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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pseudo-Live Oscars 2010 Blog

I don't have a lap top like my counter part, Kevin K, so I have to do my live blog the hard way. I'm tweeting my reactions, and then compiling my blog in chunks. Stay tuned! About every 15 minutes I'll update!

5:00 pm - Reporting the Oscar red carpet via Twitter! Anna Kendrick is in a beautiful blush tone gown!

5:11 - Monique steps on Anna's dress. And kind of interrupts her interview with Ryan.

5:12 - Matt Bukaty's girlfriend Zoe Saldana arrives.

5:17 - Wondering why Mariah Carry and Nick Cannon are even at the Oscars. For once the twins are contained.

5:26 - Zoe Saldana talks about Avatar. And is interrupted by some guy... who is telling her that what the movie is about is really special to him... as though she wrote it. She nods politely until he leaves.

5:29 - Just remembered Mariah was in Precious and it's not just her desire for attention that she's at the Oscars. I'M SORRY. Thanks Kevinn K !

5:34 - Ryan Reynolds!!!!!! Absolutely love that man! Tina Fey just arrived in a beautiful black detailed dress.

5:36 - Maggie Gyllenhaal arrives in blue, black, and purple. Better hair than Globes.

5:39 - James Cameron's hair is not as douchey as before. Talking sweet about Bigelow and how he's proud of what she's done, and that she lent her eye to help his perspective on Avatar a few times during the creation of the movie. Elizabeth Banks arrives in an amazing gray full-length gown!

5:42 - Omg Banks' ruffles WIN. Go Versace! I love the E! glam cam.

5:44 - Christoph Waltz just arrived!! Get excited Bettis!

5:56 - Sandra Bullock blows my MIND. She absolutely is dressed to WIN this Oscar.

5:58 - AND Giuliana Rancic just said exactly what I did about Sandra. I DESERVE her job! And Diane Kruger = FAIL. Bad dress, bb. Definitely the 2nd time this year she's done something REALLY wrong on the red carpet.

6:01 - Haha, just sounded like Ryan Seacrest called Tyler Perry "precious." But he was awkwardly talking about the movie.

6:06 - A blonde Rachel McAdams with large earrings has arrived. 2nd gray (correction: multiple colors!) dress of the evening. Miley arrives looking cheap, burnt, and fail.

6:08 - Jake there to support his seester!!! So sweet and I love them both. <3

6:13 - Bigelow arrives! She looks stunning. SJP arrives. CRAZY hair, high fashion dess in yellow. Woa! Go Chanel.

6:17 - Kat Bigelow canNOT be 57. She's so hot. Showing Rach McAdams' dress in full. Gray and nude roussing all across the dress. Beautiful.

"CHARLIZE. She is wearing the rose-colored sequel to Drunkface's boob-grope gown. -H"

6:30 - Clooney and Queen Latifah cluster with Seacrest. Maryl Streep looks beautiful in white.

6:34 - Seacrest says J-Lo is blocking traffic with her giant, strangely-shaped, dress.

6:38 - Keanu with patchy facial hair. K-Stew in a BEAUTIFUL black mermaid dress. Ugh, too bad I can't stand her. AND TayLau arrives looking dapper.

6:40 - Gabi Sidibe is ADORABLE! "If fashion was porn, this dress would be the money shot. And you know it!"

6:41 - RDJ and Susan Downey!!!!!! He looks amazing in his teal bow-tie and precious shades! And 50s style hair! And tennis shoes! God I love this man.

6:52 - Kate Winslet!! Looking GORGEOUS. A soft gold dress. Just like the goddess she is.

6:58 - Cameron Diaz actually looks pretty. WTF?

7:01 - Now onto inferior red carpet coverage on ABC.

7:07 - Another look at Sandra solidifies that she looks beyond stunning! Wow.

7:15 - SJP... you are so precious. That crazy poof-do only YOU could pull off.

7:23 - Kate Winslet has to be one of my favorite women on Earth. Love her interviews ALWAYS.

7:30 - Let's begin!! Weird opening. Announcing all best actor/actress nominees. Kind of liked it.

7:32 - Neil Patrick Harris!!!!!!! Musical number!!!! Best surprise ever!!!!!!

7:35 - The only thing that could have made that musical number better is if ConanOBrien came out and finished it with him.

7:38 - First "The Jerk" reference of the night!!!

7:45 - REALLY long clips for each nominee. Gah get on with it.

7:48 - Christoph Waltz wins best supporting! Speech is adorable and eloquent.

7:58 - Big surprise. Up! won best animated feature as it deserved!

8:00 - Next to Amanda Seyfreid, Miley looks even worse. But they're sweet interacting

8:05 - Awkward phrase # 1: "I love you more than rainbows." Wha???

8:12 - RDJ and Tiny Fey are HAH- larious!! RDJ's shades lenses match his bowtie!!! I can't get enough of him!!

8:20 - John Hughs tribute is great. Very special. Mac Culkin! <3

8:23 - Saw Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel Mcadams sitting together. THEY should be the next big Hollywood couple.

8:32 - Yay! Wallace and Gromet did NOT win. Suck it.

8:36 - Woa. Kanye moment at the Oscars. Awakward. Who WAS that woman?

8:38 - Ben Stiller is Avatar-ified!!!! Bahahhaah. Speaking Na'vi. "It was between this and the Nazi uniform."

8:48 - Ok Rach and Jake presenting together. Beautiful children would be had. Get together!!!

8:58 - Monique wins the Oscar! Big surprise! Congrats pretty lady.

9:07 - Awkward line # 2: "James Cameron. This gold statue sees you." Stop trying to make that line happen. Its not going to be a catch phrase.

9:11 - Still pissed Sherlock wasn't nominated for best costume but yay Victoria.

9:18 - Ready for K-Stew to be horrendously awkward and bored. And she delivered. Way to clear your throat 7 time in 2 sentences.

9:22 - Horror movie tribute kicks ass.

9:25 - Yay taking a look at The Dark Knight because it's the best ever. Thanks Morgan Freeman!

9:28 - Yay Hurt Locker!! TWICE!!!

9:30 - This year's Oscars are missing 2 big things: Leonardo Dicaprio and Cate Blanchett.

9:47 - Very cool way to introduce the best score nominees! Playing them while people dance to them.

9:53 - Yay Up won best score! I was surprised.

10:00 - I just realized I'm not updating any of the Avatar wins. Eh, I'm ok with it.

10:07 - Woo! I've lost count of 'what to what' but another for the Hurt Locker.

10:17 - Ok is it THAT hard to know where to go when you win? Go to the stage... Then go to where people are ON the stage.

10:32 - Kate Winslet announces best actor. They play Titanic music when she comes out. Hahaha. WIN.

10:47 - Sandy B! Get on with ya bad self!!!

10:52 - Ok. Sandra wins best speech too.

10:54 - Omg here we go best director.

10:55 - History has been made!!!! Yay for Bigelow winning best director!

10:59 - Hurt Locker!!! Suck it Avatar!!! Best picture of the year! I am so happy right now.

"Being the first woman to win Best Director, and defeating your ex ALL AT THE SAME TIME? WELL PLAYED, KATHRYN BIGELOW. YOU ARE AWESOME. - J"