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Monday, April 4, 2011

The Hunger Games Casting Reactions

In August of 2010 I wrote a blog that held my suggestions for The Hunger Games movies that were being cast. It's been my most popular entry to date with over 12,000 hits! This is not because I am such a savvy and popular blogger (though THAT would be cool), but really it's because of the huge success and popularity of this amazing book series. People are STARVING for more of it and are so enthralled with what's to come with the movie, they will even look at my silly ramblings about it. (Thank you!)

When I heard that they had cast Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, at first I was a little confused, but then I settled into the idea and was glad. The fact that they went with someone like Jenn, someone who is not very well known but is obviously very talented (with one Oscar nomination under her belt already), shows they are taking this movie seriously. They want someone they know can act Katniss, not just look like her. I kept telling my friends who were skeptical that "talent rather than physicality" is what really counts. You can change her look to fit. You cannot make someone a better actress. This was a great casting decision, in my opinion!

Now the news just broke that they have cast the two main male roles for this film, and I am trying to follow my own statement of "talent before physicality," but it's hard for me to do so! Josh Hutcherson will play Peeta. He was good in The Kids Are All Right - however- HE DOESN'T LOOK LIKE PEETA to me! I am sorry, I really am. I want to be on board, and I can't wait for this kid to prove me wrong... but HE IS TOO SHORT! One thing you can't change about appearance is making someone taller... and he isn't tall enough to fit my mental image (or the description in the book). Also, to play romantically across from Jenn? With her height and figure, the actor opposite has to be a MAN. Josh just... isn't. Next to her... it will not look good. He's not right physically. Like my friend, Matt said, Josh's audition tape must have been EPIC. I hope it truly was and I hope that whatever he brings to the screen blows us away. I am trying to be open minded, but ... it's hard! (I feel so shallow saying all of these things, but... it's true!)

Liam Hemsworth will play Gale. This makes me nervous, not because of the way he looks (I am sure Gale could have looked that way, maybe) but more because all I know about him is he was in the Hannah Montana movie. Also. He is so much bigger and stronger-looking than Josh Hutcherson. I just... but... I can hardly explain why this matters, but... Peeta isn't supposed to be smaller than Gale. Less trained in the way of fighting and hunting? Yes. But he's not supposed to look physically inferior to Gale. I just... I am trying to be gracious, but I ... I don't know how this will work out. I can barley picture it! And when I do... it's not good. People who haven't read the books are going to want Katniss with Gale just because they look more fitting together, physically. I just... I am having a hard time with this!!!

I am still keeping and open mind, because I know that in the past, watching movie adaptations of books I love, things I didn't think would work turned out ok. So I know this will be ok. But right now I am having a hard time with it! Maybe when the shooting actually starts and we see pictures from the set, how they will look in costume, etc. it will be easier to accept. We shall see!

Leave your thoughts in the comments, please. I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. I agree, 100%. Everyone is going to root for Gale and that's not the way it's supposed to be!! Well, maybe in the first book (not for me, but I can see it...), but certainly not if they do all 3.

    And like I said, Josh is going to have to blow me away because he LOOKS so wrong for the part. Luckily, I've heard he's a huge fan of the books (maybe you told me that) so that will push him to do a good job. I'm just...skeptical.

  2. I agree with you for the most part! I do not picture Josh as Peeta. However, I think they can work on his look...maybe have him beef up to look similar to Liam. I really like his face though!!! It definitely suits what Peeta would look like.

    As for Liam...I just don't see it at all. I'm thinking they got the actors switched around. I see them playing the opposite roles better!

  3. Ugh...a big NO on Peeta. I am in complete agreement about your dislike for that casting. In my head, Liam Hemsworth looks closer to the look of Peeta than Josh Hutcherson. I think he looks close enough to the description of both characters that he could be cast for either.

    I'm almost surprised that the casting wasn't the opposite way around. He seems more likely to play a softer character like Peeta. And I want to say that Josh looks and seems more likely for a Gale role, but really he doesn't fit either enough for me to even bother.

    And really, the LOOK of the person isn't as important as just their sheer physicality. Like you said, you can change someone's looks enough to suit a character, but you can NOT add height! Gale and Peeta are supposed to BOTH be tall, athletic and imposing.

    I was always for Peeta, but in the movies I may be Team Gale...

  4. I recently started reading The Hunger Games series and have been loving this literary journey. I would like to add that while I was reading the story I see Peeta as a younger, fitter Samwise. I know, crazy but let me get my point across. Peeta, to me is that character you just love, I don't know ANYONE that dislikes him. I saw Peeta as tall with blonde hair that goes about to his shoulders and is kinda pudgy. NOT FAT - just a little bit more meat on his bones. ;) Not to mention, no one will believe that Josh can throw big bags of things!

    Gale, again, I saw with long hair. I kinda imagined a Howl character...

    Egh, I completely agree with you!

  5. Agree completely! I'd rather see the roles switched!

    Side Note: I hate to sound rude, but Liam was NOT in the Hannah Montana movie. He was in The Last Song, which just also cast Miley. He wasn't that bad in it either..Just saying.

  6. Peeta is supposed to be quiet and thoughtful. I see Josh being perfect for that. Physically I think he's much less handsome than Liam which makes sense in the book.

  7. Sad about the boys. I agree - definitely NOT what I'd pictured. I think they could definitely switch roles! I had high hopes though... I was really pleased with Jennifer's casting, because I think she looks so fierce. Let's hope they surprise us!

  8. I pictured Peeta..beefier... as well (someone else said that in one of the other comments). Not fat, just beefy. Hunky. A big ol' man's MAN. With big shoulders. He is in no way shape or form short and skinny. Fix this for me now.
    I think I would be OK with Gale if Peeta was more what I pictured. Dye his hair dark and give him a bow.
    As you said with Katniss, I've grown to accept her. I feel like she'll do a good job.

    NOW::: When we will know the rest of the cast...it's killing me. Literally.

  9. Not sure how I feel about it. Peeta is the one I have most doubts about...I hope what's his face is a good actor.

  10. They need to be switched!

  11. hmmm... this casting. I'm kinda thinking big fat bummer. I pretty much agree Audree, except she's still not Katniss in my mind ;) and the guys... eh. btw you are a savvy blogger!

  12. Liam wasn't in the HM movie. Did you mean The Last Song? lol