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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Movie Reivew: Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

This movie was visually, VERY impressive. In every shot I was enthralled. I absolutely loved the images Tim Burton produces. As the story goes, it was pretty good. It was based on Through the Looking Glass and I enjoyed Burton's rendition of it.

Johnny Depp was adorable, and parts of him were new, like the random Scottish accent that I loved. But a lot of the Hatter was very much like his Willy Wonka. I honestly wished that Johnny had brought a little bit more to the Hatter that was new, something we hadn't seen before. As much as I always love Johnny, I was slightly underwhelmed. It was interesting that they decided to make The Hatter, basically, the main character. I wondered if that was originally how it would be before they had cast the movie, or if they made the part bigger when they decided Johnny would play The Hatter.

I would have to agree with a few comments I've heard and say the Cheshire Cat definitely stole the show. Endearing, yet creepy, he was enigmatic. My crew and I left the movie wishing we had a neon-stripped cat that smiled and reappeared whenever we needed him most. Not to mention Stephen Fry's voice was perfect for the character. Loved the cheshire cat.

So many of my favorite actors had small roles in this movie. Michael Sheen, Alan Rickman, and Christopher Lee were at the top of my list! But of course, Helena Bonham Carter certainly stole many scenes with her amazing delivery. I loved the line "Cloth this ENORMOUS girl." It's not that great of a line, but just the way she says it makes it hilarious! The queen could not have been played by anyone other than her, that's for sure.

What I was not impressed by was Mia Wasikowska. She was GORGEOUS beyond belief, but she didn't own Alice as an actress once throughout the entire film. Even at the end when she was supposed to have returned with all the answers in hand, simmering with new confidence. And with a character like Alice, who is so iconic, you can't play her half-heartedly.

There were just a few moments that made the movie seem less wonderful, and more silly, like The Hatter's strange disjointed break dancing at the end. It was unsettling and didn't fit with the synthesis of the rest of the movie. Also what was with the White Queen holding her hands up like a fairy princess the whole time? She was like Giselle from Enchanted which is MAKING FUN of fairy tales. It was just not a good call. It was distracting.

With all that being said, however, overall, I enjoyed the movie and didn't have many disappointments at all. Johnny was his usually impressive self, Tim Burton created a stunning view, and Danny Elfman's score was enchanting. Very good, fun, and whimsical movie!


  1. I really enjoyed this review!
    I'm so excited to go see this movie, perhaps now even more so. I especially can't wait for the Cheshire cat. :)

  2. I'd definitely agree on Mia W. Tragically miscast, really only looks the part, but she was either bored or to uncertain of herself.

    Johnny was terrific, but it's not as if he really blew anyone away, he just really nailed the character. To me, what was the best part of Johnny, Stephen Fry, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway was all the little nuanced things they did, like Hathaway's dreamy way of carrying herself, Johnny's insane little mannerisms, etc.

    For me, the movie was good, not great, but highly entertaining and visually stunning. I saw it in 3D, and I'd like to see it in 2D, as I recently learned that unlike Avatar, which was shot in 3D, and thus the 3D experience is essential, Alice was shot in 2D, with 3D added in post-production, so the colors, contrast, and sharpness of the image are all a bit nicer in 2D for Alice.

  3. I completely agree with you about Mia Wasikoska! But I actually didn't like Johnny's random scottish accent, the first time I saw this movie. It sort of bothered me a bit. The second time I saw it the accent didn't bother me but maybe that's because I knew it was coming. And I thought the way Anne Hathaway walked was funny. It even made me LOL especially when she was walking with her posse (or whatever you call them) telling them the trees looked sad and to speak them more kindly.

    I saw this movie in 3D the first time and I HATED the 3D! It distracted me BIG time and actually gave me a headache and little nausea! After seeing in the first time my friend and I talked about how this movie was largely disappointing and didn't live up to it's hype. However, the second time I saw it I saw it in 2D and I have to say I enjoyed the MUCH more. I was able to appreciate it a lot more without the distraction of 3D. I still didn't absolutely love it like I had hoped I would, but I did really like it.

    I always love reading your movie reviews!

  4. I haven't seen it yet, but plan to with Jordan today. Your review intrigued me.

  5. Guess I'll need to see it again in 2D. Hadn't thought of it being better in 2D.

  6. Well since it was Tim Burton and Alice In Wonderland, I was going to love it even if it sucked. BUT, I wasn't disappointed and I thought it was awesome. Tim Burton just has that innate ability to make you not want the movie to end. Anyway...

    I thought the casting for this film was impeccable...even with Mia as Alice. I see what you mean about her not owning the character, but her character was supposed to be insecure and feel out of her element and I think she did it well. And that had to be how Tim wanted it, otherwise he wouldn't have cast her. Anne Hathaway was hilarious trying to be an elegant queen but failing at the elegant part. For me, The March Hare was PHENOM! Loved it. Crazy. Perfection. I feel like Johnny could've been more crazy but I guess that's more of his character in the first book and not this one. But I def agree with your comments on the Cheshire Cat and the Red Queen. They were perfectly done.

  7. Finally saw this, and I really liked it. Maybe seeing it in 2D helped, I don't know. I admit I'd still like to see it in 3D. But I really enjoyed all of the cast, and the characters they portrayed. I especially loved the bloodhound, not gonna lie. :)

    I agree with Matt. I didn't really want it to end!