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Friday, July 15, 2011

Midnight Showing: Deathly Hallows pt 2

This is the week all Harry Potter fans have been waiting for. It's officially the end and my friends and myself have been preparing ourselves all week long. I reread the last part of the book (ending in tears and a serious Snape Character Analysis blog post) and watched all of the first six movies. Others of my friends told me they watched interviews, listened to soundtracks, and did a little pre-premiere crying. It was an emotional time for us all, because let's face it. Goodbyes suck. Especially when it's saying goodbye to something that, for so many, has been a major constant for over eleven years. Many HP fans have never imagined a life without Harry. It's hard to come to terms with something like this. That's why my group of friends wanted to do this last midnight showing up right! Behold the costumes and celebration!

Justin and I went as Snape and Lily. Yes... a walking spoiler. WHATEVER! :)

My best friends Mel, Rocky, and Ashlie. Rocky has a doe patronus on her shirt and it says "Always." Cue tears forever!

Melissa is our very own SlytherDor. Hah!

Here we have my Caty Gryffindor with her new hubby, Justin. I dressed him in those glasses and that tie.

Here we all are waiting in line. 2nd in line, in fact!

There were some Starkids there!
Me and my love, my love, my love.

In our seats! "What the devil is going on herrrrrrre?"

Meagan and her precious husband, Eric, made shirts. SO cute. Hers says "I heart HP" and his says "But I AM the chosen one." Love that quote!
Justin and I were so excited for the film to begin (we met because of Harry, after all)! We had great seats.

 THEN, the movie began and we all ugly-cried for a good two hours.

My tears washed the make-up off even my forehead. How does that happen? It was the most heartbroken I have ever been during a movie. It was beautiful, tragic, overwhelming, and wonderful. When we got home, the girls and I collapsed on the floor together. That's us, no make up left... especially me. Gross. 

I've never in my life boo-hooed during any movie ever like I did during the last Harry Potter. It was every thing I could have hoped for. And it was even better because I got to experience with all my best friends and my husband, who all understand just how important and wonderful the series really is. I love you all! And I love you, Harry. Review to come soon!


  1. UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHH I want to go see it again and cry all over! I wish there were more special showings where people dressed up and were all excited. I don't want that to ever end!!

  2. Me neither! Maybe we can go to Leaky Con sometime in the future or something?!