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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Movie Review: Due Date

Hey, hey! Look what it is: a new RDJ movie! You guys must know by now how much I love Robert Downey Jr, so it should come as no surprise that I saw this movie the night it came out. And here, for everyone who isn't sure if they want to see it... a SPOILER FREE review!

So many critics have said bad things about this movie, but to be completely honest, I  really enjoyed it. It didn't blow my mind, and I didn't feel like it was to the caliber of a Forgetting Sarah Marshall or other favorite comedies, but it was fun and I did laugh pretty consistently.

Robert plays a pretty stiff business man with an anger problem. Zach Galifianakis plays pretty much what he was in The Hangover, a goofy socially-awkward misfit who can't help but cause trouble all the time. When a few miscommunications land them both on the "no fly" list, they are stuck together on a crazy trip back to Los Angeles. From there, it's kind of easy to see where the story is going, crazy situation to crazy situation, but there are still a few plots twists that keep you guessing. And a long with that, these characters also have more to them than might be expected. Galifianakis's Ethan is a mess, but there are moments of seriousness where you see more in him. Same for Robert's Peter. He's an angry man who has a lot of trouble dealing with this crazy man, but there are moments you see some real tenderness and caring from his character. I liked those moments because it added a little more to the movie and made it better than just a silly comedy.

Overall, I liked it a lot. You will not be wasting your time or money as long as you aren't looking for a life-changing earth-shattering comedy. It was fun, smart, and a little outrageous. It's a good movie to go see if you want to go out with the friends or the significant other.Check it out! I'll be seeing it again.


  1. Yay! I'm going to see it next week with my sister...pretty excited

  2. Cool, I was looking for a good comedy to check out! :D

  3. just saw it omg he is so gorgeous`

  4. I saw it at a screening last week and last night :D He was so beautiful!

  5. I haven't seen Due Date, but I liked The Hangover more than Forgetting Sarah Marshall (too long), but neither of these nearly as much as I Love You, Man, which had what these raunchy comedies need to have--good humor and honest feelings. Somehow that blend of the vulgar and the noble works. Is there any way that Due Date could be as good as I Love You, Man?

  6. I didn't like it as much as I Love You, Man... but it's kind of down that same line. Check it out and let me know what you think!