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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cody's First Music Video

Awe, look how cute!
As many of you know that my little cousin is Cody Linely, who is most famous for his role as Jake Ryan on Hannah Montanna. I do what I can to spread the word about anything he's up to in his career, even though I know I only reach a small group of people. , I've got to do my duty as the older cousin! :)

With that being said, I knew I had to throw a blog post together in honor of Cody's latest. Recently Cody has been working with one of his friends, Capo, to cut some songs. I've heard a few of them and they are really great! I'm excited for what he has in store for his music in the future.

Cody just released his first music video today so I have to share it with my little group of followers! I am really proud of all Cody has done, and this is Cody's newest passion. Therefore, everyone check this out and be looking for more music from him! He'll be making announcements via his twitter page, please follow!


  1. So, categorically speaking I don't really care for the song (mainly the message) but that's so cool that he's getting to branch out like that! :) Kudos to Cody!

  2. Thanks, Audree.... Averyswife, if you knew the story behind it, you would understand.

  3. Yeah, Emily... it's a not so subtle message to an ex... And I THINK it needed to be said! Haha.

  4. Um, I'll take one of those cars, please. In black? Kay, thanks. ;-)

    And personally, the message doesn't bother me at all. I think a lot of girls push their guys away by being too possessive. Granted, that can go both ways. But anyway, good beat, fun song. I imagine we'll be seeing more from him!

  5. I love it!! I can't imagine how proud you are of your little cousin! How exciting that he's venturing into music now. VERY talented. Keep us updated!

  6. Well, I am a little prejudice since he is my sweet nephew, and I do know the backstory, but I thinks it's awesome. Sometimes those messages have to be given. Thanks Audree for posting!! We love our Cody:) You go Cody!!