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Monday, May 24, 2010

Ben's Article

My cousin just recently graduated summa cum laude from Texas State University. He and I are very close but he keeps to himself about some things, usually things that will draw attention to himself. Because of this, I only just found out what a rockstar he is considered to be in the Texas State English department.

Ben wrote a paper that was very impactful about Lou Gehrig and his mother, who died of the disease for which he's named. Ben has since presented the paper at a Florida conference (receiving a standing ovation) and is about to travel to New York this weekend to present it at the Baseball Hall of Fame. It's a wonderful article and story and I think everyone should check it out. If he won't pat himself on the back, I'll do it for him.

I don't mean to sound like an uber-sap, but Ben is one of the best people that I've ever known in my life. I've always felt beyond blessed to have him in my life, and he continues to shock and inspire me with his depth and unique perspective on life. I wish everyone would get an opportunity to know someone like Ben, but at least take a look at the article and maybe get a little glimpse of what makes him so special. :)


  1. My hats off to anyone that can impress so many, yet maintain so humble. Ben has always been an interesting study for myself. As an educator I see so many people succeed or fail, but you seldom see one marked for failure, fight to place himself up the social cycle and not only gain success, but the admiration of those that mentored him. He is not only a brilliant student and future professional, but a man of great humility who asks only, how he can better himself. He is a hero to those who feel they don't have what it takes to succeed, and more of a hero to those that do, because he does it without a need for attention!

  2. UH, Dad that is PERFECTION. I love you both.

  3. I was blown away by the story about your cousin. May he have a fantastic time on his journey to the Baseball Hall of Fame. I'm sure his mother is smiling on him from Heaven. Thank you for sharing such a heart-felt story with everyone, Audree.