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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lord of the Rings Jewelry Making Craft Session

If you remember correctly, a few weeks ago my friends and I got together and decorated Up!-like jars to put money in for our inevitable trek to New Zealand. Well, we've done it again. This week we got together to make some nerdy jewelry. None better than Lord of the Rings themed. So we poured the wine, turned on the BBC radio production of The Fellowship, and got busy with crafts. 

Rocky helped us make pendants.

We used pieces of my old calendars.

This one is my favorite that I made.

This is my 2nd favorite.

A hobbit door!

Orc eyes.... as a joke for our friend who couldn't come, haha.

Lorien broach.

This is my favorite that Melissa made!

We were inspired by some jewelry we saw on Etsy.com, and because of our awesome friend, Rocky, we were able to make out own!