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Friday, September 30, 2011

Movie Review: 50/50

This is one of the first movies I have seen since the summer that I absolutely adored from beginning to end. It was so enjoyable that is surprised me. I remember thinking in the middle of it, "I cannot believe how good this is."

What I really loved about the movie is that it wasn't a cliche. Most movies that deal with serious stuff like cancer usually flower up the sickness. Instead, 50/50 shows a very honest interpretation of what it means to be struck with something so bleak and doesn't shy away from the fact that it really sucks. Because they didn't try to dress it up, I felt as an audience member much more connected to the story. But what is really amazing is it still manages to be funny. Needless to say the writing is just wonderful. Even when Adam is going through the worst of it, the tone never crosses the line into territory that's too dramatic. There is a perfect balance of comedy and tribulation to keep you from being pulled too far one way or the other. It's kind of astounding how they managed to do that.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was just wonderful in this role. I loved the way he played his character, kind of insecure and a bit awkward. He was the perfect lead for this story because, he's so likable, you cannot help but care for him. I don't know what kind of award he should get, but walking out of the theater I just kept thinking... "He really deserves some kind of recognition for that!" Seth Rogen was also really good. He played his usual character, but with a touch of vulnerability we don't usually see in him.

Overall, it was just such a wonderful movie. I made it to about the middle without crying, but then I teared up. By the end I was very noticeably crying, but even so I still burst out laughing through my tears. It is slightly hard to know what to expect from a film like this, but all I can say is expect to feel lots of things, and I mean that in the best way! 

PS. I tweeted my mini-review to Joseph Gordon-Levitt and he reposted it and sent me emoticons back! Haha!


  1. GAH!!! I can't wait to see this one!

    And you got retweeted by JoGo? Can I have your life?

    Well written review, if I do say so myself.

    Ever think about joining the LAMB? http://largeassmovieblogs.blogspot.com/

  2. If I were you, I wouldn't have been able to sleep after that retweet. My crush on JGL is that pronounced. :) Your review makes me want to see the movie even more!

  3. ahhh how cool is JGL?!! i can't wait to see this!

  4. Mixing humor and painful subject matter is, naturally, very difficult. The beauty of this movie is that it does so with ease, especially with such good actors in these roles as well. Good review. Check out my review when you get a chance.

  5. I actually thought Anna Kendrick was really strong in this film... but while saying that, I didn't really like the ending to this movie. Don't get me wrong, I really loved it and agree with so much you said! But the ending did feel cliche to me.

    I very much agree with the whole realism of it all. Any other movies you like like that? I have one in mind, but I don't know how good other people think it is haha - but I really can sink my teeth into movies that feel like people I know and things I could honestly see on any given day. And if there's anything I can agree with, it's the perfect balance of comedy and drama. Seriously spot on.

  6. I don't really know any other way it could have ended. I think a cliched ending would have been them showing him applying all his "life lessons." Instead, they just show that life continues. Which is another raw truth. It continued happily, but I didn't think it was cliche, really.

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