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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Dumbest Men in Hollywood

In honor of the, or [with politics being the way they are right now] at least ONE OF the most hated men in America, I decided to do a top 5 of some of the stupidest men who have ever set foot in Hollywood. That's right. I'm talking about men who were with women who were not only BEAUTIFUL and SEXY, but also SUCCESSFUL and FAMOUS. Yet, they STILL decided to cheat on their lovely wives. Behold, the Hall of Fame of Hollywood Douchery.

#5. Jude Law
Jude Law and Sienna Miller were a beautiful British power couple a few years ago. The two were engaged to be married in 2004, but then Jude had an affair with his children's nanny. I'm sorry but Sienna is not only a bombshell, but she's a talented actress and model. To me, Jude was an idiot to toss this one aside.

#4. Ethan Hawke
This one really upsets me. I absolutely love Uma Thurman. Hawke not only cheated on her, but the two of them had kids. When you cheat in a marriage, that's one level of low, but when you have two kids that's an entirely new low. How selfish do you have to be? On Oprah, Uma admitted that she was deeply hurt and it was a very hard time in her life. However, she was gracious and said something I think was so admirable:

"Blaming anybody doesn't make you feel better and when you have two children, I think, that's such a priority to protect them and to never lose sight of the fact that, even if you're in a fight or even if things are going badly, it's in their best interests that everybody comes out OK, so there's no winning.You bear two children with somebody, that's not a small thing. And then you can hardly talk to them and you need to and your children need you to and so you work on it and he's made an effort and I try to make an effort."

To me, the man is scum, but I'm glad that Uma can take the high road and look back on her situation this way.

#3. Ryan Phillipe
WHO could EVER cheat on such a precious person as Reese Witherspoon? I don't know either, but some how this piece of crap found a way. What goes through a man's head when they are about to be unfaithful to a completely gorgeous woman who they are committed to, such as Reese? It's just unreal to me, but as this list proves... it still happens! These two had the most precious story. They met on one of their earliest movies in each of their careers and they fell in love. They had two children. They were together for about 8 years. And then... infidelity. Of course there must have been other factors here, but please.... cheating is never ok. ESPECIALLY cheating on REESE WITHERSPOON, DUH.

#2. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were like were like American Hollywood royalty in their time. They were THE most beautiful couple. The all-American, angel-faced man and the beautiful girl next door... surely one day they would have made the most incredible babies this world would have ever known. But alas... it didn't happen. I don't care what anybody says about Brangelina, the fact is Brad Pitt is a big fat cheater and Angie is a home wrecker and no matter how much humanitarian work they do together, that will not change. I've stopped hating the two of them, finally, within the last year. In fact, I quite like Angie now, but I'll never forget when Brad and Jenn were together and the then the pain he caused one of my favorite Hollywood sweethearts.

#1. Jesse James

Big surprise. But honestly... WHO COULD BE DUMBER THAN JESSE JAMES? Not just because his wife was AMERICA'S SWEETHEART, but also because even if neither of them were famous, Sandra would still be WAY out of his league... and even beyond that, look what he chose to cheat with! No honestly, there could not be anyone in this world with less sense in their head than this man. DUMB DUMB DUMB. And no one deserved this less. Sandra finally got an Oscar, and now she can never look back at that night or listen to her speech without it being completely tainted by his betrayal. It's just disgusting.

Comment me your thoughts! Who did I leave out? What do you think about what I said. Let me know your perspective on this.


  1. I was totally expecting Tom Cruise to be your number one DUMB ASS DOUCHEY DOUCHE!!! But I agree with the others. I didn't even know about Jesse James!

  2. You already mentioned some of my favorite girls: Reese, Jennifer, and Sandra. So I'm not sure who to add. But I'm with you. I don't know WHAT would make a guy cheat on women like these. And Poor Sandra. Not only was it so close to her Oscar win, that woman he cheated with was GROSS! If that's more his style, so be it....

    Didn't Kate Winslet and her husband split too? Maybe that wasn't infidelity though.

  3. Mere, it wasn't infidelity. They just grew apart.

  4. Agree, agree, agree!
    I LOVED Brad and Jen. I was so unhappy when they split.
    And yes, Jesse James is a complete moron. Sandra is AMAZING.

  5. totally agree...should have had some tiger woods. OH MY GOSH. but yeah, great list. i still get really angry about brad pitt. jenn is just the most beautiful woman EVER!

  6. Four of the men are jerks for sure, but Brad--not so sure. Jude wasn't going to marry or even have a relationship with the nanny, neither was Jesse with the tattoo/porn/biker queen. Four of the guys are just looking for sex. (Maybe like Meg Ryan with Russell Crowe a few years back?) But with Brad, I think he really felt and still feels that with Angelina he has a soul-mate and a true companion. That may not justify leaving his wife, but it's a different situation than those with the other four guys. Paul Newman was married to someone else when he met Joanne Woodward in the 1950s. Divorce. New marriage lasts about fifty years. I think that people who resist these sort of temptations are showing a good deal of restraint, but Paul and Brad and some others like them may need a word other than jerk. Reckless, maybe.