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Sunday, June 27, 2010

True Blood S3: Episode 3 Reactions


Now I haven't read the books, even though usually I absolutely preach that the book is always better than the movie/show... but in this case, I've found that TV series is much better and more extensive than what I have read of that books. And I care more the TV series and wouldn't want the books to ruin the show for me, (isn't that backwards; but that's just how good I think the show is) so all my theories are based on what I think the show is doing, not what I know from the book series.

Everyone is FREAKING OUT about the end of tonight's episode of True Blood because seemingly, Bill cheated on Sookie with Lorena... however I have a different view of this. I really don't think that Bill did it on his own. I believe that he was, in some way, forced into it because of Lorena's power over Bill.

Here are my argument points for this.

-Even though Lorena "released" Bill, she still had control to a degree over him in Dallas. So it wouldn't seem too far out there to believe that she still has some kind of sway over him now. She is his maker and that can never be undone even though he has been released.

- Vampires seem to become physically vulnerable when they are emotionally weak. For example, Eric was dealt a pretty rough blow from Bill when he was depressed about Godric. I don't know if this is just because Vamps heal more easily than humans, so when they feel sad they don't care to try to fight back, or if they just don't have the motivation, but it seems that emotional vulnerability usually makes them seem physically vulnerable. Godric said to Eric "A Vampire isn't subject to emotions. He dominates them." And if he doesn't dominate them... perhaps he will become weak. Because of this, it may not be far out to believe that because Bill was so emotionally vulnerable at the time, he could not fight off Lorena's power, which is why he did what he did.

-He was screaming in agony and trying to inflict pain and disfigure Lorena in the middle ("kill" her, or feel as though he is, even though she can't be killed). It seemed like he was fighting against two parts of himself, the part that was controlled and the part that didn't want to do it in the first place!

Now obviously I am just clinging to what I hope is true for Bill since I love him so much and don't want to ever believe that he could ever hurt or betray Sookie.... but I'd like to think that I have SOME weight in my argument... what do you guys think?

BE GENTLE, haha!

BOOK SPOILER? I understand that apparently some say Bill is trying to push Sookie away to protect her... so doesn't that just mean that she'll go be with ANOTHER vampire (Eric)? And therefore he would have done that for no reason since the same "danger" would be present in her new relationship? That's dumb. And very Twilight: New Moon ish... ick.

Either way... The TV show HAS deviated from the books on numerous occasions... it is possible that it will do something different here as well to keep us guessing. What are some of your ideas about this situation? Where do you believe the story will go next?


  1. LMAO at the Twilight comparison. Yeah, no thanks. It's not as if Meyer didn't already wreak havoc on literature, but now on one of my favorite TV shows? Dammit Meyer, you are one evil bitch.

    Anywho, back on topic. Your theory seems solid, but I'm still not entirely convinced. I think one of the reasons Bill did it was because of one really big thing that they seem to be headed towards, a major plot point in the books. I'm not sure if you want to know what it is, so I'll leave it at that. If you do want to know, then I'll explain in a further comment.

    I think the idea that vampires more easily give into their primal desires when under emotional stress is solid, as most of the vampires on the show have been seen to do irrational things not typical of the image of a cold calculating vampire when in a situation that they are emotionally compromised by. (Bill killing vampires to protect Sookie, Eric doing crazy things to find and protect Godric, etc.)

    It killlllls me that we have to wait two weeks for the next episode. Is it because of July 4th being next weekend? I would assume so.

  2. And I'll be on a plane the night of the next episode so OMG DEATH!

  3. The show deviates HEAVILY from from the book series... It's up in the air about Bill's intentions. Lorena is also
    disposed of much sooner... But who knows this whoooole show continues to surprise me. Never know what us coming next and I've read the whole series haha!

  4. It's just SO GOOD! I love that both audiences, the ones who've read the books and haven't, are BOTH completely lost on what may happen next!

  5. I think some of your theories make sense. In my personal opinion, I believe that even though Lorena has "released" Bill, that he will always feel the blood bond between them, since she is his maker. I believe that although he hates her with everything he has, his blood still lusts after her. The whole turning her head around just made me think that the blood lust was too much for him to deny, but he couldn't stand looking at her face while he boned her.

  6. After watching the encore of the episode at 10:30, I have to say that I think Bill was definitely not under Lorena's power or influence in any way. In fact, I think he did what he did on purpose. In some strange, twisted way, Bill is doing two things.

    First off, I think it's a ruse on his part to prove his loyalty to the Mississippi kingdom. But at the same time, his reaction to what he was doing shows that in some way, he's punishing himself for leaving Sookie behind in Louisiana. Turning Lorena's head around was his way of not having to look at her, because he was so appalled by what he was doing, and he is disgusted by her very presence. That being said, I still think it's definitely a ruse on his part, and the whole say one thing, do another was him literally mind-f***ing Lorena, making her want it more, and thus playing into her twisted obssession with him. She is literally so lonely and obsessed with Bill that she doesn't care that he's turning her head like a corkscrew while they bone. As long as she THINKS she has him again, that's what is important to Bill.

  7. I think I agree with Lorena still having power over Bill and the violence of the sex scene was showing Bill's rebellion to that power. I just think they talked this episode up a bit too much and it left me disappointed.

    As for the book comparison, while I will try not to give anything away, I got an indication from last weeks episode that they are heading toward a major plot point in the books that may shine a new light on Bill, so that may have something to do with tonight's inner struggle Bill was facing as well.

    And on a side note....I again suggest reading the books. They are different enough that each can be enjoyed on it own, and I find it is quite fun to guess when they are going to stick with the book or change things up. They have only made me mad about changing a book event twice. One for a real character/plot point I felt was necessary and once just because I wanted to see Alex Skarsgard in spandex ;)

  8. I just finished watching the episode and I am torn. I have not read the books either so I have not a clue as to what may happen next. At first I agreed with you, Audree, that Lorena still had power over Bill and that's what made him "bone" her (as my fellow commenters put it). But, the tiny little scene last week where Franklin finds those papers in Bill's drawer makes me think something else is going on that we don't know yet (I am also assuming that is what the other commenters who have read the book are hinting at) and I am wondering if whatever that is may have something to do with the "boning."

    I do know one thing for sure though, I am SUPER excited for the next episode; heck, for the rest of the season! I think this may be the best season yet!

  9. It is the best so far because all of this mystery has to do with the main characters instead of a stupid horrible and annoying witch woman.

    What I think about those papers is that there is something more to why Bill is in Bon Temps, but I think he truly DOES love Sookie. I don't know that screwing Lorena would have anything to do with that secret.... but shit, I really wanted it to be true that Lorena planted that stuff to make it look like Bill was there because the queen asked him to, instead of sincere feelings for Sookie so that Sookie would break up with Bill.

    I am ALWAYS trying to save the characters I love from being "insert upsetting thing here" with my theories. ALWAYS. I mean, I had a huge theory that Dumbledore was still alive minutes after finishing the 6th book and I didn't believe for sure that he had died until I finished the 7th. I just... have to be in denial until I know whatever I thought before truly HAS changed.

    Kevin, it doesn't make sense that "As long as she THINKS she has him again, that's what is important to Bill." Because just before that, he said TO HER FACE "I will NEVER love you." So I guess I don't get your whole theory now... which, can I just point out is the EXACT opposite from what we discussed! What are you trying to do to me?

    I think it's more than likely true that there is more to Bill than I want to believe and that, unfortunately, it will make us see Bill in a different life... I AM JUST NOT READY TO ACCEPT THIS!

  10. I have had suspicions all along that there was more to Bill than meets the eye. After last week's episode I believe Sookie IS the reason he is in Bon Temps. I just don't know what it is about her that has drawn him to her. Did you follow that? Sorry, I should have worded that sentence better. I have always thought there was something fishy about Bill. I am Team Eric. All the way. I want him and Sookie to get together. BAD! To me, Bill has been too good to be true from day one. Just my opinion, but I'm putting it out there for you to mull over. I can't wait to see how this all plays out!

  11. Let me word my theory more clearly.

    Sex with Lorena was a ruse by Bill to make her think he is loyal to Mississippi, and to her. But really, he isn't. The violence was him acting out in disgust of his own actions and what he had to do in order to accomplish his goals. His whole saying that he hates her but proceeding to bone her was just his way of toying with her mind and playing games with her sick obsession of him. In other words, he was playing a twisted version of hard to get. It made her want him more and by saying one thing and doing the opposite, it lulls her into a sense of security and thinking she is the one in control, when he's in control all along. In other words, he's playing her like a violin and will cut her strings when the time is right.

    Secondly, I think that Bill is in fact working undercover for the Queen, and did come back to Bon Temps to investigate Sookie's telepathic (and other) abilities. His job was to track her down, seduce her, and learn everything he can. Problem is, he really has fallen in love with her, so he's super conflicted now. I don't think they are going the New Moon route, but more of an espionage route, where Bill feel in love with his mark. In a sense, that could be why he is going to tell her to stay away from him, because he doesn't want to hurt her further than he feels he already has. In other words, he's not concerned for her safety because of the vampire aspect, but rather because he was specifically tasked with investigating her and bringing her to the Queen, possibly to turn her. Imagine how powerful a telepathic vampire could be. That would be a great asset to any vampire leader. As I said before, matters have been complicated by the fact that he's fallen in love with her for real, so he's super conflicted.

  12. I think your theory about the espionage is pretty sound. I bet Bill planned to go into Bon Temps, meet Sookie, glamour her, and have the mission done within a few days/weeks. When he was unable to glamour her he may have become intrigued and then fell in love. I really do believe he loves her.

    As for the whole Lorena thing, I will just have to see more to draw any more conclusions. It's just too crazy right now.

  13. I like Kevin K.'s theory about Bill. I like it a lot. As for the sex thing, I'm still undecided. I need to see more as well.

  14. I totally do that, too—try to save my favorites from "upsetting thing". I was (am still) bummed they got rid of Godric so quick. It was like, "Where's Godric?!"—>"Here he is!"—>The End of Godric. I loved him! And I loved seeing Eric actually have some kind of emotion. <3

    As for the theories, they're all so interesting! I just recently started watching the show, so I haven't had as much time to develop my own theories yet. I liked reading yours. :-)

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