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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oscars Nominations 2011: REACTION POST!

Oscar Nominations came out this morning! I was driving to work at the very time they were being announced, so I depended on my counterparts: Matt and Kevin, to fill me in. These are my reactions!

I'm SURE this face was made
in reaction to the Nolan snub.
Things I am upset about from the  nominations: No Andrew Garfield (though I understand), no Ryan Gosling (that I do not understand), no Mila Kunis, Toy Story 3 in best picture (UGH; OVERRATED), no Never Let Me Go or Harry Potter score (though it wasn't expected), The Coen's over Nolan (COME ON ACADEMY, LET'S NOT GET CRAZY), TS3 in best adapted screenplay (SO stupid), and best song for TS3.... (overall I guess I just don't understand what everyone sees in this film), Ruffalo nominated, & ALL OTHER NOLAN SNUBS. Seriously, it was slightly ridiculous.

Things I am excited about from the  nominations: Jesse Eisenberg being nominated (break those stereotypes, boo!), THE BALE FINALLY ZOMG (sweet victory is ours, Bale-heads), Hailee Steinfeld (!!! She's only adorable and awesome!), Nic, Nat, Michelle, The King's Speech drank everyone's milkshake (12 nods! It's cool because it was a great film AND a surprise!), Gasland being nominated for best documentary (I was wondering if it would make it, and it did!), Nolan getting credit for being a BADASS writer (I wish he'd win), Deathly Hallows at least getting one nod (!), and the fact I've seen 8 of the 10 best pics!

For full nominee list click here!
What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments! :)


  1. John Powell was nominated so I'm happy. He probably won't win, but he deserves to.

    Nolan was robbed. Plain and simple. Maybe he'll get something for the 3rd Batman film...I hope they don't pull a Scorsese and wait until some random year...not that The Departed wasn't totally bad ass but...you know what I mean haha :)

  2. Woohoo! Go Gasland! Although I am also really exited about "Exit Through the Gift Shop" being nominated as well! Yay activism and graffiti! Especially because the director of the graffiti documentary is notorious for keeping his face and identity hidden so it'll be exciting if he actually shows up!...Or pulls a prank!

    I hope Hans Zimmer gets recognized this time. That score was so intense they play it over Mexican soap operas. Although it would've been cool if Daft Punk had been nominated. They could have shown up in their motorcycle helmets.

    I don't understand Toy Story 3. Maybe it was because I waited to watch it on dvd and had spent the past several months hearing how it was the best one but I didn't like it as much as the first two. It was ok.

    I need to see The King's Speech and The Social Network.


  4. I knew you would solve that problem :)

  5. A mixed bag for me. There were so many great films and great performances this year that I think ultimately there just wasn't room for everything. Which I think is reflected in the acting categories, and many others. There were definitely some fail moments, but not enough for me to be really upset. While I'm miffed that yet again Nolan was passed over in Director, he did get nominated in Screenplay and Picture. In fact, the only two things Inception truly missed out on were Director and Editing. Glaring omissions, yes, but I'm willing to let it slide this time unlike the Picture/Director/Screenplay snubs for The Dark Knight. At least this time the Director field is still incredibly strong, unlike in 2008 when we got "visionaries" such as Ron Howard, Stephen Daldry, and Gus Van Sant. The year we got Fincher, Hooper, Coens, Russell, and Aronofsky. Not a bad lineup, even if Nolan should have been in there. He'll get in one day, but right now, he's just going to have to settle for being in the position Spielberg was in for the first 10 years or so of his career.

    As far as Ruffalo, he was the one thing I really did like about Kids, so I can't fault him for getting in. He's excellent in it, just not served well by the film. But Supporting Actor is such a strong field this year. Bale, Renner, Rush, Ruffalo, and Hawkes. I had a feeling Garfield wouldn't get in after the SAG snub, but I didn't have the heart to predict against him, But ultimately he just didn't have the momentum Jesse did all season. He will get a nomination soon. I'm sure he's not that devastated by it, because he gets to laugh all the way to the bank now that he's playing Spiderman.

    Overall, a pretty agreeable slate, just a few omissions that show just how strong this year was, they simply couldn't fit everything in everywhere.

  6. Thats a great face to make. looks slightly drunk.