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Sunday, June 6, 2010

MTV Movie Awards: Live Blog


7:36: Can't really handle how annoying and trashy the Jersey Shore group really is... and it only gets classier with Snookie being a guest interviewer on the red carpet. Uuuh.

7:37: First award of the night "Best Fight" went to Ali Larter and Beyonce. Everyone should know that I thought it should have gone to Robert Downey Jr and Robert Mallait from Sherlock Holmes. But it being MTV, I'm not guessing anything that actually matters will really win...

7:41: Oh goody... after the red carpet we get to see the first 10 minutes of the Jersey Shore season premiere... WHY do people watch this crap?

7:42 OH goodness, Katy Perry has blue hair. Still cute.

7:43: OH MY GOD!!!! Les Grossman and Robert Pattinson!!!! OHHHH how I love random Tropic Thunder references, and ESPECIALLY when they are combined randomly with RPattz. That was too good.

7:48: Going comatose for a few to save myself from this preview of Jersey Shore. AWFUL.

7:57: Can we PLEASE make it stop? What has MTV come to?

Awards Show:

8:01: OMG opening with Tropic Thunder stuff just wins me over. And you KNOW this is my favorite Ludacris song ever.

8:02: OH MTV you make me so happy!! TayLau and RPattz in skits showing personality? It's SO MUCH THAT I LOVE.

8:03: BAHAHAH Tom Cruise just called Will Smith the Fresh Prince. And then Bill Heder said "Parent's Just Don't Understand."

8:06: Alright, let's see if Aziz will actually be pretty good, or lame and annoying.

8:10: Just saw Paul Rudd in the audience. Makes my heart smile. AND Aziz is bashing 3D and so I am on his side so far.

8:11: Oh God, already talking Twilight.. and Rob is awkward... and K-Stew already looks like she hates her life. Tay is adorable as usual. :)

8:14: Best female performance.... K-Stew. Let's watch her awkwardness. Can she make a complete sentence? Not so much stuttering as just trying to get through it ASAP. At least she faked gratitude this time!

8:22: Russell Brand... please button up. kthnxbye

8:23: So I guess EVERYTHING is going to be Twilight centered tonight? It's a guilty pleasure for me, but I know many people are like "STFU OMG Twilight SUX."

8:25: Break out star? Please be Anna?! ... IT IS!! YAY! And she looks SO hot. Bless her little heart. She's the cutest, and I feel personally proud of her even though I've had no reason to feel responsible for her. LOVE her!

8:29: Could this actually make me like Tom Cruise again?? WTF!! Les I love you. And you dancing with J-Lo.


8:36: Best Scared Performance... went to Amanda Seyfriend just because she kisses Megan Fox in that movie. Should have gone to Paranormal Activity.


8:45: Best kiss... PLEASE don't be K-stew and RPattz. Oh my God... really.. it's them again. Will they kiss THIS year? They faked us out last year. Haha, and she passed the statue off to Robert since she dropped hers last year. Smoke and mirrors my ass. KISS B! KISS! Wow... that was annoying. Faked out for like 4 minutes until he just grabbed her and it wasn't smooth. LAME. Should have just done it.

8:52: Katy no... those shorts are... TOO BIG. I mean.. they make you look big and you AREN'T!

9:00: Oh SANDY B is there!! How sweet! She's being honored and I love her.

9:06: WOO, girl, those heals. You look AMAZING. Everyone loves her and it’s great. “This award is for old people who are going to step down and let someone new come in. Well, that’s not going to happen, I’m staying.”

9:09: Uuuuh, Scarlett and Sandra are going to kiss. Yup they just did.

9:18: Everyone loves when Samuel L. Jackson says the F word.

9:19: Tom Felton just won for best villain! Would have never thought!! He is SO PRECIOUS!!!

9:27: Wow all these “Biggest Badass” nominees suck.

9:29: Twilight sneak peek. I’m Team Jake. Duh.

9:36: Best Male Performance… RPattz. Son of a Bitch. Taylor was SO MUCH BETTER AND HAD REAL ABBS.

9:42: I love Xtina. She always does good performances. And sings live. Very rare.

9:58: Tom Cruise is not Les Grossman now… and he’s actually more creepy. Awe someone just screamed “Show me the money” and he cracked up.

10:00: Best movie goes to… New Moon. LAME. Gah, I was thinking at LEAST the Hangover would win. At least this gets Taylor Lautner on stage. BAHAHA. Peter is f-bombing like crazy and the censors are REALLY terrible at covering it up.

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