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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! As a celebration of one of my favorite holidays ever, here are some pictures from my Halloween weekend with my friends and my hubby!


Justin went as Dexter!
I went as [SPOILER] dead Rita!
I even am wearing a towel to show that I just got out of the tub.
A little wrong?
Maybe... but I couldn't resist!

Yes, Justin and I dressed up like Dexter and Rita. I saw the Dexter costume while I was at the mall and could NOT pass it up! I called Justin immediately and asked if he'd by up for it, and he said yes. Unfortunately, we didn't even have plans for Halloween when I bought it, so we weren't sure what to do with it. Thankfully, the next day my friend Amanda sent an invite out about her last minute Halloween Party! Hoorah, a reason to dress up and put the Dex costume to good use. But that meant I had to come up with something to go with it. I know a lot of couples go as two different things, and that's cool, but I love doing counterpart costumes. SO... I came up with a very insensitive costume idea... sorry Rita fans, (I love her too!!!) but this one was too awesome to pass up!

This was my first time EVER doing a costume that was slightly scary. I usually like to go as something that is cute. Not something or someone that is either dead/dying/scary/threatening/boring. That last one is kind of a given, duh. So I had a hard time figuring out how I wanted to do my make up as I've never tried to make my self look dead. I've done dead eyes when I dressed as a vampire... but how did I do the rest? Thankfully, my friend, Terri, gave me some "dead lips" tips and I was on my way. Foundation over the mouth, powder, and then some blue eye-shadow. HELLO. Then I had fake blood to smear all over my arms and legs to look as though I've just gotten out of the bath. P.S. I DID have clothes on under my towel, guys, haha!

The costume party was SO fun! And we had a vast array of great costumes to dazzle us. Including the following:

Here's our beautiful hostess, Amanda!
(She's a ladybug, if you can't tell)
Here we have Snookie, Rita (me), a Chilean miner, a bee, a ladybug, and Liz Lemon from 30Rock.
Antics ensued, there were games and punch and a LOT of laughter. It was so special to laugh and be silly with these people. AND to introduce our significant others to each other. And to other friends. I hope it becomes an annual party, hint hint!

Here's a drink with a mustache.

Terri's antenna made a jump into her punch.

The mustache kept jumping from place to place all night.
P.S. This is Terri's husband, a bee-keeper. TOO CUTE RIGHT?

Oh! The tables have turned!
Happy Halloween! I'd love to see your costumes. Comment links to pictures!


  1. Love the Dexter costumes!

    ...but I have to say, the Chilean miner still takes the cake for me. HUH-larious :)

  2. Mhhm, I'm sure it does take the cake. :)

  3. the picture of you lying on the floor dead is so cool (in a weird way, obviously). it reminds me of the photo shoot from top model a few years ago where they were all dead. you look really pretty in that pic, in a "i'm supposed to be dead" sort of way. =)

  4. AWEsome! I'll always have mixed feelings about your dead Rita costume! It's perfect! But my heart will always cry about it. ::sigh::: p.s I LOVE the Chilean miner! LOL

  5. I am disturbed beyond all reason. I can barely look at you. (crying) lol

  6. Yay! I'm glad my miner costume was a hit :)

  7. Lol Dexter and Rita costumes are pretty cool but Chilean Miner and Drink with a Moustache own my heart. Good that you let us guys know you were clothed under there or else we wouldve went to our graves wondering if you did. (jk, but it was a funny comment of yours)

  8. You look nothing like rita..stupid costume.