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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The [not so] epic naming of this blog.

Who would have EVER thought it would be so hard to name a blog? NOT I.

A few of my friends have been encouraging me to start a blog for a while now, but I nearly gave up on creating this blog when I realized I wasn't even creative enough to come up with a name. How on Earth am I supposed to write interesting blog posts when I can't even come up with a name for the blog? Thankfully after roping 5 of my friends in and passing the time [about 40 minutes] by having NO ideas... we did it.

At first if was like this [Remember how AIM still exists?]:

Me: Man this is just fail, I can't even think of a name, how can I blog? EVER?
Matty: I know! Everything I think of is like...meh?
Me: Haha that's it! My blog can be called "Meh...?"
Matty: I would read that.

And that was honestly the best idea for a good 30 minutes.

but then THIS happened:

Matty: Now I'm trying to think of movie titles to sub your name in with, haha. *fail*
Me: Lord of the Audree, Audree of the Ring, Pride & Audree, Bridget Jone's Audree, The Audree Locker, Harry Potter and Audree Stone ... none of these seem to work.

Then it just came to the point where I was just going to settle on "The Nameless Blog: I'm Not Creative." But lo! a worthy idea finally found its way! This blog is supposed to be about general Entertainment, Movie Reviews, Fashion Commentary, Celebrity, etc. but I also wanted it to have a playful tone. Thankfully Kevin was able to come up with a name that fit, and Matt and I came up with a quote that made fun of it just little bit. Perfect.

To be serious, though, I've always been interested in film, what goes on on-screen and off-screen. I'm fascinated by celebrities and fashion, and like many people I have lots of opinions about it all. To me, film in all its complexity is one of the truest forms of art and can speak to the heart in so many different ways. Be it in the acting, the cinematography, the music, whatever, film can touch any number of people for any number of reasons.

So if you're interested [and I hope you are], climb on board and follow my blog!



  1. let me just say that that picture is epic.

  2. Hahaha! That's great. My personal favorite is "Pride & Audree". Also, "Bridget Jone's Audree". But the name you settled on is good, too! :-)