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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Why I Don't Think Dirk Will Leave Dallas...

Well, I'll post this and then in about an hour it'll be announced that he's going to the freaking Heat or something, but whatever...

I think Dirk will retire LONG before he would ever ask to be traded. It's no secret that Dirk is an older player... which even though most of us don't want to admit... is something to be concerned about.

If Cuban had kept who he could have of our 2011 championship team, we may have been able to make another run this past season. Heck, even with the sad group we had this year it came down to the last shot nearly every game with the Western Conference Champs. Dirk may be too old NOW (it's arguable, though I think he has many good years left) to wait a whole OTHER season, like we have to at this point, but he would have been fine to go for it last season or this season if Cubes gave a crap to try. Now the next time we'll have a shot is when Dirk will be 36. That's pretty old for his position.

And NOW we've lost Kidd? There are hardly any pieces left... Dirk is basically it. And everyone is expecting and speculating Dirk to ask for a trade...


I can't see him asking for a trade this close to the end of his career when he's always only ever been a Mav. Why would he want to retire as something else? Especially if he goes to another team and doesn't win another championship with them. He may as well stay here at his home to do that.

I wouldn't blame Dirk for deciding to retire and just marry his gal and settle into his awesomeness at this point, but I cannot see him leaving to retire elsewhere. He stays here a few more years and he is guaranteed to retire as one of the best athletes in Dallas history, literally. He goes somewhere else he isn't guaranteed a dang thing and then will retire as some random stock player for some unsuited team that could never love him like I we do. Ever.

So do I think he'll ask for a trade? No. Do I think he'll stay and play through his contract? NO IDEA. Will him retiring shock me? NOPE. 


The real problem is Mark could have prevented this ever being a possibility if it had been his priority to take care of Dirk, but I think in Cubes' mind it was like "Ok we got one with the German, time to look to a future without him," instead of cultivating what he has left. Dirk deserves SO much better than that after all he's done for this franchise. It's such a shame. And like I said yesterday, I will never love an athlete like I love Dirk, and it's sad to think this era of my sports life is nearly over and we've already seen the climax of the story.

I'm also sick of people telling me to have faith in Cubes... I love him Cubes but HE LEAD US HERE. So you know what I am going to be angry, and it is completely valid that I am angry. He owes us ALL answers. THE END. lkad;jflskjewflkaj

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