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Monday, November 15, 2010

Movie Night: Shutter Island!

The Dearings
So my husband and I have started to get together with another FABULOUS newly-engaged (Check out how awesome they are. Yup, that is their Halloween costume) couple for a monthly dinner and a movie night. This month (... we would have started earlier, but since 3 of the 4 of us are teachers, November is the earliest we had energy to do so, haha) we got together for Shutter Island on Blu Ray!

Caty and I have been friends since college, and she's just recently brought Justin into our lives. He's hilarious and fun, just like Caty, and he has a passion for media and things like that. You may have seen him over at his blog: A Media Hero. Since we all love movies, we thought it would be a fun thing to theme our dinner night to our movie choice. Since this was the first one, we didn't really go all out. However, we did stab the delicious casserole Justin made with a knife (if you've seen Shutter Island, you know it's not really about stabbing but... we couldn't shoot or drown the casserole).

Dun dun DUN!
Anyways, it's always fun to watch Shutter Island. For me it is one of my favorite films of 2010 (as can be shown in my original Shutter Island review, click!) AND who doesn't LOVE watching Leonardo Dicaprio? I mean really. But for all others present, Caty, Justin, and my hubby Justin, it was all their 2nd viewing. Those who have seen this movie know that the second viewing of this movie is a completely different experience than the first time! It was fun to see their reactions and talk about it afterward.

So what do you guys think? What should be our next movie night and theme dinner (Christmas maybe??!?!)? Since we'll have more time to think again, we can tie to movie in with the meal more easily. I am excited, and glad to have such fun friends. Holla!

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