and I know all the words to all the songs. I also love Keeping up with the Kardashians! Their lives are so different from mine, I find it fascinating. Khloe is my favourite as well, she's the funniest.

    And anyone who doesn't like Celine Dion is lame. She is beautiful!

  5. Your blog gets better and better...so honest & cool....Just like you.

  6. As I was reading through this post I kept saying, "Me too!!"...then.."Me too!!!" and again.."Me too!"

    Online discussion boards? Uh yes, what MJ fan doesn't like those!
    And I try not to let it be know that I watch the Kardashians...but I do. And I can't help it. When it's on, I CANNOT change the channel. I was watching the marathon too. Kourtney gets on my nerves sometimes, but I love baby Mason. Khloe is definitely my fave. For pretty much all the reasons you listed. LOVE HER!

    Celine Dion? Duh. Best. My best friend and I listen to her all the time when we're together. CD is for him what MJ is to me. So we understand our devotions ;)

    And I'm a HSM nerd!! I have all the soundtracks downloaded on my Zune. I went to theatre for the 3rd one too! haha. I love when they play them on Disney...I get to sing all day!

    It pretty much made me smile that I had so many of the same guilty pleasures. Now if you had only added spending hours watching obscure videos of MJ on youtube...then it really would have been magical ;)

  7. Last semester, a student in British lit asked me when I was walking around the room handing back quizzes what was my favorite movie. Immediately, I said what popped into my head (because one of my dual-credit seniors from Brownwood High had announced that morning that it was her favorite): High School Musical. When I said that, the whole class laughed a long, LONG time. Made me wonder. Actually, I've never seen that movie.

  8. I've been searching for so long for a true horror movie. I haven't seen the first paranornal activity neither did i see the second. This weekend it's gonna be something like Friday the 13 :)