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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blogger Post: McGowan Images

Just recently I've started being addicted to photography blogs. Mostly,  wedding/engagement/bridal blogs are my favorite. I absolutely LOVE them! The excitement, however, is multiplied by a million when the pictures I'm paroozing belong to a friend. That

This past weekend, one of the most anticipated (for me, at least!) weddings took place between Meagan Caldwell and Eric Betchel. Meagan is a GORGEOUS person, inside and out, and her wedding, I knew, would be the event of the year! She has been planning all year, and from the small things I've heard about her ideas for the day, I knew it was going to be something I wanted to see. I have been so excited to know how it all turned out, and there is no better way for these beautiful things to be portrayed but through the camera lense of Chelsea McGowan. She was their wedding photographer and she is amazing!  Her blog deserves some love, and I want to help spread it! 

Cheslea took so many wonderful pictures at Meagan's and Eric's wedding that she is going to have to post 2 more photo entries (2 is here, and 3 will come tomorrow!) to show off all the wonderful images. My personal favorites, I think (it's so hard to choose since they are all so amazing), are the bridesmaids pictures. I LOVE all the different colors and styles of dresses each chose with different shoes. You can just SEE their precious personalities pouring through their outfits. How perfect! And the pictures really show the fun these girls have together, which I've been lucky enough to see first hand at a certain midnight showing. (Haha!)

So stay tuned, because Chelsea is wonderfully talented and is sure to continue to wow us with her pictures! 


  1. You're such a doll! I feel like I've arrived... a blogger blogged about me. :)
    Mack & I really busted our tails for this wedding, and we're so glad it's appreciated!!

  2. I second that! Chelsea, those are FANTASTIC photos! Elegant and beautiful.

    Thanks so much for pointing me in their direction, Audree!

  3. Oh my gosh, Meagan looks so gorgeous! Not that I would expect anything different. Chelsea, you guys outdid yourselves!