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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

On a snow day, the film nerds will play.

Me as the Black Swan! I was so bored today after 4 movies and no way to leave (the ice is still terrible outside), I decided to start an experiment and see just how close I could get to the make up Natty P wears in Black Swan! First, I did the white swan.

Not so bad. There were a few details I missed, and I didn't get to go shopping for this so I had to deal with what I already had.You can't really tell, but I have a whole layer of white shimmer all over the top of my face. In real life you could see it, but my camera doesn't catch it.


This was actually a lot easier to do than I expected! That black and pattern is achieved completely by my eyeliner pencil.

RARR I am scary! Haha. This one does work. You can see the shimmer a bit better here.

I believe this one is my favorite. You can see the shape of the eye feathers, or whatever much better at this angle.

I think I might do it for Halloween now that I know it's totally doable! FUN WITH CABIN FEVER! Don't judge me.


  1. my favorite is the one next to the movie poster. You really look good in that one. Only thing missing is some long dangly diamond earrings and you are ready to go out on the town.

  2. Awe thanks! And I even had some earrings like that. Dang! If I do this for Halloween, I'll be sure to wear them!