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Sunday, June 13, 2010

True Blood Season 3 Live Blog: Ep 1

Season 3 of True Blood begins NOW with the pre-show!!

7:49: ALL these images from the pre-show are making me FREAK OUT!!! Cannot wait to see what is to come. Creator says he thinks this will be the best season yet!

7:51 - Wolves! And all the actors' interviews are saying they are very excited about it! Eric's storyline in particular... CAN'T WAIT! 8 minutes!

7:58 - All the Sookie/Eric making out in the promo is freaking me out! In a good way!

8:05- Finally started! We're drinking our Tru Bloods and wondering where Bill went!!! >>>>>

8:06 - Oh, poor Tara... Eggs is dead and Jason is FREAKING out. JESSICA GOT HOYT'S FLOWERS. But has apparently killed someone... and Bill... just got stabbed! WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN?

8:08- Feels good to be watching this in real time again! UH it's been too long. HBO, you are cruel.

8:09 - KENYA! Stop being a B word and take this KIDNAPPING seriously! Sookie just dropped the MF word and I don't blame her.

8:12 - WOA. Racial tensions! And now... baby Jess... she's trying to keep her human alive. Poor baby! She needs someone to take care of her... where's Bill!? Oh my God I love Jessica so much. I need her and Hoyt to be together RIGHT NOW.

8:15- I was JUST commenting on if these guys would feel a little gay sucking up all over Bill to get V, and then one of them said the same thing. Hmm. BACK OFF OF BILL LIKE NOW. kthnxbye

8:18 - "I'm not in the modd for lesbian weirdness tonight, Pam." Awe and then Eric was having sex with a girl and I don't think he wanted Sookie to see... I guess he really has actual feelings for her... in a weird way.

8:21 - Oh thank God! Bill is escaping. Now Jessica needs to come save him! Oh, and here we go. This is what the show is about, Sookie and Tara together being friends, like the first season. Oh wait, spoke too soon... Tara is mad again. Oh Lafayette. Gonna have to babysit Tara being crazy for a while. I love her but she's irrational when she's upset.

8:24 - The Pam + Eric dynamic is delicious.I really love it. And now Bill and Sam are going to work together! Get him some clothes, Sam... or not... haha. Wahhh...? HAHAHA He's having a sex dream about Bill! We were wondering why this scene was so gay.

8:30 - Can I just say that I LOVE (freaking LOVE) Lafayette! And MMM wear that fedora!

8:33 - ...I kind of want to see wolves like.. now. When will that happen? I'm tired of Letti Mae trying to manipulate Tara. Let's move on.

8:35 - HOYT AND JESSICA! WIN WINWINWINWINW!!!!! LOVE them together. More needs to happen here NOW.

8:37 - QUEEN. She looks a lot less annoying and stupid this season. Let's see if she'll ACT like she looks. And... WHY does she want V to be sold in her area...? I want to know! (Hmm, if she makes Eric take the fall for her I will be angry...)

8:41 - "What am I thinking about right now? You know, in my brain." OH Jason. Same old guy.

8:43 - So the Queen needs MONEY and that's why she's pushing V... and she'll kill Eric if he doesn't comply. I HATE HER. What a skank.

8:46 - Poor baby, Lafayette needs some xanax.

8:49 - Alrighty Bill... don't kill this old lady... don't do it! Op, there he goes... Oh God.. and now what is Tara going to do...? Don't try to kill yourself. Don't do it!

8:53 - Oh thank goodness. Bill didn't kill her. That did seem weird. Awe and he is letting her think that her son came to visit and gave her money. Gotta love Bill. Oh LORD, and there Tara is taking pills. WHAT THE HELL. I knew she was going to try to kill herself. The girl needs help!

AH! And it ends with Bill vs Team Werewolf! Can't wait for more!!!! UH and the preview for next week makes me REALLY want to see more. Waiting a week between each episode SUCKS!!!


  1. I almost had a panic attack during the Bill/Sam almost gay scene!!! then I realized what was going on...lol Yeah, it set up a lot of drama, this waiting is going to be VERY hard! Werewolves??? And I'm very curious about Sam's family, and why Tommy lied about it...

    And wtf is Eric thinking? I hate the queen, but I guess he literally doesn't have a choice. I'm scared they're going to frame Bill somehow or something. Tara is pissing me off, and I fucking HATE Tara's mom. Anytime she is on the screen I'm utterly annoyed. I love LaFayette's wardrobe, he's super precious.

    Waiting is going to suck, but I'm glad to exist in a current show! :))

  2. It's so fun and yet so HARD to watch it in real time. But you really feel like you've accomplished something when you get through the entire season on TV. Haha! Can't wait for next Sunday!

  3. Just finished watching the premiere on DVR. Here's my thoughts.

    This was a VERY rushed, busy, and somewhat unfocused episode. Overall, it worked and was thoroughly entertaining, but as a season premiere, it felt a little underwhelming. I understand that there was a need to set up and follow thorugh on all the things hinted at in the SE2 finale, but it left me feeling a little unsatisfied. Simply put, it could have benefited greatly from a longer running time, as there was just way too much going on to cram into on hour.

    As far as specifics go, I have some theories.

    First of all, I LOVE the Queen, even if she's a narcissistic bitch. Evan Rachel Wood is one of my celebrity crushes and a very talented actress so I automatically kinda swoon when she's on screen, looking fine as ever. I think the underground V-blood trafficking sub-plot is very fascinating and gives us a little more insight into the politics of the vampire world. I'm excited to see how it plays out.

    Secondly, seeing Eric in the middle of his six hour sex session with his new dancer was hilarious! I bet women EVERYWHERE were squealing and swooning at the sight of Alexander Skarsgard's naked ass.

    The Sam's sex dream abotu Bill was sooooooooooo awkward yet hilarious when we found out it was a dream. I figured the whole time it was simply Bill's way of getting Sam to let him feed on him, but nope, it's Sam having a sex dream because he drank Bill's blood. Classic.

    Tara continues to be one of my least favorite characters on the show. Ever since the beginning of SE2 she has become more and more annoying to me. Maryanne is gone and yet she still can't think clearly and continues to take out her problems on those she loves. I understand that she's really hurt and that she loved Eggs, but she should be finding comfort and solace in her friends, not attacking them. Her lvoe for Eggs is clearly not as pure as she would think, as it's turned into an obsession. This was evident in the way she irrationally went to try to rescue him from Maryanne at the end of SE2, willing to put the lives of her cousin and best friend at risk in order to save this guy. That's obsession, not love. Hopefully she finds someone she can balance herself out with later on.

    Honestly, I don't remember a lot of the stuff about Sam looking for his bio family, because, aside from the sex dream with Bill, none of it was very interesting. Hopefully they develop and close this story quickly, or find a way to make really work as character development, because as of now, it's not the most interesting Sam sub-plot.

    My only other criticism is that the episode had a sever lack of Bill, at least from what I remember. As he is my favorite character and actor of the series, that is no bueno for me.

    This one isn't a critcism, just a thought. Werewolves. They had been hinted at in the first two seasons, but I didn't expect them to really go and bring them into the show. I haven't read the books, but those who have tell me they are in fact in the third book. Makes sense. All I can say is that I'm apprehensive about introducing such a cliche element into a vampire series that has been anything but cliche for two seasons. Let's hope the werewolf thing doesn't go off the deep end is all I'm saying.

    Overall, very entertaining episode, just not up to the high standards of a lot of other episodes in the series. Can't wait till Sunday to watch it again! This will be the first season I've watched live, so that's exciting.

  4. Nice break down! I think if the first episode of season 3 was 2 hours long, it wouldn't have seem so crammed and it would have been less rushed and less confusing. Mmm, a delicious 2 hour True Blood sounds awesome!