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Friday, July 1, 2011

TV Reactions: Wilfred

It's been a week since Wilfred premiered on FX. Turns out, it was the biggest comedy premiere in FX history! Exciting stuff, especially because I was seriously anticipating this show. The premise was so intriguing, Elijah Wood is in it, all the promos were hilarious. All of this led me to have high expectations, which is really dangerous. However, if all worked out, no hopes dashed. Wilfred is good!

One of the things I have really loved so far is that at the beginning of each show there is a famous quote that has to do with the title of the episode. (Ok, it's because I'm such an English nerd that I love that so much.) This is just a small example of how smart the show is. Not only has the show managed to explain, pretty logically, why there is a man in a dog suit starring in this show, but they've been able to make it laugh-out-loud hilarious, while also dealing with some pretty serious themes such as friendship, loyalty, self-awareness, and happiness. The writing is just brilliant. I was pleased with the pilot; it got me hooked in. Then, last night's episode was surprisingly better than the first, by far. I wish there was a more interesting way to say this but, truly, I couldn't stop laughing!

I'm notorious for watching things that my favorite actors are part of and loving it regardless of quality, so I was really worried that I would have my Elijah-goggles on for this show. I had to test the show out on my husband. When he got home from hanging with the boys, I cued up the DVR and watched the second episode with him. My stoic hubby couldn't contain his laughter. (And I am fairly certain he doesn't have Elijah-goggles to blind him.) Success! There is no way to deny how good the show is as a whole, and, as it turns out, I am not the only one to think so. The numbers for the first week held up quite well in this second week, too.

Wilfred has somehow completely surprised me, despite the high-hopes I held for it. At risk of sounding like a fangirl, I have to say it's even stranger, funnier, and just better than I could have expected. I cannot wait to see more!


  1. Great review! This was perfectly worded. My husband also laughed a ton when we watched the show, so no goggles here! Nicely done

  2. My cousins talked too much. They kept asking me questions like "Why does Ryan see the dog like that". It's only the 2 nd episode. Lol. My sister on the other hand laughed a few times. And wants to watch it alone.