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Monday, November 8, 2010

Live Blog: Conan's first night back!!!!

I have loved Conan since 2003. The first time I watched was because Elijah Wood was on doing an appearance for Return of the King, and I was watching pretty much every interview of any cast member from that movie. So I had to tune in, and it was love at first sight. From then on, Conan was my late-night host love. Since then I could never imagine a time in my life when Conan wouldn't be on TV. What a strange idea. So when he went away for these past 9 months I couldn't help but think of how I had taken him for granted... But starting tonight at 10 central time on TBS, I will never go to bed before 11 again! And I am STOKED!

LIVE BLOG BEGINS in T-21 minutes!

9:58 pm - LOVE the Conan countdown during Family Guy, haha! Best ever. Oh, and the TBS logo now has Conan hair.

10:00 -  It's HERE!!! OH MY GOD!!!

10:02 - Mad Men cameo!

10:04 - Opening skit WINS. Wait... Conan might jump off the bridge but... LARRY KING comes to help ... HAH! Oh how I've MISSED you Conaw!

10:05 - NEW CONAN INTRO! We've got the Basic Cable Band! LOVE IT! And an episode name!

10:06 - GLORIOUS GLORIOUS red-headed/bearded Conan has emerged!! La Bamba! I just saw La Bamba! Do the string dance! Do it!!! And now they are chanting his name... -HE'S DOING THE STRING DANCE!!!!!!!!- Best day ever! AND he just hugged an audience member. WISH I was there. "Hey, it's the guy from Twitter."

10:07 - "People asked me why I named the show 'Conan.' I did it so I would be harder to replace."

10:08 - First NBC BURN of the night! Keep 'em coming, baby!

10:11 - Ok I really need to go be in this audience so Conan can compliment MY boots. Woa... I feel a 2nd NBC Burn coming up.... YUP! Masturbating bear!

10:13 - Nerd Conan returns! He's actually insulting me... right now, and all the internet nerds that saved his butt. And I LOVE it that he acknowledges that. HAHA!

COMMERCIAL BREAK ASIDE: I feel like life is normal again...

10:18 - Missed Andy Richter too. Woa, did you guys know that Conan can make the moon in the background MOVE? With theme music? Best set EVER.

10:21 -  "Why didn't you just put a cigarette out in my eye?" Bahaha, yay Ex-Talk Show Host masks! "It's very authentic inside. Inside if smells like tears."

10:28 - Awe the "First Guest on Conan" song is my favorite. "You're the first guest on Conan, the most important person in history...." Beautiful.

10:30 - I know this is old news... but Seth Rogen is THIN... The world is not normal again.

10:31 - Awe, they just referenced Lord of the Rings.... made me happy! Also, I must say as a woman, Seth Rogen's version of his proposal is HORRIFYING.

COMMERCIAL BREAK ASIDE: Bezzerwizzer? "Who's the bezzerwizzer now, Jay?" I love commercials that cut Jay Leno down... but wtf is it? Apparently we go to bezzerwizzer.com to find out.

10:40 - I love when Conan has teeny little guests since he's so tall. Lea Michelle looks BIT-SIZED. "Your hair looks amazing, it's reaching new heights."

10:42 - Woa, asking about controversy. Not holding back on the sexy photos? Ah, it's all for a bit. Gotta love it. :)

10:45 - I want him to move the moon again!!

COMMERCIAL BREAK ASIDE: 6 of the 10 trending topics on Twitter are about Conan!

10:49 - Conan with a guitar!!  Conan with a guitar!!! He's performing with Jack White! What a good night.
Spoken Word Cover
10:51 - I feel like Conan performing a musical number with his musical guest officially makes him the coolest host in the history of the entire world.... like WOA.

10:53 - Seriously just clapped for that performance even though I'm in my living room on my couch.

10: 58 - BAHAHAH the cover of the Spoken Word CD is Conan's face. NEED THAT IMAGE.

11:00 - First show is OVER! Can't wait for more from NOW ON. THANK YOU, TBS!


  1. Is he thinner than Freaks and Geeks era?

  2. Grant thought the proposal was hilarious. I figured he would. Especially the nipple part. Totally Grant.

    So I have watched this show three times now. LOVE it. The opener was amazing and everything was just great. I can't wait to be able to see him every night again! It makes my life better. I honestly can't remember a time in my life when I didn't watch Conan. I think I've been tuning in almost since the beginning. I remember when he couldn't get guests you'd ever heard of, but he was STILL great! Always love him.

    We HAVE to go be in his audience. We always said we wanted to when he was at both locations before. We have to eventually get to him now!

  3. I think he is getting good as the time goes by. He is funny too.

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