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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hollywood Suggestions: My Hunger Games Cast

EDIT: Now the movie has been cast! Here is the post of my reactions of the ACTUAL casting decisions. 

In honor of Mockingjay, the third book in the trilogy of The Hunger Games, being released today I've decided to finally post my casting suggestions for the live action movie they are planning on making. I've really enjoyed this book series so far, and I know the last in the series will not let me down. I can hardly wait to start reading and see what else is going to happen to our dear Katniss... and who she might end up with, Gale or Peeta... or... if they will all even survive! Ah! It's all so intense! Regardless of the fact that it is the first week of school and, seriously, sitting up in this chair and typing this blog up is super challenging as I am too tired to truly do it without taking a break ... often.... I WILL be reading this book by next week. And I WILL be getting a book review up shortly after! So get ready Suzanne Collins fans! It's time for us to all chat and discuss and get excited, and kicks off right now!


The hardest thing for me to do is figure out a decent actress to capture our main lady, Katniss. To me it has to be someone who can be fierce and will make us believe that she is a killer... but also a 16 year old girl who feels vulnerable, real, emotions. She's certain when hunting, but she's completely lost when it comes to dealing with feelings. She has to capture so much to do Katniss justice that it's hard to say 'Yes! That girl is perfect for it!' Which is why I chose a few that I thought could perhaps touch on parts of Katniss. Thankfully, I don't have to cast the real movie, and I can just smoosh them all together in my mind to create what I think Katniss might be like.

First we have Emma Roberts. I think she has the right features to look like Katniss, however she doesn't seem tough enough. She seems too sweet. She'd have to really try hard to sell the fierceness of Katniss.

Which brings me to Camilla Bell. I've found on a lot of blogs that people like her for Katniss, however, to me she has always seemed very exotic. That, to me, doesn't really fit Katniss, but I know that Camilla could convey that strength of Katniss. 

This is an image I found on Deviant Art of  Kaya Scodelario, an actress I had never heard of before. But when I saw this image I was really excited because she looks very similar to how I pictured Katniss. Not sure how she would do as an actress because I am not familiar with her, but she looks like her to me. With that being said, I think the way to go will be to cast a nobody.


For Gale I wanted to pick someone that I thought was good looking, but nothing that would overshadow Peeta. He has to be someone the audience would be able to connect with and like, maybe even root for, but then be able to allow affection for Peeta to grow.

This is Aaron Johnson. He's British. And you may have seen him in Kick Ass. He's CUTE, and maybe a bit too sweet-faced, but I think with less curls and more shag, he could do a nice Gale.


Peeta has to be very beautiful. He also doesn't have to have that edge that Gale and Katniss have because he is not a hunter. He isn't used to having to scrape by because of hunger, so a sweet-faced isn't a negative in this situation.

This is Alex Pettyfer. When rummaging through Google images of young blonde actors, I ran across his beautiful mug. I like his look the best. He may seem a bit too old, but I think it could still work. He's definitely pretty enough to be Peeta.


Ok, there will be people who will tell me that I am biased and am just looking for a way to sneak this next one in, but really I am not! I think that the actor who plays Haymitch has to be rough around the edges, annoying and disgruntled, but still someone with charm that the audience can connect with and love even though he's drunk most of the time.

That's why we should just scruff up RDJ, hand him a bottle, and set him on his way. There is no doubt in my mind that he could play Haymitch well and do him justice. And maybe even add to his character and make him even more likable... I mean, I know at least for me it would be a plus plus!


This character is really important. His relationship with Katniss is SO unique, so it's important that the movie does Cinna correctly. I felt like Cinna needs to have a kind, knowing face. He needs to be attractive, someone who is well groomed, someone we can believe is a part of fashion, but he has to have the attitude of an artist.

This is Hugh Dancy. You may know him from Confessions of a Shopoholic. Sadly, I have not seen him in many other things, but I feel like he would do a good portrayal of Cinna. He definitely looks the part, for me.


This one was one of my favorite to cast. I know he doesn't come around until Catching Fire, but the entire time I read the sequel I couldn't get enough of Finnick's cocky attitude. He's one of my favorites. Finnick needs to be played by someone with a sly grin and palpable charisma.

Taylor Kitsch! You may recognize him for Friday Night Lights, the TV show... but the reason I feel he could do that character of Finnick well (besides this perfect shirtless picture of him and the fact that he seems to be near water, just like Finnick always was) is his delicious performance as the infatuating Gambit in X-Men: Wolverine.


As Prim, this one may not be as hard to fill since she seems to have a small part in the story, but because her role is so important, it would be a good idea to cast someone who can be the face of Katniss' motivation. Someone sweet and innocent. Someone the audience wants Katniss to fight for. Same could be said, however, about Rue. Which is why I decided either of these characters could be played by...

This is Elle Fanning. CUTE little thing. And absolutely could tug at the heartstrings of the audience in either situation, be it Rue's or Prim's.

As for a few of the rest of the characters, such as Effie, President Snow, or Katniss' mother, for some reason I just could not think of many people that fit those roles. But if YOU have picked your casting choices or have suggestions for these that I've already named, let me know! I want to hear your thoughts in the comments!


  1. You nailed it. They are perfect choices.

  2. elle should be PRIN. RUE is supposed to be dark skinned (i think,,its in the hunger games)

  3. I don't know the series but I'm a big book lover so I'll definitely check it out!

  4. I think you did a great job on your picks! I never thought of RDJ in that part (I pictured someone older) but he would be perfect!

  5. I love Kaya for Katniss! When I saw her it all clicked! I also like your pick for Peeta, but I would pick Ben Barnes (Prince Caspian) for Gale. Plus, RDJ for Haymitch would be perfect!

    I love Camilla Belle as Katniss, but the other girl, Kaya? I could really see her as Katniss as well. Awesome choices for her.
    Gale, i think Kevin Zegers, he is exactly what I picture, but the guy you chose is just as great.
    What do you think of Peeta as Hunter Parrish?

  7. I think AnnaSophia Robb would play a PERFECT Katniss! I also think Emma Watson would be great! They both have the look and I think could be very fierce.

    I think Morgan Lily Gross would play a PERFECT Prim! Elle Fanning would be good too, though

    Rue should be tan with dark hair and be more woodsy. Maybe Madison Pettis.

    You picked a good Cinna and Haymitch.

    I don't know yet for Peeta or Gale, but those two definitely don't work for me.

  8. i love william moseley as peeta because he looks young AND old... look him up. also kaya is awesome as katniss. i have always pictured jack black as haymitch though?

  9. Omgee i laughed out loud when I saw downey as haymitch but then I thought: Omigod it makes total sense! he's perfect. i'd say we should have some unknowns for the kid roles(katniss, gale, peeta, and prim and rue.) also, from my perception while reading the book, rue was always described as african american.
    I really like kaya as katniss and also think you should consider danielle chuchran with her hair died black. check out Main Stay Production's youtube video for the rue and katniss flower scene. Also, I can see garret hedlund with dark hair as gale and claire foy blonde would be a good prim. check it out though. otherwise, i love some of your ideas!!!! keep looking for a perfect peeta though!

    Perfect cast and I am really looking forward to the movie!!

  11. i love kaya as katniss and alex as peeta and rdj as haymitch and elle as prim [=

  12. I think Elle Fanning should be Prim. For Rue, how about Alana Locke

  13. omg the real cast is now out and i wish they had picked a better katniss and peeta to me your peeta would have been way better even your katniss but then again who knows i hope it still comes out alright

  14. marylin from Home and Away would be perfect for Effie

  15. i think i could play prim perfectly

  16. Gale and peeta are all wrong but i like haymitch and cinna i think taylor lautner should be finnick

  17. your choices were really great. I don't like the people that were chosen for peeta or gale. I would have liked Hugh Dancy to play cinna!! I don't like the guy they chose. Cinna is by far my favorite!!!

  18. Thank God the crew are completely different :) and I like Woody for Haymitch - his perfect! And Katniss is perfect played by Jennifer Lawrence and Peeta and Gale and Cinna...Lenny Kravitz rulezzzz