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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Top 5: Best/Worst Dressed Emmys 2010

I know it's been a whole week and I am WAY late ... but whatever. Here are my top 5 Best and Worst dressed of the Emmys last weekend. Also, Guiliana Rancic was uber harsh on the Fashion Police and it was annoying. OMG. Get over yourself! You're becoming less and less likable!


First off, THE WORST:

5. Eva Longoria Parker in Robert Rodriguez: Um, can we say boring. Black, tired silhouette, tired hair do.... and she's carrying a clutch which for some reason really annoys me. I'm just... over it. Plus the fabric that the skirt is made of looks like tufts of lint. Her earrings were pretty though.

4. Tina Fey in Oscar de la Renta:  I love her but I'm so tired of this... and that hair do is really boring. Try color next time, Tina, and I may like it better. But black every single time... even with neat shapes, doesn't cut it. PS. Not the biggest fan of dresses with sleeves.

3. Christina Hendricks in Zac Posen: She is SUCH a bombshell, but this look isn't anywhere near as great as the green dress she wore last year to the Emmys, and the shape of this one isn't as flattering as it should be. The rousing is a nice detail, but it just doesn't come together completely. Also, again... the sleeves make me unhappy. I think the color is good for her, but that's about all this dress does well. Sad to say, not my favorite. Her make up and hair do also don't flatter her beautiful face. Not the best look.

2. Mindy Kaling in Aguri Sagimori: No... just NO. I Because her hair is SO out-there-80's-prom-do it makes the ENTIRE thing look stupid. The dress MAY have worked had she down played her hair... but she made some bad choices. It totally threw everything else off. I do like her shoes, though.

1. Rita Wilson in Prada: When I heard that this was a Prada gown, I was HORRIFIED. I could not believe it. But then again, perhaps on someone else, this would have been a vision. However, on this poor Mrs, it's just awful. I love Mrs. Tom Hanks as much as the next person, but I cannot stand by while she commits such atrocities in the fashion world. Rectangular shaped, not flattering, with a chain-mail-like drapery to finish it off? And the same irritating chandelier chimes on the shoes??? Ok... the shoes are kind of awesome, but still! And that HAIR? She hardly looks like herself... So disappointed in this. So strange.

And now, THE BEST!

5. January Jones in Versace: At first I couldn't decide if I liked this or if I really didn't like it. I think after a week of trying to decide, I really love it. It's weird... there ARE clams on her breasts... but the color is just too WOW to not enjoy. And I like the front and back and how you get the effect of both a short dress and a long one. She was bold and took a risk and she deserves a lot of credit for that. Because she also was successful!

4. Heidi Klum in Marchesa: Heidi is a freaking BOMBSHELL. I never get tired of seeing these legs on the red carpet, and regardless of age, if your legs look like this, SHOW THEM OFF. This little mini dress is bold, and although it's black, it has some awesome details to help it to stand out. Plus she pairs it with sexy pumps (that I would DIE for) and a beautiful bold necklace. Make up is flirty and sultry with a sassy updo. SO good. PS. The Fashion Police on E!, specifically Joan Rivers, said she was a slut for wearing this and too old. Sorry, bb, but YOU are the old one and if you had legs like this, I'd encourage even YOU to wear this dress. So suck it.

 3. Anna Paquin in Alexander McQueen: A lot of people had a hard time with this look, but I thought that Anna looked so great. It was bold and unique. I mean, how can it not be.. it's McQueen. The top is really interesting with details over the sleeves and bust, but then the black of the bottom balances it out and keeps it from being TOO much. Also, it still has its own flair by being held up in the front with a train in the back. Her make up was flawless and her hair was elegant. I loved this look! One of the Fashion Police guys said that (even though they said she was on the worst dressed, omg wtf) they loved that she was the only one who really wore 'fashion.' <3

 2. Claire Danes in Armani Prive: She looked AMAZING. This sparkle gown makes her look like a goddess. She really looked glamorous. Hair color, make up, spot on. Beautiful.

1. Lea Michele in Oscar de la Renta: Uhhhh, my vote for best dressed!! She looked so SMOKING hot in this little number. I can hardly handle it. The navy blue is so great with her skin tone, the shape and details (ruffles) are to DIE for. That sweetheart top really gives her more curvage... and those bangs. Sultry!!! So hot. Add the necklace... I swear its flawless. SO good.


  1. Personally I would replace Heidi Klum with Jennifer Carpenter. I also didn't dig January Jones, it looked too prom dress to me. Hard to dock Hendricks for not having her best look ever on when she is so damn hot all the time. But other than those, I agree with your choices.

  2. It wasn't her best... but it wasn't even close to good. It was just bad. That was my nice way of saying... NO, STOP THAT CHRISTINA.