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Friday, December 16, 2011

Movie Review: Sherlock 2 - A Game of Shadows

I have been waiting quite a while for this movie to come out. I loved the first Sherlock Holmes, and so I was eager to see what the second in the series would bring.

Going into this film, I understood the risks of it being a sequel, so I expected some "cheesy" moments like what we witnessed in the Pirates series, where the same joke was referenced in nearly the exact same way. Those things were abundant, but not overpowering in Game of Shadows. The movie, overall, was really enjoyable. After a while of thinking it may stay too close to repeating "safe" element of the first, it catches its own rhythm and momentum. Also, there were even some things I could have never expected. At the end of the movie, although I started out unsure, I decided that I enjoyed it and it was a good movie.

The only thing I was a little annoyed about was it felt like Ritchie relied far too much on the slow motion action sequences that made the first film so unique. Watching Sherlock's thought process as he decides in split seconds which strikes to make in a brawl was mesmerizing in the first, but in the second he does it again and again, and eventually it is beat to death. We get the shtick, let's see something new.

The chemistry between Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr is, once again, what carries the movie, even through some of the rough patches. Although she was around most of the film, Noomi Repace almost went unnoticed as her character was barely a plot device (and personally, I felt her purpose could have just as easily been served by Rachel McAdams' character), but Stephen Fry was a hilarious and brilliant addition to the cast.

This movie was fun, fast-paced for the most part, and enjoyable. If you want to have a good time, see it. If you love the first one, see it. If you love RDJ or Jude Law, see it... just... see it. It's fun.

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