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Monday, May 9, 2011

Twitter Famous: Elijah Wood tweeted me

For those of you who don't know me, this may seems silly... but ELIJAH WOOD is one of those people that I just have to meet before I die. If you have just tuned into my blog, Lord of the Rings means more to me than any other piece of literature or just art form in general, and Elijah's portrayal of Frodo has a lot to do with that. I started following him on Twitter as soon as I heard he had an account. Did I ever expect to get a response from him? I hoped. But did I ever expect to get two in one night, on specifically just for me? HECK NO!

I am SO glad Twitter exists! WILL NEVER HAVE A BAD DAY AGAIN.

The first time Elijah tweeted me, it was to clear up a rumor that Jared Leto had slapped him before. I posted a picture of the two of them together and this happened:

Then I totally freaked the frick out because ELWOOD just TWEETED me and my friends back and LOOK, my name is all lowercase so he like... must have RETYPED it... TYPED MY NAME .... (or I am just pathetic and think that's special but WHATEVER, didhetweetyou?no,okgetoffmethen...) Also, this means he saw that I called him beautiful.

So then I tweeted this and then THIS happened, the best thing ever in life:

He's GLAD he made my day better! WHY IS THIS MAN SO PRECIOUS? I feel SO lucky and SO happy and ... if I never get to meet him, this was just precious enough to make it ok!


  1. This is AWESOME and I totally relate! We attended the Pirates 4 premiere at Disneyland last Saturday, and I actually sat 5 seats away from Eliza Dushku. Shook her hand, tried not to babble like an idiot that I was a huge fan (ever see "That Night" with her and Juliette Lewis?) She asked about my broken leg and I told her it was from Roller Derby. She called me bad ass. ELIZA DUSHKU CALLED ME "BAD ASS"!!!! In what universe does that happen?!

  2. AWE SO AMAZING!!!!! And I have seen that! That movie is rough but good. What an awesome experience!