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Monday, September 13, 2010

VMAs Red Carpet

Don't really have a top 5 best or worst of this awards show... it doesn't lend itself well to real fashion rules. So I'll just post pics and give my opinions. Enjoy!

Katy Perry looks AWESOME in this dress. It's kind of like it was made for her. The make-up, the colorful hair... This look is VERY Katy Perry, if I can be lame and just describe her as herself. But I think that's when she works the best. She is more of a commodity than her music sometimes, I feel, and if she keeps being all cute and goofy like she is, I bet she'll continue to be successful.

Jane Lynch is wearing some sort of Matrix-esque cape/trench coat. But even though it's really weird, it works for her, and especially at an event like this. She seems like a really cool, lesbian super-hero. Is that ok to say? Because I mean it in all the best ways! I love her.

Justin Bieber looks like he's trying REALLY hard to be Justin Timberlake. And Usher. At the same time. But little does he know, he's actually a teeny white douchebag. I HATE it when young, pre-pubescent-voiced white boys talk as though they are mid to late 20-year-old black men. It's DUMB. And I especially dislike when the aforementioned type of little white boy tries to dress much cooler than he actually is. It's like when he lip-synced on stage as though he's a real performer... but he's not. I try not to hate, because I understand the teeny-crazes. I mean, I was a Hanson fan when they were the teenies (and GOD do I still love them, so I know it can translate into real love some day)... and so I have always supported the Jo Bros... but I ... just... I just CAN'T with this one. Sorry!

Paramore! The boys look fine... like a normal band. But Hayley... um... I like the dress... the shoes are weird, but COULD work if it weren't for her make up and bad hair do. I always love her color, but slicking it back in a teeny bun to where only her bangs show... it's not flattering. And even if you do that... at least do her face up nice instead of making pale and washed out.

Selena Gomez caught some flack for this dress, but I think she looks BEAUTIFUL. It's sexy, but not slutty... it doesn't seem like she's trying too hard. She looks great! I'm excited to see Selena transition. I have a feeling she'll do it with much more grace and poise than some OTHER Disney kids. (Not referring to Miley... or am I?)

Um, Evan Rachel Wood... can we say ILL FITTING? This dress fits SO BADLY I cannot even tell what part of her body is what... where are her boobs?! And why is her waist/hips so strangely shaped? This dress loses. Sorry. End.

Ke$ha... I almost felt dirty spelling her name with a dollar sign, for the record... But this ENTIRE look is gross. Bad hair, dress that looks like it's made of a garbage bag, weird furry thing around her neck, and then make-up that makes her eyes look even squinty-er. Really? Why is dressing dumb all of a sudden supposed to be chic? Or maybe it's just that trash is in right now. The only good thing here are her shoes.

Lady Gaga, another whose fashion can only be described by her own name, actually looked more normal than usual for herself. This entire look, however, was not the first time she has ever worn this. She wore this in a photoshoot she did for Vanity Fair. I thought it was interesting that she chose to walk the red carpet in this. Though, perhaps this is the only one of the 3 she could actually walk in.
Love her!!!

That's all I have, now I want to hear your thoughts in the comments! Let me know!


  1. I have been waiting for this post!

    Katy Perry: Love it. Kind of looks like a figure skating outfit, but you're right in saying 'it's so her', because it is.

    JBiebs: A LOT of black on black this year (him, Usher, JTimb, Drake). Didn't like his that much.

    Hayley: Hated every single thing about this outfit. Didn't like her hair at all. She is SUCH a beautiful person, I really wanted to see her knock it out of the ball park. I think she could really push the envelope like old school Gwen Stefani and I want to see her do it.

    Selena: Cute. It's young & cool. Wish she would have done something shorter, but it looked really good on her & she really stood out fashion wise.

    Kesha: Trasha. Pass.

    Mama Gaga: I actually wasn't a fan of this look. Love her, never will stop, but it had this 2000-Madonna thing going on & I couldn't enjoy it.

    Other looks not featured here that I care to comment on :)
    Florence Welch: loved the pop of her red hair against the cream colored dress. Wasn't crazy about the zipper down the front, but overall quite beautiful.

    Ciara looked awful. Hated Neyo's outfit. Dane Cook was a disgusting, hot mess.

    Ashley Greene was too cute to boot, Emma Stone's look was simple & clean, but fun, & I love love loved Audrina's outfit (though I pretty much always do.) & Have I seen Miranda Cosgrove's outfit somewhere?


  2. What a great comment! Way to go, Erikah!!

  3. I thought Jane Lynch's coat was pretty weird, but yeah, I guess it could be a lesbian-super-hero kind of thing...nice way to describe it. Kesha's hair REALLY bothered me! But she pretty much looks like a walking STD...i think that's what she's going for. Of course Lady Gaga rocks our faces off. She could have come in one of her leotards, I'm waiting for the day she takes it to that extreme. Maybe she already did and I missed it. Best quote of the night from her after accepting the best video award..it think: "But I refused to, because we were born that way, baby!!!!!"

  4. I think Gaga would be at her most extreme if she just dressed normal when attending one of these events. That would blow all our minds.