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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Live Blog: True Blood Premiere Season 4

I've been waiting for a year to see what craziness will happen next. In about 30 minutes, it will begin again! Let's do this!

Mmmm delicious.
8:00 - IT'S HERE! WOA! Oh goodness... we're in fairy land. It's horribly cheesy here... they're eating fruit with light coming out of it. Does anyone else feel it's ridiculously cheesy there? My

8:06 - Godmother? Like... for real?

8:08 - Well, I hope this gets much, much better. Godmothers and glowing fruit are not tough enough for the True Blood I fell in love with. 


8:13 - BAhhaah Sookie... they are ALL mind-readers. That was a TERRIBLE plan. OMG QUEEN MAAB? This is almost as annoying as Cassandra Clare's latest Mortal Instruments book.

8:15 - Wow... no they are running through Fairy Land. And the fairies are shooting electricity balls at them. WHY IS IS ALL SO CHEESY? This is kind of awful. Am I alone??

8:16 - Bahahah Sookie is back and she woke both Eric and Bill up. They love her. It's time for Eric and Sookie to get it on this season. Also, granddaddy is dying. Duh.
8:18 - Oh goodness... how long was Sookie gone?!

8:20 - JASON IS A POLICE OFFICER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he looks might fine. Like usual.

8:23 - Awe Bill is back and is happy Sookie is back. This is special. He does love her. He was good. OMG THERE'S ERIC. Bahahaha they are fighting over her. Also Eric should win. 

8:25 - Wow, Andy is still crazy as ever. He needs to stop being a police officer. Bill and Sookie are still angsty, but apparently not angsty enough for Sookie. She is not happy that Bill has moved on enough not to fight her when she tells him to leave. WHAT DID YOU EXPECT, BOO?

8:27 - LAFAYETTE! He's so fabulous with his vest and mohawk. Here's a witch circle where Aunt Petunia from Harry Potter, THE SQUIB, is a witch. HAH!

8:30 - Awe Eddie!! I loved that story from the first season... Petunia you are one scary character. Not ok... NOT OK. CREEPFEST!!

 8:32 - Omg all the Barbies in pieces and the first thing I thought of was Dexter. Bahaha that baby is evil.

8:33 - OMG TARA KICKS ASS!!!!!! She's a cage fighter!!!!!! YOU COULD NOT BE COOLER.

8:35 - NO my favorite couple hates each other! Jessica and Hoyt! STOP IT! That crazy baby doll from the end of last season is making them MEAN. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... 

8:37 - "People are far dumber than they realize."

8:38 - What... the... who is .... what is Bill doing? He's a politician?!?! AND HE'S DATING THE TRINITY'S (Dexter) DAUGHTER?!?!?!?

8:40 - Tara is my new hero. I love her being a cage fighter. And now she's a lesbian. With her cage fighter opponent.Oh and that's not her name!

8:41 - Sam is still running Merlott's. And he's still whiny. What about how he seemingly shot his brother at the end of last season?

8:44 - Andy is on CRACK. WTF is wrong with him? Jason is actually in charge and... like... having to do damage control for someone else for a change. UGH... OMG... I hate Hoyt's mother. I HATE HER... and WTF why is Sam's little brother with her? Oh this is... uncool. And weird.

8:48 - Wow, took about 45 minutes to see some nakedness.This may be a record for True Blood.

8:50 - Um... is this girl evil? I think she is. And she is after Bill so Sookie automatically hates her.

8:52 - Pam... what are you doing? You are so bad. And I love you.

8:53 - Ugh, Sam I don't care about you and your whiny problems. I... don't... care. Even in your club where you all turn into horses and frolic.

8:56 - Poor Jason... your life seems to kind of suck.AND OMG THE INBREDS ATTACKED HIM.

8:57 - I am not a fan of Petunia. She is CREEPY as HECK. And she is trying to bring her bird back to life. Also, Lafayette is HARD CORE wearing a Thriller jacket.

8:58 - So ... did Bill kill the Queen and that's how he became King of Louisiana? We must revisit this. Naked Sookie is happening also... and ERIC IS THERE! TIME TO GET IT ON!

9:00 - BAHAHA ERIC BOUGHT SOOKIE'S HOUSE. I LOVE IT. Sookie officially belongs to Eric and I AM ALL ABOUT IT. MAKE OUT! 

9:01 - YAY a full hour! That was good. Now for previews for net week! Woa! Lots of weird stuff coming up! GODRIC!!!!!! Also... is Jason going to turn into a panther?


  1. I have never wished I was back in The States more than right now. I will have wait until tomorrow to watch the premiere and read this post! :(

  2. I thought Lilly Potter was Muggle born making Petunia not a squib, but just a human. I could definitely be wrong. Anyway, this was a good first episode back. I thought the opening fairy business was ridiculous, but i'm SO SO glad time passed like it did. That was an excellent way to speed up the timeline. I'm definitely curious to see what Bill is king of, exactly, but I can't stand him still. Love that Eric bought the house. Did you read in EW what his story line will be this season? Can't wait! The witch stuff, meh. Not sure I care much. Sam makes me sad. He was so wonderful in the first season, but he just goes downhill. I'm glad Tara isn't starting off all whiny and sad. She annoyed me last year. And Lafayette will always be my favorite. Oh poor Jason. How in hell is he the moral compass of this show now?? Creepy serial killer baby. I kinda hope it doesn't go that way. I think that's all I've got right now.... good blog!

  3. Episode 2 is already up on HBO Go! Loooove. And I was SO excited to glimpse some Godric in that teaser!!!!! I'm so glad my favorite show is back on. I freaking love it. And Pam's attempt at a TV spot for Fangtasia. Ha! Also, Eric is just as awesome as ever. :)

  4. Kristy, you're correct about Lily's parents.


  5. ME TOO!!!! And I loved his explanation of why. Winning!