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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Deathly Hallows London Premiere

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows just premiered today in London and I have pics from the red carpet with a few fashion comments to make. And so the countdown to Thursday at midnight begins!

Our man Harry!

Daniel Radcliffe looked sharp in this black suit and his blue patterned tie. The red poppy is for Remembrance Day. He's clean-shaven and his eyes are the usual bright blue. Perhaps, that's why they chose that color tie. I may have chosen a different pattern for it, or maybe a solid blue... but overall, he looks snazzy for this premiere.

The ginger

I think Rupert Grint looks so cute here! His suit seems to fit slightly awkwardly in the shoulders... or it might just be the length of his hair, but overall I like it. The dark gray shirt looks good, but I think the tie should have been a different color to make more of an impression.

The hottie 

Um.... I kind of don't have words for this. Emma Watson has always been gorgeous, but since when has she been supermegafoxyawesomehot?! (Name that reference and you will be my favorite person!) There is so much going on with this look, and it all works together so well! The lace at the top is sexy, but not slutty. The skirt is flirty and fun and, again, a great length that flirts with crossing the line of too-short, but is a perfect balance. And her LEGS go on forever and are only complimented by those FANTASTIC pumps! Not to mention that her awesome new pixie cut is nicely balanced with long dangling earrings. A+, chick. You have become a WOMAN. 

 We love you, trio!  Cannot wait to see what you have in store for us in the final installment!! 

The tool

Tom Felton looks so good. I love that he is wearing a tan suit! It's different, it makes a statement, and it matches his coloring perfectly. He is absolutely my pick for best dressed guy on the red carpet. Way to go, Tom! You look delish. P.S. THAT blue tie? WIN.


 Look who it is, it's Chloe Moretz. She was just TOO adorable not to include in this post. I think she looks perfect. Age-appropriate, classy, and more feminine than usual. I love it. And her. 

The crazy B

Oh Helena Bonham Carter? Do true fashion rules actually apply to you? I am sure the Fashion Police on E! will tear you apart, but it's because they don't know the unspoken understanding you have with the fashion world. You're a little nuts, you're basically married to Tim Burton... and you're a totally awesome actress who plays mostly eccentric roles. Therefore, you get to be as weird as you want on the red carpet, from here to eternity. So girl, you WEAR that crazy fucshia wad of fabric like it's a dress, and tease the heck out of your hair until it's stacked a few feet in the air. Then hold a clutch encrusted with rhinestones that is shaped like a Japanese fan while standing pigeon-toed in heels that seem too normal for the rest of your ensemble. Because, babe, NO ONE does Bellatrix like you. 


And last, but NOT even a little bit least, JK Rowling, the woman who brought us all of these things from her brilliant and wonderful mind and heart. She looks so beautiful! Here hair is a gorgeous color and length, make-up done well, dress flattering and graceful. It almost looks like she is wearing the conservative more mature version of the type of dress Emma had on. I wonder what it must have been like to see here there in real life? Even better, I wonder what it must have been like to be her at this event, knowing that none of this would exist if it wasn't for her. What an overwhelming feeling it must be to know that your creation has taken on it's own life and grown to this magnitude! I am so glad it has!

Is it November 19th yet?


  1. I love all of this so much. OMG. Emma looks divine. I'm in love love with them all. Can't wait!

  2. i think its a lil weird actually... in her interview the day before emma watson was all 'im not going to be wearing any cleavge showing or mins , its harry potter...aaan then shows up wearing a dress where the audience can practically see her whole body! lol! i find this funny :D...damn she works it!!

  3. Yeah...a lot of people here find the dress a little too vulgr for Harry Potter!. It's not a fashion event with were its about high fashion Emma..Fined!!

  4. thank you for this post, I totally missed the news the past few nights so I haven't seen any pics.

    they look so gorgeous. I have the biggest crush on Dan...

    cannot wait!!!

  5. Awesome! The pictures you have shared over here are really great and I like to watch them very much because they are so pretty. I like to watch pictures of premieres very much and you have shared so beautiful pictures with us.

  6. Hah! Emma isn't even close to being vulgar. She looks awesome. And I would say classy. There have been MUCH more vulgar dresses on the red carpet than that. x 10000000000000

  7. Emma looks so classy! I did a post on her recently about how well she's grown up. And Tom Felton looks so much better with a TAN! I love discovering fellow HP fans with awesome blogs!


  8. thnx for posting these pictures:)
    oh and i need to gloat ..i won tickets to watch harry potter on the 15th:D

  9. I kind of love your comments on Helena Bonham Carter's outfit haha she might just be my favorite actress BECAUSE she's so eccentric

  10. Your Bellatrix/HBC comment SIRIUSLY made my night ;)

  11. Here all these pictures are looking really very awesome. I like to watch pictures of premieres very much and you have shared so beautiful pictures with us.

  12. I agree with the Emma comments for sure! I didn't care for the pixie cut at first but now I see the supermegafoxyawesome hotness of it.

  13. Yeah I didn't quite know how to put a name without a link, so I'll just say how I knew the reference.

    You encouraged me to watch it.

  14. Only cause I gave you a hint!

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