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Monday, January 17, 2011

Top 5: Best and Worst Dressed of the 2011 Golden Globes

The Golden Globes were last night and I sat and on my couch from 4 to 10 pm watching all the coverage I could. And now, for my favorite part of the festivities: my best and worst dressed of the night!

To add your own comments for all of these looks, individuallly, PLUS 13 others who walked the red carpet last night, CLICK HERE! I'd love to hear all of your opinions of each outfit! You may have to "like" my blog to comment the album, so get to it and join in the conversations!


 5. Emma Stone in Calvin Klein
You all know how much I love this girl. So you all also know how hard it is for me to say that this look did NOT land. I don't understand the idea of a red carpet dress with cap sleeves... nor do I understand Emma Stone with any other color hair than red. Especially not BLOND. I understand it is for a role but OMG GO BACK, BB! Not to mention, her face seems to be much more "tan" than the rest of her and the color of this dress just off-sets everything else... And other than that, she's too thin. She needs to go back to her original weight and original hair color... and skin color for that matter. I LOVE her, but this looks was disappointing to me.

4. Sandra Bullock in Valentino
 Oh baby GIRL. WHY are you trying to hide underneath some Asian girl's weird bangs? CHANGE YOUR HAIR! I think without the awful hair choice, the dress would have looked better, but paired with that, it all looks like a hot mess. And the weirdest thing is that on stage she didn't look nearly this bad. I don't know why, but this look does not photograph well AT ALL.

3. Michelle Williams in Valentino
I feel like she may have dug through her mom's old hippy clothes and ironed it and just threw it on. I don't understand this look and she looks TERRIBLE. With that sassy short do, she could have done SO MUCH. I don't know how she landed on this one.

2. Halle Berry in Nina Ricci
 Uh... Just because your body might be "slammin'," does NOT give you permission to dress like a skank at an awards show. There is so much bad about this outfit, I don't even know where to start. All that to say this was inappropriate for her age and especially inappropriate for the Golden Globes. She looks like a streetwalker.

1. Juliann Moore in Lanvin
DEAR HEAVENLY LORD. WHAT is going on here? I don't know who decided that this was ok, but they need to be shaken roughly by the shoulders lest they make this mistake AGAIN in the future. First of all, just one full sleeve RARELY works, but it especially doesn't work with a crazy Anne-of-Green-Gables PUFF sleeve overlaying it. OH YEAH and with a gold choker tangled up in it. Then, the color of her shoes is atrocious. The only good thing about this look is the color of the dress, and MAYBE her hair and make-up. But because the dress is such a train-wreck, it's hard not even notice that.


5. Olivia Wilde in Marchesa
This dress was awesome! And those shoes were scary... But since you couldn't see the shoes all night unless she posed like this is was all ok! Marchesa is one of my favorites, so it is no surprise I loved this dress. Sparkly and fun! She could have done something else with her hair, but honestly the look is great regardless.

4. Dianna Agron in J Mendel
This girl is just BEAUTIFUL. I imagine that designers are fighting each other for a chance to have her wear their dress. She looks awesome in this nude shade. It's a hard shade to pull off, and she was one of the few who was able to do it. Also, her hair and make-up are perfection! Truly she is a classic beauty.
3. Julia Stiles in Romona Kevaza
This look is so stunning. She's absolutely one of my top 5 best dressed. Her hair and make-up are so classy. Old Hollywood. As for the dress, the roussing makes her torso look curvey and long, and the mermaid shape is so elegant. The one shoulder with the ruffles is a detail that brings the whole things together. WONDERFUL!

2. Mila Kunis in Vera Wang
Besides pink, this dark green was the color to wear this night and Mila pulls it off beautifully. The texture of the dress is so interesting, and it hugs her just right. The train is elegant, and the knot detail on her shoulder balances it well. Plus, her hair and make-up are flawless.

1. Natalie Portman in Viktor & Rolf
I could not say enough about this beautiful little person. She may be one of the most adorable humans on Earth. I couldn't wait to see what she would wear and how she would show off her tiny baby bump, and she did not disappoint. This shade of pink is perfect on her, ad the sweet little ruffle in the front highlights her bump beautifully. Plus the red rose is a nice addition and really pops! Her make-up and hair make her look so naturally beautiful. She was absolutely glowing.


  1. I don't care, I still think Halle Berry looked smokin' hot. Maybe if that sheer thing wasn't on it it would look better.

    Olivia Wilde was #1 though

  2. J. Lo. would have made my worst 5.

  3. What about Christina Aguilera? Her outfit was awful and she looked terrible in it.

  4. She did look a little weird, but I thought she looked ok. She is hard to judge because she had been so weird in the past. I just overlook her. Haha.

  5. I love your comments even if I don't have strong clothing views. I just enjoyed how you undressed the bad ones verbally.