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Monday, June 6, 2011

Top 5: Things to look forward to Summer of 2011

Summer is finally upon us and as a high school English teacher, I get to fully enjoy the benefits. And man do I need it! This year has been trying but fun, however I am glad to sit back, relax, and really anticipate one of the best thing summer has to offer: ENTERTAINMENT. Here are the top five things I am looking forward to this summer.

#5. True Blood

As the time for this show to begin again in its fourth season, I find myself getting more and more excited for its return! It would be easy to lose some interest in a show you have to wait for nine months in between seasons, but as I've rewatched season three I can't help but agree with the show's tag-line: "Waiting sucks." So far, this show has only gotten edgier, sexier, and crazier. It may get outrageous, but in all the best ways. Now I am rooting for Sookie to get with three different men? All of whom I adore for different reason? I can't even begin to handle waiting. Thank goodness it's summer and this series is coming back in just a few weeks!

#4. Game of Thrones

This show has completely blown my mind. Ever since it began I was just astounded at how beautiful this show is visually, and how captivating the story is. Since we've started watching eight weeks ago, my husband began reading the series. He's now on book three. Each book is about 1,000 pages long. Guys, it's GOOD STUFF. Watching Sean Bean in a role like this warms my heart every week (I heart Ned Stark!). I love so many characters, I hate so many others (but in the best ways), I need to know what is going to come of them all, and it won't be for another few weeks that I will find out! Come on summer, bring it on.

#3. Wilfred
Guys... I cannot even describe how excited I am for this series to begin. I've been such a huge Elijah Wood fan for so long, and all I've ever wanted to see him do was some form of comedy (to this day, I still hold the Elijah Wood episode in my top 5 favorite episodes of SNL)... and look! Look what he's doing! I am absolutely beside myself with anticipation. When I read in Entertainment Weekly last year that Elijah had signed on for this project, I leaned over to my husband and said "Justin, we're going to have to get DVR now." He did not object. Indeed, well before I knew anything about the show, I knew I'd need DVR to keep the show until it came to DVD. If Elijah Wood is a part of it and it's a comedy, I know it will be awesome.

The premise of this show seems unique, maybe even risky for a television show. I think it's a refreshing and bold notion, to dress a man in a dog costume and know that the show is going to be so good people will accept this and love it! And I've always loved Harvey, the movie this premise reminds me of with the precious Jimmy Stewart, where he sees a bunny no one else can. All the promos I've seen for Wilfred have had me laughing out loud. Not to mention, some of my favorite punchlines in any show are about animals who act like humans but sometimes can't help that they're still animals. It's why I love Brian the best on Family Guy and why I compulsively watch The Fantastic Mr. Fox, laughing over and over as I go. It's also probably why my favorite TV spot for Wilfred is where Wilfred is using an actual shovel to dig up the backyard, because he's anxious. Look it up on Youtube. I just... I CAN'T WAIT!

CONFESSION: My top two are tied. There's no official #2 because the next two things are equally #1 for me. 

#1. The Mavs in the Finals & Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
I never imagined that I would write a post where I would have to choose between the Mavericks and Harry Potter... so I wasn't prepared to rank either above the other. So I didn't. There really is no way for me to do that anyways. It would be like picking my favorite child. I've loved both for so long, they each have rooted themselves deep in my heart. 

The Mavs
I've been a huge Mavericks fan for about a decade now, and all I've ever wanted for them was to win that title. I've been unwaveringly faithful to this franchise, and to Dirk Nowitzki, never questioning them, never doubting them. Even when they've broken my heart, I've never turned away. I have always believed in them, through stress, through tears, through disappointments. I know that they will get their time one day, and that no one in the entire NBA deserves it more! And this, RIGHT NOW, is finally their time. They are in the finals, they are on their way, and I cannot wait to see the outcome. There is nothing I want more than for Dirk to get that ring, because no one has worked as hard as he has for so long with one team. How could I rank anything above that after so long? The time is now! Let's do this! 

Harry Potter
This isn't just something I've been waiting all year for, it's something that seems like I've been waiting all my life for! Ever since I started reading the series, I wanted to know how it was going to end, and then when the final book came out, it was all I could do to keep from wishing it could start over again. Since then all we had to look forward to was each movie installment, and with each film being released it seemed that it hadn't ended. We didn't have to say goodbye! Now, finally, the last movie is just on the horizon, and the Harry Potter series will officially be over. It's something I can't wait for while at the same time I want to prolong the wait. I want to see it, but I don't want it to ever end. It's a beautiful part of my life that has meant so much to me, my husband, and so many of my friends, and saying goodbye to it with all of them is the only way I want to spend opening night. I'm so thankful it's coming out in the summer so I can truly enjoy the midnight showing and say goodbye to such a wonderful part of my life!

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  1. I know what you are saying about Harry Potter! When it's over...I'll feel both complete and satisfied and SO empty at the same time. It's going to be such a mess of emotions. Can't wait!