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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hanson at the Dallas HoB 2010

Taylor, Isaac, and Zac
Yes that's right. That title says "HANSON" and, yes, that's the SAME Hanson that sang the song "Mmmbop" in 1997. Now I know what most of you are thinking... "Do they still exist?" Firstly, my answer to this, the most annoying of all questions, is: Well, duh. You don't just stop existing just because you aren't on the radio all the time anymore, gah. Secondly, to actually address what you meant by asking this question, yes, they do still make music and they have been for 13 years. They broke away from their old label in 2003, started their own called 3CG, and have been releasing music independently ever since. They're all grown up, each with their own wife and family (they are all daddies now). Not to mention, they're all beautiful.

This summer they released their 5th studio album, and it is GREATNESS. Last night, I got to see them live, for the 7th time in my life, on the "Shout it Out" tour!

So before I get into the recap of what was, maybe, one of the best concerts I've seen, a little back story: In 2006, the boys traveled to Africa where they did some charity work and got close to some people living in poverty there. Since then they have done a charity walk before each one of their shows to raise awareness and money for AIDS research, Love Water, African Education, etc. These men are not just real musicians, but they are humanitarians, too. You gotta give them props. 

I've been a part of two other walks before, once in Austin in 2007, and then the next year in Dallas. However, last year I missed the walk, and this year I didn't think I was going to get to do it because I was teaching and usually the walks are in the afternoon. However, for some awesome and random reason, this walk was announced to start at 5:45 and my friends and I were already in the House of Blue finishing up eating. PERFECTION!

Bare feets!

Now, you should know, it'll be hard for me to write this up without sounding like a nutty fangirl because I just love them so much, but I will do my best. ONWARD!

Ashlie, Melissa, and I were waiting outside around 5:30 for the boys to come out to the crowd and get this show on the road. We were sure they would come from around the back on the right side, so of course as soon as we moved towards that side, they appeared from the other direction. Sneak attack! Anyways, each time I've been a part of the walk, they usually do a speech about what it all means, how awareness is key, and remind us to register so they know which charity we want our contribution to go to. As soon as Tay was done with his talk we began walking. Most of us were wearing shoes but a lot were bare foot, to help understand the experience of those who can't afford and have to live without things we take for granted. 

Zac and I... and a girl I don't know.
Every time I've walked, I've had a plan of which Hanson I want to get close to, if I had anything I wanted to say, etc... but every time it never works out and I have always just gone straight to Zac. He's always been my favorite (except a weird phase in 2004 when Underneath came out and I thought I was a Tay-girl, WTF) and regardless of whether or not I though I wanted to walk with Ike or Tay... I thought wrong. I ALWAYS want to walk with Zac. So I did. I have to say, this was the most fun on the walk I've had. I wasn't nervous to talk to Zac. I didn't put a lot of pressure on myself to ask him relevant questions. I just stuck with him and we had some fun conversations (at least I had fun, haha). Ashlie, Melissa, Zac, and I kind of laughed through most of the walk. I think by the end we had talked with him about the Mavs, Sun Chips, and sky-diving. Sky diving came up through talking about how Sun Chips are good for you... then how modern medicine can keep you alive for a century... and then onto how Ashlie's husband, Grant, wouldn't last that long because he'd want to jump out of a plane.... or something like that... HAH! GOOD TIMES. And random.

Me, Ashlie, and Melissa
It was cool to be around him and kind of treat him like a normal human being, because some of the fans don't do that. I think some of them just get flustered and don't know what to say and so it's just word vomit. (I understand, I've felt like that too, in the past, but I had to mega-filter myself.) I can't tell you how many times we witnessed his nervous laughter during the walk because some fan had just told him something awkward. I actually was standing with him when a girl came up to him and started telling him that her and her friends used to travel to Tulsa to stake out his house... OK! Crossing a line! I get it, we all wanted to do that. Shoot, I even tried to plan a trip to Tulsa just to be there and see if I could run into Tay at a Starbucks, but you don't TELL the guy that. You basically just said to him, "I am creepy and used to stalk you!" I think if you want him to feel gratitude or some sort of endearment to you, don't go that direction. Zac, however, was so polite that he just sped up and pretended not to hear so he didn't have to respond.

Taylor and Melissa
A HILARIOUS ASIDE: There was a baby at the show with his parents, maybe 8 months old. ADORABLE. (P.S. Wasn't his first show either.) He was happy the ENTIRE walk and speech and everything, but as soon as Tay noticed him on his way back into the venue, he came over to the baby to say hello and the baby FREAKED THE HECK OUT. It was the best thing ever and I secretly hope someone got it on video. That baby is NOT a Tay fan, hahah!!!

Overall, the walk was magical once again. Lots of people did it, much money was donated, and I got to have yet another wonderful experience chatting and strolling with Zac. Not to mention, I ended up asking him if they had decided anything about the walk in Austin (which was the next day) because I was thinking of driving down but I had to kind of know what was up because [blah blah uninteresting exposition], SOOOO he told me he'd have the info up on H.net by the end of the night so I could check when I got home. AND HE DID IT. I felt very special. Even though the Austin walk turned out to be at 6:45 tonight, and it's raining, and most everything today is working against me so I couldn't go. But STILL. Sweet stuff.  


As for the show, this had to be one of the best Hanson concert experiences for me. Firstly, Ashlie, Mel, and I were LITERALLY closest we've ever been. I feel like I saw that every time, but it was FOR REAL this time. There were only two people in front of me, and if they wouldn't have minded awkward personal space, I could have reached out and touched the partition between the crowd and the stage. Secondly, this was, by far, the nicest audience in Hanson history. We made friends with everyone around us, and there was no pushing or bullying. AND I didn't feel cramped or claustrophobic once. Then, the openers didn't take 7 hours to finish up. It didn't feel like a horribly long time waiting between sets. Hanson actually came out before 10!

When they hit the stage, they opened with the coolest medley they've ever done. It was "Waiting for This" from the new album, but it had "Watch Over Me," "In the City," and "Rock and Roll Razorblade" in it! Then, they proceeded to play for 2 whole hours. It was non-stop. Pure amazingness. Some highlights for me were when they played Speechless. Not sure if I've personally heard it live before. Also, Ike totally ROCKED "Hand in Hand." Tay's solo was "Believe" and I think I understood the full meaning of that song for the first time during this performance. Then, in the slowest moment, some girl yelled "You're so hot, Taylor!" and the moment was slightly ruined... but it was still super beautiful.

"Give a Little" seriously left me all hot and bothered because Taylor was hard core flirting with the crowd. And I know this one might sound strange, but I was SUPER excited to hear "Voice in the Chorus" live. The reason for this is that early in the summer, when I had first bought the newest CD, "Shout it Out," Hanson had already announced their tour dates and Dallas wasn't one of them. I was pretty devastated. Then, listening to this song in my car one day, I felt the full force of my disappointment when I realized how cool "Voice in the Chorus" would sound live, and that I wasn't going to get to experience that. Obviously, they announced their 3rd leg and Dallas kicked it off, so it was a happy ending! And hearing that song WAS awesome live.


The boys finished out, faked the ending, encored with the "Ghostbusters" theme song (because...Halloween was the night before), and then left the stage. The gals and I rushed (ok, so I rushed them) to the back of the venue so we could get pictures. We weren't sure if they would come out... when they would come out... but thankfully we at least knew where, as they had a line forming. It's important to know at this point that one of the things I was thinking of most all summer long was how I needed another picture with Zac. The last and only one I've ever gotten was in 2007 when I had my least favorite hair cut of all time. And... I just love Zac. Plus, last year at the 2009 concert, I missed the walk and couldn't stay after the show and therefore missed a chance to get a picture then. And the year before that in 2008... for whatever reason, Zac was politely declining pictures.

Therefore, at this point in the night, all I could think about was getting a picture with Zac. You could imagine the angel chorus I heard in my head when he emerged from the building, only to have it choked off by him saying: "Sorry guys. I'm getting sick. Goodnight!" FOILED AGAIN!!!! I was very very sad. However, in a few minutes time, Tay made his way through the crowd. He was signing and taking pictures with fans. As he got to me, a homeless man cut in front of me and asked him for some money. Somehow, he managed to very politely (while smiling) tell him this was not the time. It was kind of awesome. He took a picture with me and it was glorious. He skipped my friends and signed stuff for a little girl, so before he moved past Ash and Melissa completely, I asked if he'd mind posing with them. After we got that picture, he said to me "Would you like one? You could swap?" Poor thing was so tired he didn't realize he had already taken a pic with me! I told him thanks but I just got one... but I am thinking now I should have just gotten a 2nd one. HAH! It was super cute, and I made sure to let him know it wasn't that I thought I was too good for a picture with Tay Hanson.

Mel, Tay, and Ash!

Me and Taylor. Favorite pic of us. EVER.
 Then, very soon after, Ike came by and I got a great picture with him as well. Ashlie had never gotten a picture with Isaac before so that was really cool for her. And Melissa had never gotten a picture with any of them. The night, overall, was a success. It was so much fun, worth the money, the time, the anticipation, and only made me want them to come back ASAP. Like next week, please.

Ike and me!

Mel, Ike, and Ash! First for them both. :)
The quality of music, talent, performance, and fan interaction has only gone up and up and up with these guys. I am shocked when I really think about just how lucky and maybe a little spoiled we Hanson fans are that these guys put so much effort into us. They have live streaming events for those of us who can't be physically at events, they have the walks to incorporate us into their passions, they play shows that are extremely long and AWESOME, and then they come out after and take pictures and sign stuff. They don't have to do a lot of those things and I am so grateful to them for being that kind of band. They are genuine and sweet and each experience I have with them only make me love them more. I hope we never take them granted, Fansons.

You better believe I'll be here next year, doing the walk, seeing the show, and contemplating driving down after them to do it again the next day. Hah! I love you, boys. Never change.


  1. I'm not a huge live music person, but it sounds like you had such ana amazing time and I was slightly jealous of your overall experience (despite the fact that I know nothing about Hanson) but it just sounds like such a blast. Cheers!

  2. So what did Zac have to say about the Mavs?

  3. So, I totally remember your Taylor phase. Lol. Kristin liked Isaac, and I became totally smitten with Zac. I still have the collage thing of Zac pics, that I'm pretty sure YOU made me? :P I've still never gone to a concert, but I love living vicariously through your Hanson experiences. They seem SO down to earth, and I'd loooove to join them during one of their walks. Glad you had a good time. Sucks Zac was sick...I would've been super bummed too!

  4. Mom - I said something about how awesome it was to be walking through Victory Park and the only way it could be cooler was if Dirk happened to come out of the AAC and walk with us. Then we joked about how tall he is. I wish I could have asked him about the OK thunder. I wonder if he's a fan.

    Mallory - Hahahah! You are totally right. But omg by the end of that year I think all of us were Zac-girls.

  5. I love your blog! Esp the pictures!!!! I'm glad you had a great time and I hope we get to go to a show together soon!!!

  6. Well I'm glad you got your wish and they came to Dallas after all :) I've never really been "OMG'z!!!" over a band before but I do love the feeling when you get to experience and be a part of something you love.

  7. It was definitley a great night! I'm almost positive you have heard them perform Speechless before because they have played it at almost every show I've gone to.

  8. Aw sweet, thanks for the story and photos!
    From a hanson livejournal person :)

  9. Mel- Yeah after I posted I realized I had heard it before... It still felt new for some reason!

  10. I guess a lot of things feel new each time! This concert definitely felt different than many of the others. Still the same in many respects of course, but it was nice to see them do a few things a little differently and change it up some. Great show as always!