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Friday, February 19, 2010

Diagramming My Nerdom

I thought I would take this opportunity to prove my general dedication to film. Today I was thinking about how many midnight showings I've gone to dressed up for whatever movie it was... then I thought of something even more embarrassing... how many times have I just dressed up for no reason at all and taken pictures just because...? So many times that it isn't nerdy anymore, it's now AWESOME.

Don't believe me? Check out this super amazing collage of all my awesomeness at once. It may be overwhelming, but your eyes will adjust.

QUIZ TIME! Who am I? Who am I?


DISCLAIMER: YES I know there are two Twilight related pictures. Please don't judge me. We all have guilty pleasures and if it makes you feel any better... I hate the books more than I like them most of the time.

1. This is of my friend, Caty, and I when we Cullen-ified ourselves. I'd have to say that we rocked it harder than the actual Cullens.

2. I've dressed like Audrey Hebpurn a few times, this time was for my bridal shower.

3. I did this just to show my support for TEAM CONAN during the NBC-Fail-a-thon this winter. Thumbs down NBC.

4. If you thought #4 was me doing Katherine Hepburn, you were close... it was me doing Keira doing Katherine Hepburn. Keira is ... beyond my favorite everything. I have taken many pictures trying to become her, but I always end up myself, still.

5. It's all or nothing, man. High-water pants, scrunchy sox, one glove, fedora, and Smooth Criminal! Midnight showing of This Is It! King of Pop, RIP.

6. As a HUGE Heath Ledger fan, there was no question how I was going to dress for the midnight showing of The Dark Knight. It was startling, to say the least, AFTER the movie when I went to the bathroom and saw myself in a mirror, having forgotten I was wearing that make-up.

7. A life-long love affair with Batman brought on my fascination with Catwoman. And I mean all versions of Catwoman excluding the horrendous Halle Berry version that has nothing to do with Batman or Gotham City. *barf*

8. Midnight showing of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Yarrrr!

9. Um, obviously Twilight. PRE-movie series.

10. Midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. That large man is dressed as Mad-Eye Moody, and I didn't know him at all, but I had to get a picture with him. He was kind of scary, though, as you can see on my face.

11. Marilyn Monroe, just for funzies.

How many did you get right?! It really doesn't matter who gets the answer right first... because we can all see that the true loser here is me. But I'm not ashamed! If I had my scanner hooked up, I would totally upload that picture of me in my elf ears and Hobbit shirt when I went to see Return of the King at midnight in high school. Holla!


  1. Haha I love it! Your Joker outfit, AND make-up = epic.
    I'm quite impressed with your Midnight Showing experience. :-)

  2. I'm honored to be featured in your "Nerd-dom" diagram. BTW, please follow my blog. It makes me have an instant increase in self-esteem when that number goes up. :)